Sanders: Warren is the new frontrunner and that’s good news for Trump

Sanders: Warren is the new frontrunner and that’s good news for Trump

100 Replies to “Sanders: Warren is the new frontrunner and that’s good news for Trump

  1. Sleepy creepy Sloppy moving kinda slow cant put two coherent sentences together Joe Biden is done He talks like his dentures are about fall out of his mouth Can someone get this man some denture grip Lol

  2. In 2016 Democrats under estimated the American desire for change. Are Fox News and Republicans (Trump fans in particular) making the same mistake?

  3. Trump has been in office nearly three years and he has achieve nothing with China, unless you count his daughter's new trademarks. He has caused an unnecessary trade war that has damaged both economies and the economies of other nations. You have farmers surviving on government hand-outs (Now isn't that consistent with Republican policy!) and even now when things look hopeful for some kind of resolution, nothing is signed, and some farmers may go under before it is. Trump has unusually not commented a great deal on Hong Kong—he is probably scared of rocking the boat again after his previous policies failed so miserably. That being the case, why should Democrats discuss Hong Kong in these debates? Is Hong Kong a top priority for American voters? Here's an idea: maybe those posing the questions are sticking to the subjects they think voters are interested in. Maybe Democrats are aiming to gain the support of those disillusioned Trump voters who wanted change and are now willing to admit they chose the wrong candidate.

  4. I’m not an American and don’t live there, so I shouldn’t be caring. But I think Warren has no chance against Trump. Even Hillary Clinton was a moderate Democrat, and she lost. Warren is not moderate, and she appears as nasty and self-entitled as Clinton did, which will cost her the election like it did for Hillary.

  5. Tell Mitch McConnell to hold a vote on ONE of the 200 Bill's the House has passed. There are quite a few passed with bipartisan support, but Mitch enjoys being called the Grim Reaper of bills, so he refuses.
    What a joke.

  6. Hunter Biden has been for some time an employee of the Chinese Communist Regime, which requires the employed person to be a Communist. Hunter Biden sits on the board of a money laundering operation owned by Communist China , called an "Equity Firm" But we all know the Chinese have been stealing property from the United States for decades, and their own employees must be true Communist Party members, which makes Hunter Biden a traitor. Five FBI agents who also went to work for the Chinese Communist Regime, giving them Computer data, they all went to jail, as traitors. But Joseph Biden's son actually is a paid employee of the Communist Chinese State, and that is not treasonous ?

  7. Funny how Faux news videos have a like/dislike ratio of less than 3:1, while real news programs have that ratio greater than 10:1, often much higher.

  8. She’s another false Christian walking among us. God has opened the eyes of his true children to the dark nature of President Trump and this Republican Party seeing she has yet to speak on the Syrian Christians and the cap the President put on the resettlement program the way persecuted Christians enter this country shows who she truly is and it’s not from the light! God will have his vengeance against these false devils of this administration and the Republican Party.

  9. Tulsi gabbard is pure america. She can beat trump. She is the real deal. And i love trump. But wow. She is real competition. Period. Fear her

  10. America, you are a joke and a threat to the democracy!!! Ignorat, uneducated, evil! Turn from the world leader to a putin´s pet.

  11. At this rate, it makes you wonder who Hillary will vote for. She hates Trump, but would absolutely dispise Warren for being first female President😐

  12. FOX News… Opinions… No facts… Show me the deficits year after year. That would be data. Worth discussion. Instead let's just make up things to say.

  13. By the way. Joe Biden is a sleepy none sense. Biggest idiots worse Vice president in U. S. History. Can't win at all Joe Biden lips almost fall down.

  14. Focus on Impeachment don't provide any jobs for all U. S. CitizensFirst and all Green Card holder. So stop focus on fraud DemocratPoliticians Impeachment. Fraud Impeachment DemocratPoliticians during and DemocratPoliticians deserved to be shot for all Frauds called Impeachment that has no facts claims and claims at all. Why don't DemocratPoliticians focus on provided all American citizens Jobs and all Green Card holder jobs. Tear down garbage ideas frauds Impeachment president.

  15. Dont worry ! The Evangelical Christian Republican that has 5 kids with 3 different women that has the largest turnover of staff in presidential history is the True Stable Genius is the only one (well, and son in law , Jerod) that can save us all !!!!!!!

