Savannah Guthrie Explains Treatment She Underwent For Her Torn Retina | TODAY

Savannah Guthrie Explains Treatment She Underwent For Her Torn Retina | TODAY

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  1. Hope she got rid of the train from the kid. No more trains Maybe she should get soft toys for her kid from now on till he learns not to throw them. Or dad give him ahhh talking too how throwing things hurt people.

  2. @TODAY Wish my twin had a surgery that actually worked when she was 10yrs old. She was elbowed by a high schooler walking in front of us on a sidewalk. His elbow caused her retina to detach. She had 8 surgery's and the 9th they said this would be the last one to fix it. My mom said no you've damaged her eye she has no eye ball left it's a small grey dot. She had beautiful eyes now she only has one. Getting injurys in your eye is scary stuff. I hope your vision is able to be repaired and you heal quick.

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  4. Ny husband had a detached retina and it was serous he had to have emergency surgery and it took 8 weeks to heal thank God he did not loose any of his site. When they say you see floaters he seen thousands . I hope suvanna gets well soon .

  5. I had a tear in my retina seven going on eight years ago, the vitreous pulls away and in rips the retina like wallpaper from a wall. It gave me massive floaters and some bleeding. Saw my regular ophthalmologist who sent me to retina specialist. He had to wait fir blood to clear but did an in office laser procedure. Than another one a month later. Now during routine exam he said weld became weaker and he wants third procedure before cataract surgery possibly next year or so,
    Luckily I have a fantastic retina specialist.

  6. Glad you’re doing so well, Savannah! All 3 of my girls have something called Stickler’s Syndrome, as do I. It affects the strength of the retina, and it can detach at the snap of a finger, with or without some kind of trauma. My middle daughter had a retinal detachment 2 years ago, and had to undergo surgery to repair it. Ultimately, it wasn’t successful. She now only has light perception in her right eye. Looking back, I deeply regret putting her through the surgery, because it was so incredibly traumatic for her, and for me, seeing her suffer like she did through the pain of the recovery from surgery. You did indeed get lucky to only have to have the laser treatments, and I hope you continue to recover. Also, I loved the doctor’s description of the retina and how fragile it is. It really put into perspective for those who don’t know how thin and fragile the retina is, how easily it can be damaged, and how delicate a procedure it is to go in and try to repair it.

  7. Savannah, you are in my prayers. I have a detached retina due to being born premature. I have a condition known as Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), and my right eye’s retina is completely detached. I can see out of my left eye, but not far away. I’m glad you’re going to be okay!

  8. I had a retinal detachment (RD) surgery 8/14, then another 11/11, and one just last week with silicone oil on 11/25. It’s no fun dealing with RDs. Four years ago I had the same issue with the other eye, but fortunately three surgeries got that one back to 20/20. Not too sure about my current RD eye. Please get your annual eye exams! And take very good care of your eyes. Life is a lot different navigating with one eye. Don’t take your eyes for granted!

  9. Saw this already on tv. What a pity but she had a speedy recovery. I had an accident years ago where someone I knew had no patience and hit me on my face and my eye was bloodshot red ugghh ? not pretty

  10. At NBC it’s AAAAAALLLLL about OUR anchors, OUR Weather Bunnies, OUR staff. But NOBODY kept an eye on the SEXUAL ASSAULTS.

  11. Savannah I will never forgive you for being friends with Diane Dimond who spent her entire career slandering Michael Jackson. I read her piece of trash book that was filled with innuendoes, distortion and downright LIES. YOU were mentioned in her acknowledgments. How could you be part of trying to destroy the reputation of a wonderful human being who never hurt any children? DO THE RESEARCH and you will see what I mean. Then apologize to Michael's children, family and fans.

  12. I'm glad she is doing well but this has been milked to death. She said her son was proud of his throw but obviously didn't realize what he had done. There is clearly a baby boom at Today, been so for a long time. some are older then others, Hoda and Savannah, but all work long hours and make it seem it is so easy. It isn't at all.

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