Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Friday, January 24 | NBC News (Live Stream)

Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Friday, January 24  | NBC News (Live Stream)

36 Replies to “Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Friday, January 24 | NBC News (Live Stream)

  1. 23:00
    Despite her "ancient chinese wisdom" appearance, the woman is obviously ignorant of the Clinton impeachment. Funny. Looking, I mean.

  2. Q. What do call a MAGA cap wearing Trump supporter when they're not wearing the MAGA cap?
    A. Artificial Intelligence 😂

  3. The House Managers were AWESOME!!! <3 <3 <3 I am so grateful that I could go back and re-listen to the videotaped trial today.. Everyday the House Managers seem more passionate and emphatic in their presentation. It seems as if I was hanging off every single word. Thank you so much!!!

  4. A real " FAKE NEWS OUTLET " in action here ! nbc / Nothing But Crap ! lies ! deceit ! collusion ! MSM is fake news !

  5. I think the fact that these violent, anti American, leftist "Deep State", operatives only sprung out into the open against Donald Trump, suggests that every other United States President before him, cooperated with them and was most likely selected by them…..

  6. Trump : The winner take it all ! And I have 'still' my constitutional right as an American citizen (my USA passport is not revoked) to continue to serve the country as potus up to 2024. Are we clear ?!

  7. Who cares about Lev Parnas. He is a FAKE, move on with reality, and leave the Shiff Schummer Sham show die into a historical aquital for President Trump, and ahuge humiliation and drubbing of the Democrat's and joined at their hip corrupt media liers

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  9. Should we believe Comey, Clapper, Brennan, I think we have to believe Russia over the liars that started the Russia hoax

  10. Hold a silent vote on Witnesses And documents, and whether to remove him, then will will se a fsir trial , and until then your waisting. You time. The Republicans have no backbones.

  11. I'm a Democrat, and my party has very little to offer, except platitudes and nanny-state SJW nonsense. Whatever happened to the party of the people?

  12. Donald Trump is a traitor of the American people, he is selling out his own citizens in the name of foreign oligarchs.

  13. If you want to save the world from modern Autocracy, limit the powers of national societies that try to monopolize all kinds of institutions in European states.

  14. Could someone please lower the volume from Alison’s microphone. Shouting is not impressive, it’s common on Fox but just distracting to me. I liked what she said but please lower the bluster.

  15. Can anyone who hates Trump or want him impeached please, PLEASE show me where the 'good' points are in this video where it isn't just hearsay? Just watching the 1:30:00 to 2:10:00 mark so far, it seems more about Democrats dictati- I mean discussing American foreign policy and Ukraine rather than Trump. Still no evidence from Adam Schiff of 'Trump corruption' so far, just claims (no different from the past two years). Zero. Nada. Nilch. Adam Schiff claimed people know very little about Ukraine but that would also include Schiff for brains himself; Schiff said Russia invaded Crimea but that is NOT true (as Donbass and Crimea are two different areas), yet mentions "war in Donbass" at 1:54:29. The president who got "ousted" in Ukraine in 2014 was reported to have been "Democratically elected in a free and fair election" ruled by OUTSIDE OBSERVERS in 2010, yet Ambassador Yovanovitch's testimony says the system there was rigged. Schiff played the news of the supposed 2014 invasion of Ukraine by Russia without audio either. 1:59:40 Ukraine was part of something called the Soviet Union, along with Russia, but seems Ambassador Taylor missed that. 2:02:31 Schiff: "overturn a decades long commitment to standing up to Russian aggression." Pretty sure it's President Trump, not President Schiff.

  16. Hi diddle the king played the fiddle and the mice jumped over the moon. Oh what fun to see such FUN when the king ran away with all their Spoons.

  17. Remote neural monitoring from satellites abuse of mass surveilence technology in the hands of corrupt mafia members…used on mob targets and dissidents saudia arabia is involved can be used on any citizen if you offend the wrong person

  18. NOTHING BUT COLLUSION…nbc has been the expert of that..for decades…your going to even exceed least they are openly on the other hand use your main waepon.

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