Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump – Monday, January 27, 2020 | NBC News (Live Stream)

Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump – Monday, January 27, 2020 | NBC News (Live Stream)

68 Replies to “Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump – Monday, January 27, 2020 | NBC News (Live Stream)

  1. SO WHAT ARE the warmonger,eavesdroppers,child imprisoning,poisoners,ETC. DOING BEHIND the SCENES of the IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS!?

  2. biden with held funds from ukraine to rid the world of a corrupt prosecutor to benefit the world, trump did it to cheat in a US election and eric herschmann is saying corruption in our government is okay republicans keep miss stating the facts or just all out pulling a trump i'm wondering how the bar association would see trump's corrupt lawyers act

  3. More of us are waking up to what these vipers are up to President Trump. You got this and your approval keeps going up.

  4. LOL! It's just so ludicrous to compare impeachment to actual war-just can't stop laughing at such anti American bull.😂Impeachment is revolutionary war's peaceful alternative.Embarrassed for Ken Starr, today. Time to give President Pence his shot at it.

  5. As a daughter of the revolution my whole heart, soul, and mind has been attacked by the Democrats since the very beginning of President Trump's inauguration — I didn't vote for President Trump, but after seeing the abuse, contempt, hate, lies, fake news, and total ignorance the Democrats have shoved into our faces for nearly three and a half years, I have become a Republican and am no longer an Independant. Thank Nancy Pelosi for showing the American people how very evil you are!

  6. It seems as if this was from later in the day as opposed to earlier. Is there an earlier video that was released or is it for the day? I can't seem to find anything that started earlier.

  7. 12:19 bolton has never been caught lying to anyone i can remember in 30 years and in 1/10 of that time trump has been caught 16.000 ++ times. WHO are you going to believe?

  8. The Republican senators are full ssssSSSSHHHhhhhIIIIiii+++++!
    He Fuc%ing did it! That's like kicking a homeless person on the street. The U.S. I help protect. You don't use your allie's or battle buddies in such away. Let him burn.

  9. Lol. This must be the dems channel. Reading all the remarks makes me laugh. Don’t worry people. It’s just like the Super Bowl. It will be over before you know.


  11. Why does this not have the Pam Bondi presentation? Why is it only 4 hours? Where's the rest? Where can I see the entire Pam Bondi presentation? The others did great but I missed part of it and would like to watch in full. Thank you!

  12. Lol why would evangelicals follow or believe trump when they have the real deal in Romney? Trump is just a pandering hypocrite. Lol he’s as Christian as satan himself 🤣

  13. think of bolton as the chain and anchor on the bow of a ship now the anchor has been dropped to the sea bed and now the tide is quickly rising and the crew can't raise the anchor because trump has the crews hands tied and trump is off on the fan tail throwing the crews tools overboard

  14. Donald trump, piece of 💩
    Evil man likes to start war with people. This man is not for his americano people. América is in their own war with itself.

  15. Today is 75th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz, German concentration camp which was responsible for extermination of millions of people from around the world.

    Shame on you CNN that on a day like this you are so blinded by politics that you can't even find few minutes to pay respect to such significant day in human history.

    I am Democrat, favoring impeachment of Trump, I thought I'd mention that before you accuse me of being Trump supporter trying to divert the attention.

  16. How do you Ds like the facts Jane Raskin wrapped up at about 2:56:00 concerning the Russian collusion hoax that yal still believe?

  17. As to the timing to the request on Ukraine in cleaning up of its corruption, has anyone forgotten when was the government change over there taking place? Feasible for it to be done prior to gov change???

  18. For how long is the American public going to keep believing all this lies and all this well-organized acting.
    This is nothing but organized crimes.
    This impediment has been well orchestrated from the first day that he took the seats

  19. Some legal scholars NBC calls in. Think they better do opening act only if Derschowitz is taking stage same day. Like Zeppelin opening for Weird Al.

    Love Weird Al of course.

  20. Trump should release the parts of the book that mentions Ukrainians. At that point … why would anyone buy Bolten's book? Can you say JUSTICE!

  21. Democrats helping make America great again by guaranteeing Trump a second term. Would of saved a lot of tax payer money if they just voted for him.

  22. Waste of time and money when everybody know,s trump will be acquitted, Dems want to take the power away from the American people? we have a National election in 9 months to settle this circus horsesh..t show the Demonrats refer to as impeacement..if Trump is voted out, good enough..I trust my fellow Americans, over a corrupt congress..politicians do not, I repeat do not overturn the results of our elections so stop wasting our taxpayer dollars you corrupt bunch of basterds

  23. robots are coming soon, they'll take over while we are trying to send each other to prison.
    death to USA and their police

  24. My awful guess is that after all schiff & others talk s ended ..Republicans will vote they do not want to see documents & vote they do not want to hear witness ! And then vote NOT to impeach ..SAD (if so) All those voting NOT to impeach should be voted out of office!

    -all real usa citizens should carry proof & show it use public roads ,school, libraries ,get welfare & all things our taxes pay for ..illegal -have no proof and should not b able to use our public stuff =we paid taxes for….Tulsi Gabbard, Representative From Hawaii, for President 2020.

  25. Pat Cipollone, I can imagine what could happen if Moscow Mitch would bring on the floor all the bills waiting to be passed. What a nice thought 💭

  26. White House staff: there's no way we can get him off. He admitted to inviting foreign powers on live tv.. He's guilty.

    Alan: hold my glasses.

  27. You have to realise if the dems' can take your rights away, they can take your life and freedom away, save the U.S constitution, Trump 2020

  28. Cnn 275 million paid out,congratulations on your fake news confirmation,please tell your viewers about your settlement of mediocrity!

  29. Other news outlets will just play the stream and let people watch what's happening at trial and NBC has their experts let you know what you're supposed to think about what's going on here.

  30. It has become clear to me throughout this trial that the President's lawyer's are professionals; the House managers are simply hacks that care little for the future of our great country.

  31. Forgive me for being dumb to this kind of stuff. But i keep hearing people say that theres no evidence theres no evidence. Are people just kind of saying that trump has possibly done something wrong? Like are there any hard facts that prove trump definitely did something wrong?

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