See New Impeachment Evidence Cornering Trump’s Top Aide Mulvaney | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

See New Impeachment Evidence Cornering Trump’s Top Aide Mulvaney | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 Replies to “See New Impeachment Evidence Cornering Trump’s Top Aide Mulvaney | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Does any of this make any difference I mean look Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as already stated so long as he's there two president has nothing to worry about the u.s. forefathers must be turning over in their graves never having imagined such a scenario you have an entire section of government so corrupt they will do and say anything to defend this president that has greater allegiance to Russia then he does his own country.

  2. Like Nixon will do anything too keep it from coming out with the facts ! Why hide Trump the cards are not turning up in YOUR favor !

  3. 'Its too hard to remember all these names and what they did'
    So clearly you don't understand what is going on, why are you talking about it then?

  4. Those who vote for dumpy should consider moving to Russia. Maybe the president could bring you with him to this Russian celebration his friend Putin has invited him to. How many seats in his private jet? Or book a charter!

  5. The Republican White House Occupant's Enablers in and out of Congress are demonstrating how Hitler was able to rise and order the displacement and the murder of millions, changing the world forever.

  6. The Chairman can not take on this matter like the Watergate chairman, because Nixon was not on social media daily , convincing citizens to believe lies & instigate investigations. This is a new age impeachment, with a world wide web of issues (Watergate was a domestic issue) involving a President & Senators willing to ignore the Constitution to benefit themselves.

  7. Pegy Noonan was either given an impossible task – defending the Trumpublicans – or is completely out of touch. The enablers of #45 have completely discredited themselves . The Republican politicians are the ones that must make concessions here: they should have denounced the corrupt POTUS 2 years ago. They have put party before country again and again – now the country says enough.

  8. Adam Schiff is running the Impeachment Hearings correctly at this point. Peggy Newman is DELUSIONAL if she thinks the Republicans of today are decent enough to play by any rules, LOL! They took away President Obama's Supreme Court pick and installed a sexual predator on the Court. Mitch McConnell said it was an election year therefore his reason. A few months ago they asked McConnell if a Supreme Court vacancy came up during next year's election what would he do, he said "seat him"! Hey Peggy, your remembrance of the GOP is no longer valid!

  9. MSNBC !!!
    And I must admit your paper is a bit the the dunny as well.
    FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    and hit the dislike button please !
    Support your Elected President you treasanal sumsuckers !!

  10. Pres. Trump, commander in grabs of all greedy, " OCTOPUSY'S – it's never enough, " got a' get, fill me up to the brim, fast, fast, " NOW " will ya.

  11. u think that because he is getting tariffs he's doing much u must be in hes cloud he have done much worse with all his lying and corruption and u think hes fine uou too are inept

  12. Peggy Noonan is just the worst columnist and partisan hack journalist desperate to "both sides" this debate and these idiots just go right along with her hackery that spans decades of film flam puff pieces for Republicans.

  13. A whistleblower has now reported that he heard that another person talked to a third person who said that Trump was rumored to have removed tags from a pillow. Representative Al Green says that he now feels vindicated in his calls for impeachment. Rep. Adam Schiff has subpoenaed the pillow.

  14. Ari – Please don't have Peggy Noonan on again!! She is INSUFFERABLE!! I hate listening to her…. she drags out her comments and ideas… by one, until you're ready to pull your hair out. She rambles on and on with no clear message or point – just like the Orange clown does. Clearly, she must have attended Trump University! Sheeesh!

  15. The only thing good in the usa is soap operas. And Trump is the best, the whole world says thank you americans for this show ?

  16. Unfortunately Noonan is wrong. There are millions of Americans who do not believe that Chump and his acolytes tried to extort favors from the Ukrainian president. They are either too ignorant or stupid to see what happened.

  17. Looking forward to the Democrat President getting Impeached the minute he"s elected…Thank-you Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/DNC for starting the TDS Impeachment/Russian Hoax madness!

  18. PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE COMMENTING:  You liberals miss the point.  Quid pro quo is irrelevant.  
    It is Latin, a dead language, and nobody speaks Latin anymore anywhere in the world outside the Catholic Church.  So therefore, unless it can be proven beyond doubt that Mulvaney, Trump, and Zelensky are all Catholic, this obviously does not apply.  And "Quid" is slang for an English pound.  Try spending that at your local liquor store and see how far you get.  A "Quid" may be good in Great Britain, but don't forget that we separated from them a long time ago.  Stop picking on our Great Leader.  He knows what is best for us.  He is building the wall in Colorado to protect us, one and all.  

    Remember where your irresponsible wild allegations come from.  Wild allegations come from wild alligators, everybody knows that.  What do reptiles know, anyway?  Trump had to drain the swamp to catch all those 'gators and snakes for the moat, so of course the 'gators are unhappy and hate our beloved president.  Walt Kelly taught us they were happy in their infested swamp, where Hillary and Obama left them to run amok like animals.  It takes a long moat along the wall to protect us from those bad hombres, and that takes a lot of 'gators and snakes. Thankfully, dem dare ’gators be hungry, and dey love dem some Mexican cuisine.  (Es muy caliente en la boca.)

