Senators Find Trump ‘Not Guilty’ Of Abuse Of Power Impeachment Article | NBC News

Senators Find Trump ‘Not Guilty’ Of Abuse Of Power Impeachment Article | NBC News

100 Replies to “Senators Find Trump ‘Not Guilty’ Of Abuse Of Power Impeachment Article | NBC News

  1. Lol ofc all the Republicans vote not guilty lol and they wonder why people don't look at them the same look at the person ur worshipping idiots

  2. screw it….TED NUGENT for pres in 2024!…trump x 1000…and like trump, no drink or drugs, just hot women and trump like, bobby knight like dealings with the press…anybody that tells the evil press where to go and what to do and where to put it gets my vote every time…let the hate begin

  3. the only thing that could make this better would be for trump to give rush limbaugh a metal, lol. and he did, rubbing it in the dem's face.

  4. Smh!! Watching this impeachment trial was sickening, and yes we all knew" Trump" was not going to be removed from the house that was made clear before a trial even began . He was so cocky threw the whole thing because he knew he had enough of his " buddies " in position to not be removed from the house . "Corruption " at its finest ,this man clearly ask for help from a foreign government to benefit himself in the election he withheld funds for this " Favor" and they say let the " people decide " are you kidding me the "people" have no say in the matter .This man is a businessman he negotiates business deals, oh you better believe he asked "Putin " for that "Favor " to help win the 2016 election just like he asked Ukraine for that "Favor" to help him out in this one ..differences is this time he's in office and he has so many (R) benefiting from him being in office that there willing to change the order of things ,turn a blind eye ,cover up what's being done by this president to keep him in office I'm pretty sure he's not finished returning the favors to the "people " who got him into the house to be removed just yet…no way were they "Ever" going to allow witness in a "trial "who actually were willing to tell the truth no that definitely wasn't going to happen..the Republicans are disgusted with Democrats because they had to go threw this trail period already knowing what there decision was going to be didn't matter if he was wrong or not..smh…and now we have to listen to him and his cohorts be disrespectful, boast and brag be vindictive and vengeful against the democratic party and House Speaker ..not because the president didn't do anything wrong they (R) celebrate that he got away with it once again thanks to there help..they are so proud of them selves and they have the nerve to call the Democrats "demon"..your president is the devil and they(R) are his army . Its scary to see it unfold right before your eyes .I guess he really can do what he wants to do the devil is winning right now people we have to get out and vote this disgusting, racist, disrespectful, liar out of office along with all his co conspirators.


    The people spoke so Nancy Pelosi go scratch somewhere ! 😁 Thanks for waisting the tax payers time …. !


    "Panicked James Carville Sounds Alarm For Democrats: ‘Risk Becoming An Ideological Cult’ (VIDEO) 5 Feb 2020


    "Panicked James Carville Sounds Alarm For Democrats: ‘Risk Becoming An Ideological Cult’ (VIDEO) 5 Feb 2020


    "Panicked James Carville Sounds Alarm For Democrats: ‘Risk Becoming An Ideological Cult’ (VIDEO) 5 Feb 2020

  9. lol, i cant get it , its simple matematics and logic: as i guess there are more republican senators in senate , so why they would betray their mate , i think its not legit.

  10. Trump needs to tear up the articles of impeachment and do the slow walk over to Congress and hand it over to Nancy, Chuck, Jerry and Adam!

  11. I am so glad this is over. Democrats tactic divide and conquer failed. Since 2016 election, Democrats tried to impeach the President of the United States of America. They never accepted their defeat and have driven their own party into chaos.

    Pelosi was always pretending that it was in the interest of the american people. That is a "BIG" lie. On the top of it, this is a big waste of time and people's money. The fairy tale of "The Old Witch and the Beast" has ended with the Witch loss (Democrats are a bunch of sore losers) . I usually don't vote, but Trump has me thinking about registering to vote.

  12. What an obvious attempt at sarcasm by placing quotation marks around the words NOT GUILTY in the title.
    What an immature bunch of supposed "journalists".

  13. Had the Democrats' quasi Articles of Impeachment prevailed, every future President could not go after political opponents for criminal activity, without the risk of impeachment. Congressional lawlessness would have reigned. This is the mentality of The Democrat Party.

