Sara Blevins: Learning to code

Sara Blevins: Learning to code

I was a kid, man, I wanted to be an
astronaut so bad. [CHUCKLES] And I wanted
to be a marine biologist. Then I wanted to go
into political science. I always had some grand dreams. My name is Sarah Blevins, and
I am from Knoxville, Tennessee. I have always had a passion
for technology, always. But I went to a small
school in a rural area. The extent of our
technical exposure was playing “Oregon
Trail” on old computers. And so it was few
and far between when I had access to those things. But when I did, it
was like Christmas. I didn’t even have a computer
in my house until 2010. I completed my
bachelor’s in February and it took me 18 years. [CHUCKLES] Sorry to laugh. It just seems like a long
time when I say it out loud. [LAUGHS] Someone close to
me was an engineer, and they always told me,
you think like an engineer. I was sitting in my room,
and they were pointing out this is HTML, this is a tag. I remember the moment vividly. And I thought, this is it. This is what I was meant to do. I found out that Udacity
and Google are offering developer scholarships. And right then I filled
it out, and I sent it off. I thought, if I get this,
my whole world could change. I am learning front
end web development. I love the structure of the
Udacity challenge course. I love that there’s a
live coding environment. There are forums. You can network with your peers. I can basically fit in
15-minute increments if that’s what I need to do. I can do it at night after
I put the boys to bed. There have been times I have
said to myself, OK, right foot next, left foot next. We work together as a family
to make sure I have time. Sometimes I’ll say,
you know, guys, I really need your help
tonight because Mom has some things to do that’s
going to better our lives. I get so into it. Sometimes I have
to remind myself to go to bed because I have
to go to work the next day. I love the feeling
of exhaustion that comes from working
myself mentally and solving problems in code. Code caters to that. It pushes what I’m
capable of, and I love it. I have been told that
it isn’t feminine to be in science or technology
or math, and I reject that. It makes me feel powerful
to be able to help build the world that I
live in, and that’s what being able to
program does for you.

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  1. Good for you Sara! You have shown that its never too late to learn a new skill or work towards a qualification.

  2. Google your team does so much for us. I know how hard coding is as I've learned how to code since I was 12. About 6 years ago. Your the ones that take the stress and work for all of us and the hard work. All your employees deserve the best and ut-most respect. I can't say thank you enough. I love everyone at Google. All of you for making Android. Google pixel. All of the electronics and software. Everything. THANK YOU GOOGLE!!! 💙💚💚💛♥️ 🙂

  3. I also love coding . Coding is love . Late night working on solution of problem and then realizing you have to go to college the next day . I never want to go to bed , go out do anything else while solving a problem . Coding rocks 😘😘

  4. Nice video ! Watching this on thought came to my mind, why is almost impossible to learn something without gaining weight ?

  5. I see google needs more middle aged womens in the company, hope this ad will work for them, I will even ask my mom if she wants to code, but first she needs to identify as a blue hair transgender pineapple. Unfortunatelly after that she will be able to get a job without even coding knowledge.

  6. Please help google send an AppleID PIN to me Verification Code I'm very sorry to thank you for the company

  7. too bad if you don't live in the US – Can't apply for a scholarship as an Europeean candidate.
    It's like the Internet is limited there :)) lol

  8. Inspirational.

    Congrats Sara and best of luck in your career.

    Thanks Google for the opportunities and tools you guys are creating.

  9. The female "programmers" I have worked with have been universally useless, whereas I could say the same about perhaps only 10% of the male programmers.

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  11. If any person in a country lot of fream to work at google, amazon, flipkart etc the dream to made success of seeing some prammming language in you tbe. There are many good communication skills in coding understanding the algorithm data base anlysis that is to be to success in interview

  12. 2:35 who ever told you that "it isn'nt femine to in science or technology or math" was correct. Code is a "thing". (where there is no life) A robot is not a boy or girl male or female. Its engineer talk with psychics. ( the algorithm of this commerical represents similiarties to a diamond commercial skit, accept the person is marrying there selves (or there is no customer) but recruiting.

    What is the point of sharing this story. What is the coding abilities you have accomplished, what happend to astronaut and marinebiologist dreams you started out with, what is coding doing for you, what are you building. Sara, why do you look up to enigneers, what work are you doing for them. You should/can code a enigeering hiring website or make a " code to be a enigeer" program ( to recruit, influence, people to think on your "line" but only after you get laid, you have a kid so there evidence its happend before, its time to jump back on the saddle), if you think one then hire your boss's replacement but as there boss ( a regional manager,or contractor both TGB good luck Sara Blevins)

  13. Coding of things it's a better way to live in some environment and u can only code people who are able to code you on same thing

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  15. Sara, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. You've inspired a whole lot of people, and Google thank you for letting us know her story. I hope I can also do we'll just like you guys! Yes! Let's work harder!!

  16. This video is inspirational. It's unique to be part of the big family of developers. Am 21 years old and i got a bachelor in Management. Yet i have a deep love for the digital world more precisely Coding. I just started font-end coding with HTML and CSS some weeks ago! This video is a proof that once you have passion, everything is possible. Thank you so much to Sarah for sharing her experience and thanks to Google for its contribution for a better world.

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