    Stop the witch hunt.  Witches are girls, and if you demon rats and mice would come out of your secret basement cave headquarters, you'd see our Commander in Cheese is no girl.  Anyone can see that.  He doesn't even like girls.  He grabs them by the hoo-hah to protect us and keep them away.  You will understand when the aliens come and you do not have your tinfoil lined MAGA hat.  Then you will understand what MAGA really means, "Make Aliens Go Away".

    Like I said in the beginning, Quid pro quo is irrelevant, and that is the symbol of our party, and you aren't invited.  Elevants belong in the circus, and we are doing our best to create a complete circus all true Americans can enjoy.
    However, due to circus-dances beyond our control, some heffalumps is invisible, and that is why we cannot see the elevant in the room.

    For further study:


  19. The Pumpkin Who Would Be King

    Undeniable quid pro quo . . . . .  was out to get Skid Row Joe
    And his prodigal son, who wasn’t the one . . . . . that eventually looked like a shmoe.

  20. If a "lie" is told to you & never corrected its not a "lie" it's BRAINWASHING? china brainwashed 1 usa citizen that changed them to communist ? dictator trump pardons SHERIFF baca & arpaio 4 brainwashing taught trump how ,trump is KILLING YOU&YOUR BROTHERS SISTERS ALL THE MEMORIES ARE GONE THAT PERSON WILL NEVER REMEMBER .YOU CAN TELL THEM BUT ITS LIKE A MOVIE NOT THEM THAT BRAIN IS GONE ITS A NEW BRAIN THEY JUST PUT THAT MEMORY IN NOT AN OLD MEMORY ITS NEW HE IS KILLING PEOPLE

  21. this inmoral man is just so hard believe him anymore as a matter fact if take the blame and say that done it and he is responsable for all acusation no one in the would belive him

  22. I hope the Republicans don’t trot out that tired trope that Trump made a misstep due to his ‘inexperience’ and that this whole debacle is a minor error that is not impeachable. We’re talking about a 400 million dollar carrot dangled in front of a foreign country to find dirt on a political opponent. As well as a conspiracy to make the offer and then hide the evidence in the secure computer. If this is just another “nothing burger” how come the White House hasn’t come forward with the original transcript to clear Trump on his ‘perfect’ conversation?

  23. Bombshell alert…….more fake news more waste of tax payer dollars on an impeachment that will never pass the Senate. Good luck crooked Left!!!

  24. Lol, to save time, we should start an impeachment inquiry on Biden, Warren and Sanders now. As impeachment for failing to win an election will now be commonplace.



  27. trump is LEECH ; & those surround him are leeches also , look what Rick Perry did to dig for oil in Ukraine a vulnerable country, that a shame for trump administration to operate as mafioso.

  28. We already know he did, he said he did. This isnt news. The aid wasnt even held for the reasons your giving. In a quid pro quo you need to have a clear exchange of two things, one for another. Not only did Ukraine not know about the aid being withheld, but it wasnt even being withheld for the reasons they are trying to make you think. The Ukrainian PRESIDENT HIMSELF has directly come out and said he never felt pressured and nothing was implied. The leftist media is tying to manipulate his words into something that he didnt say. As a lifelong Democrat i finally saw the hypocrisy and underhanded tactics used in order to cast out a sitting President and enough is enough! These comments are being deleted and people saying them are becoming shadow banned on Youtube. SPREAD THE TRUTH

  29. "He [Sondand] said there was no quid pro qo. And he still says that. And he says I said that."
    That's rather the point, Mr Trump – Sondland said that's what you told him to say:
    "Gordon Sondland, intends to tell Congress this week that the content of a text message he wrote denying a quid pro quo with Ukraine was relayed to him directly by President Trump in a phone call, according to a person familiar with his testimony. Sondland plans to tell lawmakers he has no knowledge of whether the president was telling him the truth at that moment. “It’s only true that the president said it, not that it was the truth,”

  30. This isn't News, we are just on repeat, repeating hearsay, fake news, fake narratives we are a society of fakeness, we legitimize our narratives through white privilege and using black props to speak our narratives and using feminists with agendas that will lie to the last girl.

  31. Yo real talk y'all should be charged with sedition for constantly pushing these negative never positive rich elite driven agenda against the american elected president didn't biden Obama withhold military aid same country to stop investigation of his son? . u were involved with the proliferation of the fake dossier the fake investigation into non existent russian collusion and now this . your content is not fair coverage but is driven by greed money and power of a world elite over common Americans who voted for Trump no wonder u r also pushing to take guns from the same Americans because u don't want to see .. In the .. As y'all continue to deny our basic rights now attempting to over turn a legitimate democratic election result . malificent . I have a new prayer request … fuera este estados unidos go back to the e.u. with that b.s. we left y'all to start our own country cause y'all was bsing over there so you followed us over here to continue your abuse and harassment ma nka we left we started a prosperous country and we kicked y'all azz out you think we won't do that sh again ??? Come on ??

  32. Mz Noonan, I am not having difficulty keeping up with those Republicans career diplomats who have testified behind closed doors.