  14. 😳😳😳😳😳A country divided can not stand! Right now, the United States has been relegated to a wheelchair. All this fiasco showed, was of all the republicans, Mitt Romney is a real man, a descent politician with conviction and only one of the few politicians concerned about American democracy and the people it serves.🤒🤒🤒🤒😪😪😪😪

  15. Very very sad moment for America. The party over the Construction of the United States of America?!
    No it's not right.

  16. There is no rule of law in America today. As of yesterday, the nation converted from one of a free people self-governing under a Constitution to one today of party rule by officials who've free themselves from the restraint of law.

    Now that they've struck themselves free of the law, we are released from any duty to it. We consented to be governed by a government under a rule of law. Yesterday,. that government broke free of the legal restraint that was essence of our agreement to be governed by it. We are subjects today, not citizens. We owe no duty to Trump and his accessories after-the-fact and enablers for future crimes—those ratified his crimes by Senate votes. Today, the Constitution is an empty fraud, gutted by corruption and self-interested partisans in office.

    Why should our young go in harm's way when these criminals call? Why should we pay taxes in good faith to those who aren't governing under the law or with good faith. James Madison wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson in 1821 telling the "feed the tree of liberty with blood every generation" ex-president that the Constitution's main purpose is to put in place a rule of law and a peaceful fair governmental process to resolve political conflicts so the people will not need to resort to arms to resolve political issues. Both that rule of law and peaceful government process were rescinded yesterday by vote and replaced with rule by a ruling party which is unrestrained by the law–one that stuck itself free from the law.

    Make no mistake about it, the USA is headed for armed domestic violence to resolve political issues. We deserve be; we've abandoned the republican virtues the founders told were necessary for the republic to survive…. and it hasn't. An uncorrected political process that enfranches a citizen in Wyoming with 68 times the representation in the Federal Senate has finally resulted in dysfunction so great the rule law itself is thrown off by those in government. The preferred minority insist the government be struck free from the law to prevent the majority from governing. This is meant to be a permanent arrangement by them. They'll fight to keep their privileged control of the government exactly as the Confederates fought when they lost control of the Federal Government for the first time in 1860 when they were down to only 26% of voters rule by the majority was intolerable to them. They saw the majority as inferior and evil. Sound familiar?

    If you don't the garden, it is overtaken by weeds. Madison lived in revolutionary times. His revolution came because Parliament sought to take away the legal rights of American citizens. That's what happened yesterday. We lost the right to have a government under a rule of law. Madison knew the prescription for preventing violent politics return–a rule of law that was respected by those in office. Our leaders have torn off the rule of law and doomed us and our children to return of armed conflict in America to resolve political issues.

    Yesterday's vote was precedent for all future presidents and senates. If we don't resist that act of Revolution and then fix the root malfunctions of our democracy making rural citizens dozens of time more important that urban citizens, rounds of political violence are coming.

  17. America is truly governed by a pure Tyrannical Dictator – only one senator had the backbone and courage to stand up against the corrupt and federal criminal acts of Trump . Senator Mitt Romney will be recorded through history – as the only Republican to stand up against a corrupt republican party and a corrupt – criminal president . Republicans were and are too scared of tyrannical dictator trump to do the right thing and will be recorded as so in the history books . SHAME ON ALL BUT ONE REPUBLICAN – WHO DEFENDED HIS COUNTRY ABOVE DEFENDING A CORRUPT DICTATOR PRESIDENT LIKE TRUMP . SHAME ON THEM ALL . HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT AFTER ACQUITTING TRUMP . THEY WILL PAY FOR THIS TREASONOUS ACT AGAINST THE PEOPLE AND CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA !

  18. Trumpet to respect to out country’s.why congress allowed trumpet
    Am abuse, no respect to our country. And using our military to win in 2020 elections.

  19. And why most people work in Congress scared to trumpet.
    This our country’s.use Russia,to his business and are military to get money to his own benefits.and not a president in our country’s.and he lie,lie,lie always.and Congress don’t do anything.