  16. Our current dems are the most corrupt in history of this country. All simply to promote their personal agendas, which i may say are all anti american

  17. Also no American flags on stage. I guess why would you present the flag when you hate it and everything about it.

  18. When Biden said " I will beat Trump like a drum" Warren got upset cause that statement was insensitive to "her tribe".

  19. Honestly, I'm just with the comments in the video. You guys are what? 30-50? And comment like barbaric animals and uncivilized people, YIKES. I'm concerned if some of these people are old ENOUGH to vote.

  20. The reason why there was no questions of substance during that debate is because the Democrats are weak and CNN is fake news

  21. Now Biden knows how Presdent Trump feels. All the lies they have said about him and actions they have done to our President. The Democrats do all this bad stuff and blame it on him.

  22. As a Democrat I agree that Biden is not a strong candidate. We need a candidate who will fight to change the system and end.corruption.
    No more Corporate control of our government. No more gerrymandering. No more voter suppression

  23. for gods sake let warren be the front runner. its all a circus anyway. they are all in on it and im beginning to enjoy watching and observing the silly lies and tactics being used. we will soon all be laughing at them as it just seems to get more and more pathetic as they grow more and more desperate.

  24. Yes, Warren is a good one to beat, with her 70% taxes on your income and your SAVINGS (crazy). We cannot let Tulsi be the front runner. She is very likable.

  25. Right now the Dems don't have ANYONE that's strong enough to beat President Trump. But this could be a bait and switch. And apparently the people of this nation just love lairs and criminals and tyranny.

  26. Dems need to stop wasting everyone's time trying to impeach the president if for no other reason than they continue to fail at it. Trump 2020 if you want a sane future!

  27. Abraham Lincoln could be the dem front runner and Lyin' Sarah would say that it would be a good thing for Trump. Enjoy the impeachment.

  28. The question that should have been asked was "By a show of hands, who would sign the Presidential power of attorney over to George Soros?" Certainly Nut Job Bernie and Pocahontas would and if Creepy Joe could get Hunter sober long enough to make the bank transfer, Creepy Joe would if the price was right.

  29. There is nothing wrong with blackmailing a foreign government to stop looking into your sons corrupt dealings? So why are you pushing for Trump's impeachment for asking a government to look into your son's dealings? If he did nothing wrong then why shouldn't we look into it? oh riiiight that's only if the possible wrong doer is a republican?!?!? Anderson Cooper just want's Biden to grope him like he does all the young girls!

  30. President Trump should not even debate whomever the winner is in the Democrat circus of losers. A debate would be a complete waste of his time. If President Trump did decide to debate some idiot Democrat, the Democrat would be placed through the Trump shredder by the President. What a disgrace any one of the Democrats would be representing America on the world stage!

    Who cares what the over paid, over self important "ball players" say about anything? People that watch sports players continuously play ball they have a problem.

  31. Elijah Cummings already said farewell R.I.P. as did John Mc Cain R.I.P, Jerry Nadler is Next depression will take him out , Joe Biden is going to pop a Vain on the brain and Elizabeth Warren will have to tackle the wicked PMS for the next three years. Kamala Harris and Will Booker will be exposed smoking dope in a porn video and the other babblers will go down babbling. The Swamp is still draining.. People

  32. I always find it self defeating when candidates are fighting to become the nominee they tear each other apart then expect you then to back the winner after they've been debased by their own party.

  33. Sure, let's ignore that the president it LITERALLY losing his marbles. Everyone wants that kind of president. How can you be asked about Syria and what is going on there and say "Well, they have lots of sand there. They can play in the sand." That sounds like a person who's mind is addled.

  34. Dose anyone think the Dems and even the REPUBLICANS who wont help Trump or don't want to see the truth have something to hide ? Maybe even the FAKE NEWS PEOPLE ,have something to hide and that's why they wont print the truth

  35. (5:43) "It's not just about trade, it's about who is going to be the leader of the world. Is it going to be the United States, or is it China?"
    Um … maybe you don't have real newspapers/TV/internet in Arkansas, Sarah, but that question has been asked and answered. Donald Trump is an international joke, and he is making the USA more and more irrelevant each day.
    And should you need further proof, ask Erdogan what he did with that letter Barron helped his dad write. Pathetic.

  36. Absolutely, because that's one of the important objectives for the United states, rooting out corruption in other nations. Hahahahahahaha

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