  33. This is opinion from the witnesses. Opinion may be fact or fiction. To look at only one side of the opinions is the problem here. This went on for three years with Russia collusion. This is no different. Look at the other side of "opinions" in this newest Ukrainian scandal. The whistle-blower disappeared. Why? Theses voices here are clearly opinion, including those of the so-called witnesses. This is all political. Do yourself a favor and listen to both sides.

  34. I'm a Democrat and I have to say that I agree with Peggy Noonan. This impeachment hearing cannot appear as Partisan because if it does, Trump will just use that to further divide the country. She may be right, Adam Schiff may not be the best person to oversee this hearing. Is there someone else we can find who is more in the middle?

  35. what u mean u must be new to this right. now he trump have not done anything only but fight legal fights and lie on anything democrats are not even letting him do any infrastructure or anything obama took us out of recession in four years and did massive infrastructure andd fought the republicans for the rest of his presidency

  36. No doubt indeed. Makes you wonder what Republican voters were thinking. Anyone who watched his shows could see the definition of a fatuous fat fool.

  37. I imagine this impeachment is the last thing Adam Schiff wanted to do when he went to Washington. I feel sorry for him. But I admire his patience and his tenor.

  38. What is Ms. Noonan even talking about? She REALLY thinks today's republicans need to be embraced and treated with kid gloves and they'll join with dems for the good of the country. She is living in fantasy land. ?

  39. How come Ukraine told the NYT they didn't know about the situation with the aid until a month after Trump's call? If they didn't even know, how could they be pressured? It's almost as though this whole impeachment thing is a lie to stop an unbeatable political opponent.

    Nah, it's more believable that Trump wanted dirt on the fearsome Biden… a man who sniffs little girls hair in public and can't speak a coherent sentence. Such a scary opponent!

  40. Am I the only conservative that follows a news outlet that doesn't align with his/her perspectives? From a logic standpoint, there are so many failures in Ari's points and subject matter from a high level standpoint.

  41. Good day for all Republicans!
    All these sour opinions of the President will be easy to expose that's all this is.
    Hate will always bring you down lower.

  42. The media is now helping the President by treating him subhuman and the millions who voted for Him.
    That will backfire, it's already backfiring. And to top it off the country is doing the best it's ever done. And Democrats pick NOW to try an impeachment this is Christmas for the President and the Republican party??love you Dems…

  43. And look at the sour faces lol…The American people know every 5 minutes isn't a bombshell story you people are Saturday night live hilarious,this has to be a parody lol.

  44. But it's not these news anchors it's the Dem Reich that forces them to read and push impeachment explosion every 5 minutes. These anchors are really victims.
    Can you imagine what their boss is telling them to make them shout bombshell 20 times a day EVERY day??
    That story will come out too,these anchors are forced.

  45. Is Mulvaney on video confessing to extorting a billion dollars from Ukraine to fire a prosecutor looking into his son's company? Cause that would be bad.

  46. Hmmm, I think the media has something here this time. Trump won't meet with Ukraine unless they look into corruption. That sounds like something Trump would do. I like it. Two thumbs up!

  47. Get father and son Biden to be questioned on their dealings! What about that Joe actually said it out loud on TV?!? Im wondering why Trump does not take all to Court & jail. Let Trump do his job. Even this woman is getting attacked at the end. She speaks well. Dialogue? 98% One sided..& I’m not even an American

  48. Remember congress has all
    Mr. Muellers unredacted reports now.
    Flynn and others know a lot to add to testimony to show this is Trumps MO.
    Trump knows he cannot win an election without cheating.

  49. We're not deciding if the president committed a crime or even if he is a criminal. As we watch his own ambassadors, what's left of them, testify against him – we are asking if he can manage the job of president. He can't. His own staff have lost faith in him. He can't fill essential government positions. He is a failed president.

  50. Why don't they ever show the conflict that's going on in the Ukraine.they showed the conflict in Syria how to play but they don't show it in the Ukraine why not

  51. I can't wait till this is thrown out, like the now imfamouse "Muller report", so we can watch the NEXT idiotic attempt at removing a lawfully elected president….hmmm, Rumania looks good?…what falshood will the DNC come up with next…?!

  52. The Big thing that comes next is a cardboard box with Micks name on it gets delivered to the chief of staff office???????

  53. I find it unpatriotically and treasonously disturbing that republicans almost unanimously seem to believe that EVERYONE is corrupt and lying with the sole exception of trump…. The cognitive dissonance is staggering.

  54. Ukraine is a sovereign nation but they need military action but all we got was Javelin missiles which would help fight against Vladimir Putin

  55. Why are people like Bolton and Mulvaney failing to appear in front of congress. These guys are receiving our taxpayers dollars to perform their jobs but they are trying to cover up for this illegitimate crocked president. As nancy Pelosi stated this president is involved in a cover up and there are people in the White House aiding and abetting this president by refusing to testify. Congress should use their power to lock these people up immediately especially those who were subpoenaed by congress.

  56. What happened to trumps "genius" brain!!? He says he "doesn't" remember to a lot of questions proposed! Are the drugs starting to take over!!??

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