  20. the fact that all republicans except for Romney voted for Trump shows that no matter how much evidence you present the republicans with, they will always stick with their party. liberty and justice always comes second with them, and their party seems to matter more to them than their country


  22. A travesty of justice!!! ALL those who voted “NO” should be kicked out of office. They are either ‘brain dead’, bought or they have no understanding of the commitment they made when taking their oath & responsibility to protect & uphold our Constitution. They have joined Trump and his band of self-serving supporters to destroy our democracy, constitution and our standing in the world.

  23. Guilty, not guilty, Guilty, not guilty, Guilty, not guilty, Guilty, not guilty, Guilty, not guilty, Guilty, not guilty,

  24. Looking at the vote its pretty obvious that this is more based on political opinions and not actual evidence

  25. worthless judge ,looking over kangaroo trial and hes ok with it ,thats not a real judge no matter what schools he graduated from.

  26. Just glad this didn't rely on a vote from Justice Roberts, the Obama care. His unaffordable healthcare act vote was a politically hostage act of betrayal.

  27. traitors…he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar….BarrButt had the emails that showed he did what the dem's said he did…..barrbutt should be gitmo'd
    look it up

  28. 😆😆😆Reading the comments now I learn democrats and Fake News today know more about Constitutional Law than the Harvard scholars in Law👋👋😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. What is more disturbing than these cretins; Nancy, Adam, Chucky, Jerry, Mitt, ETC… is these tyrannical "leaders" minions, the entire democrat party, i.e. democrats. The ones who continue to not only follow and support, but who are surely going to vote for these Swamp Things. Insanity beyond.

  30. Donald Trump does hotel chains and reality Television. Wouldn't he like to get together with Paris Hilton and make America be the Simple Life again?

  31. All democrats vote guilty, all republicans vote not guilty. What a surprise. Why even hold a trial if everyone has decided what they're gonna vote beforehand?

  32. Wed Feb 5 2020 will go down as the day Democracy ceased to exist in the USA
    and Dictatorship ruled. By defying their oath to the Constitution the Republican Controlled Senate decided that Trump was above the laws of the USA and can do whatever he wants..RIP and may God bless the USA as they will need it bad. and now he will shoot to be president for life..try getting the traitor out….GOP will pay at the polls

  33. Can we send Hillary to prison yet? Still dozens of murders related to the Clintons that have gone ignored for too long.

  34. Mr Cotton not guilty
    Mr Crews not guilty
    Mr Fisher not guilty
    Mr Garder not guilty
    Mr Kennedy not guilty
    Mr Lee not guilty
    Mr Paul not guilty
    Mr Perdue not guilty
    Mr Roberts not guilty
    Mr Rounds not guilty
    Mr Shots not guilty
    Mr Wiggers not guilty
    Mr Young not guilty
    Masters of manipulation of power win 48/52 😒

  35. Clearly, this vote is along party lines. That is, simply, sad. Are we listening to each other? We are all Americans. Is there an implicit message.moving forward? Can Americans, beginning with the political leaders walk in healing. Can we spend one day using a love language as we speak of those perceived enemies? I hope so; I really hope so.

  36. Bipartisan vote for guilty, nonpartisan for non guilty

    By trumps logic, he should be removed from office.

    FYI, remember, even the Impeachment vote had both democrats and independents vote for it

  37. Arnt we at all worried by how split the democrat vote and republicans vote are split? Really not a single democrat thought trump was not guilty and only one republican thought he was guilty? This is evidence i think of how our system is flawed.

  38. Mafia Don the slippery fish gets away with it again.
    Lets hear the secret Putin,Bin Salman,trump conversations.
    Perhaps the brainwashed may awake from Fox windmill fumes

  39. Please before everyone get upset because of not guilty verdict. Maybe if Pelosi, Senate hadn't gone after him with such hatred malice, savagery of hyenas. The speed was also depremental to the outcome.
    It was so transparent that he was to be taken down not to run again.
    Even Democrats saw this pack behavior.
    Hard he been guilty then Hillary then needed to be arrested for her crimes.

  40. Trump isn’t corrupt for having a government check and see if there’s people breaking laws that are American. He has every authority to look into corruption. Man the news just preys on people not knowing what the President can and cannot do. It’s wild

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