Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Republicans Are ‘Looking Concerned’ As Impeachment Trial Continues | NBC News

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Republicans Are ‘Looking Concerned’ As Impeachment Trial Continues | NBC News

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  1. Didn't they just have a house meetingdidn't they have a chance to bring their witnesses at that time weren't they supposed to bring their witnesses at that time oh oh here we go let's bring our witnesses now that were in the are you kidding

  2. 5 comments, I'm #6 and it's all trumpists spouting criticism. Seems like they got here quickly! They are more worried than I am that one of the Trump lover Rep Senators might cave and grow a conscience. Don't worry guys—They're true Republicans. They won't won't stand up for what's right and just! They have too much stock to protect!

  3. Lindsey Graham. We don’t want witnesses or documents. Amy Klobuchar . Why not. Lindsey Graham. Bc it’s all bad. Lol.

  4. Well let’s just say that President Trump thinks he is prefect and the only prefect human being was Jesus. Everything we have heard and seeing is very compelling. A complete and detailed timeline of corruption because he feared facing Biden in the next election. Biden has years of political experience that Trump can not stand up again in debates. Biden is way to experienced way to intelligence than Trump.

  5. This is fact you can research it Google it fact check it. Adam Schiff is a known cross dresser in Hollywood. He goes to Hollywood parties in women's clothing. This very true. Google: Adam Schiff cross dressing.

  6. I think you thinking is your own opinion and no other senator’s are thing that. Lol I think they won’t even call witnesses they will end this then let the president keep kicking butt and get back to normal life and important issues and quit wasting our taxpayers money I’m one of them if so then I want a refund! The Democrats are saying the same thing over and over and over and over look at the TV ratings nobody’s even watching 11 million people over 360 million people that’s more people watching NASCAR then this trial 😂😂😂😂

  7. If the Senate GOP allows witnesses (extremely unlikely), it's the beginning of the end for DJT. The Republicans fully realize that the charges are worthy of removal from Office (relative to other Impeachment charges for other Presidents, the charges against Trump are far more serious because he solicited the assistance of a foriegn government to help his political ambitions). If witnesses are allowed, the timeline for the hearing is greatly extended, allowing more time for more facts and more time for Public sentiment to sway further towards removal.

  8. Dems will be on Trial Now..So disappointed their True Motives for this impeachment is coming to lite…The Presidents Counsel Will Now Put The House Mangers On Trial..Just watch..its not going to be pretty.

  9. Republicans are concerned about the CIVIL war that will ensue if this SHAM is actually successful .. This impeachment is an outrage !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Every single MSNBC YouTube post has some vaguely misleading desperate title. It's almost funny to see an organization so absolutely desperate for an outcome. Kinda just like Fox for republitards.

  11. If you can't vote as you wish. You must do what you have been told to save your party. How can you call it "DEMOCRACY"?Huh. You may call it " Elitecracy".

  12. Presented choice of obtaining the truth before opening impeachment arguments and questioning, or after, Senate Republicans chose MAYBE later. Meaning preferably never, if they can corruptly manage this cover-up night and day, undercover "right" in front of the American people, driving Traitor-in-Thief Trump's getaway vehicle!!

  13. All corruption that is Publicly known and People who state that they are Patriots, wear badges, and have Titles that they claim to be very proud of. This is their legacy and contribution to America.

  14. We American Patriots that love Our country n Democracy and Not The One Man Being impeached again,Must continue to spread The Word ,No Matter what His Cronies Try to Say To Defend Him,It will Never Rise Above His Criminal Acts n Will Continue to Do Against Our Country.

  15. Does anybody remember the TV show the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Is America still selling this idiocracy? I want to know how many people in the world believe we should keep paying this cost so a shrinking minority of the world can be the ones living happy in the world. Why don't we just take welfare away from the poor and give tax breaks to the rich it would make just as much sense wouldn't it. Shouldn't we make laws against poverty so poor people will stop thinking they can walk around with the rest of us? Feelings do belong more in a two-dimensional reality than three-dimensional reality don't you agree? Television is the answer nobody can own a TV station, is this not where we go to get our religious leaders and presidents. Only the rich should know the difference. Only the rich should know what walking around in a three-dimensional world feels like. What good is voting Republican if our lawmakers can't make this work? With all the sickness in the world, I do not want to die because some homeless man sneezed on me.

  16. Desm are pathetic. What a joke this is! America is making fun of the dems and media and they are both 2 stupid to see it. Lmao.

  17. They should look concerned. Adam Schiff has bored to death thousands, perhaps millions or billions of people! I know because I can "feel it" and I am "looking concerned" too. Oops!

  18. Learn why the Democrats and the Republicans are fighting. It is the same reason that started all the human wars. The human brain divides us into groups and each group needs to be as different as possible from the other groups. This creates conflict and sometimes huge wars, but the wars are very beneficially to humanity. Watch this short seven minute film to find out why the human operating system causes such destructive wars and silly battles in the US government. 
    After watching this film you will always know what causes any conflict. When humanity wakes up and releases this, we'll move on to the next level of existence.

  19. At which time you slaughtered millions in silly arguments about how to divide the resources of your little world. And four hundred years before that you were murdering each other in quarrels over tribal god-images. Since there are no indications that humans will ever change.

  20. We all, and the whole free world, are watching the lies and cover up of the senate republicans. It's blatant and will explode in their faces. More facts will come out anyway, and when the hateful lawless bully is out, more will speak up. More facts and evidence of trump's crimes will come out, and those involved will be exposed.
    Justice will get the traitors for sure. And it's gonna be soon.

  21. Shame on the Republicans. Rules are for everyone. If the tables were turned they would do a complete bout face. Shame on you.

  22. bahahahaha… Republicans are scared?

    No! It's the Demorats that are looking dsperate to make something happen! FAKE NEWS!

  23. List of countries not to trust due to corruption…note number one is the newest entry!

    1. USA———-look where the Republicans just allowed Trump to take us!
    2. Russia
    3. North Korea
    4. Iran
    5. Nigeria
    6. Somalia

  24. The Republicans are currently trying to figure out how to make Trump's impeachment about someone other than the president. Because if impeachment is only about Trump there's no way to make it look fair or honest, even the cult will have unanswered questions.

  25. "looking concerned" are they? Is that what reading a book while the trail is underway tells you? Wake me up when you think their actually "looking worried" and maybe I will tune in.

  26. They would have to be deaf and blind to not be concerned about this type of behavior from the president! Traitor Trump is the first president to ever try to get foreign entities to interfere in our elections!

  27. Just like she pushed the Russia story before Mueller completely debunked her buddy, James Comey. Their house of cards has imploded. Her comments are worthless. The only Republican she colluded with was John McCain. And she has scrubbed her Facebook page of all photos with John McCain and James Comey after the Steele Dossier' was completely trashed.

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