Sen. Joe Manchin Jabs Back At POTUS After Being Called ‘Munchkin’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Sen. Joe Manchin Jabs Back At POTUS After Being Called ‘Munchkin’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Sen. Joe Manchin Jabs Back At POTUS After Being Called ‘Munchkin’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Does anybody know the height of Joe manchin a lot of people believe Trump exaggerate everything lies about his height his weight. And the reason he leans forward is because she has lifts in his shoes. I don't know it sounds right though.

  2. Senator you better get in line with the Commander in Chief or else your political future in West Virginia will be over . Come on over to the winning side if you want to be relevant and an effective legislator for your state . Get away from those crazy libRats.

  3. Manchin, you caved on your principals. Please, show where President Trump withheld aid to Ukraine, where aid was linked to investigations? In case you missed it, aid was released before the deadline. Show when, where investigation started. You are yellow. It was weakness to vote to convict.

  4. You got baldy upset.Trump is paranoid always looking around for the next one to turn on him since Romney did,he is paranoid who else will.

  5. Trump just got older but everythi g stopped groing , his brain, his pee pee , his hands, total arrested development …he is still a child in a man's body……he photo shopped a photo of his big head on Sly's body then say the bad tan photo of him was photo shopped…he said the access Hollywood tape's voice is not his….the man is a major league liar

  6. “I hope the president comes back to being” [a uniter in chief]. Trump has never since he took office been a uniter. Therefore it is impossible for him to come back to being one.

  7. I think Trump called him a Munchkin Becuz of his last name. Nothing to do with his appearance. I hate Trump, but Manchin, munchkin. I think.

  8. Trump calls names simply because he doesn't have anything intelligent to say… Trump isn't smart enough to be a leader…. Trump's filthy mouth just adds to the fact that he's garbage and it's time to take the trash out of our white house….

  9. Better to be a munchkin…
    Versus an orange bull#@!tting walrus …
    Yes…i am offending walruses around the world…but…it works…

  10. trump has never been a unifier in chief and he never will be. Calling the men and women, demeaning names, by a president, should be unacceptable. Yet, it is what it is.

  11. Modus operWHAT?
    Trump is childish with his insults. And he most certainly implied that people in West Virginia are stupid. But this guy did little to prove differently. Still, he’s a Democrat and if he were running against Trump I’d vote the hillbilly ticket.

  12. Nice going Trump: you have now managed to alienate one of the very, very few Democrats who might, on occasion, be inclined to support you. Stable genius!


  14. Senator Manchin, you served your constituents from Wheeling very proudly. We couldn’t be more proud in your representation. Trump is just a bitter whimp & just mad that you have amazing head of hair, your fit & more handsome, and he’s well, so NOT!!!

  15. My ten year old niece has better insults than the mentally challenged Traitor in Chief. His limited vocabulary is so pathetic.

  16. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Or I’m rubber your glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you. 3rd grade tactics from a 3rd grade president.

  17. If the dems had taken the time to interview witnesses in the house before sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate then the Senate would not have been able to avoid witnesses. The dems did not want that because they knew there's no there there. This is a smokescreen from the dems.

  18. Seriously people, for whatever reason trump has so many people fooled. But we are so much smarter than that! We are so much better than that. trump can only have the power WE let him have. I am not giving him any! And we all must come together in November and do our part to get him out. Even if we have to take a picture of our ballots or post a video on Facebook or whatever.

  19. Yes, how true it is, Trump is hand picked by the Almighty Creator God, to make America Great Again, fighting Under God, those Evil Nations, yes definitely for sure………

  20. If someone accuses you of something you ask them to show you the evidence until they do and prove it you would be presumed innocent !!

  21. Much respect for you Senator. Someone needs to stand up for a bully, corrupt, immature and conniving low life of a man who represents the USA.

  22. Who cares what pathological liar Baby trump says ? the corrupt petty criminal has spewed more than 16245 lies and counting to the American people and the world ,, he is the most corrupt ,untrustworthy POTUS in history

  23. We used to have three equal powers.
    the Republicans have destroyed that system..
    When Mitch McConnell said they were coordinating with the White House…… He should have been pulled from office….

  24. This guy is a piece is sh*t that votes with the republicans 90% of the time he needs to be gotten rid of in the primaries so we will have a real democrat in that seat.

  25. Trumps only way of dealing with anything is to say something nasty and derogatory!!!! Little boy syndrome being displayed by a filthy spoiled rich bear who has never put in a days work involving sweat and exerting effort. Draft dodger at that.

  26. Trump’s lying about the economy and having fun on our money. The economy can fail under it’s inflated weight – just like the BIG ONE in 1929. It has happened during nine out of 10 Republican Administrations. Fact check it.

  27. Who cares about what the 2 yr old child in the WH thinks ? The other clowns in the WH are telling that moron what to do. The swamp man can't read, he doesn't understand how the government works he taking up space like the space under his wig.

  28. manchin is a two faced back stabbing big liar traitor disrepectful disgrace to the office he's playing in the people of WV need to VOTE him OUT OF OFFICE PERIOD

  29. Personally I have no respect for either of these clowns ! Sen. Manchin is a coward who masquerade as a Democrats but votes as a Ftrump supporter ! 🙊🙉🙈

  30. manchin better plan on moving to california
    west virginia is tired of his backstabbing ways and he will be kicked out of office in november

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