Sanders Slams Reports Told That Warren Couldn’t Win The Presidency As ‘Ludicrous’ | NBC Nightly News

Sanders Slams Reports Told That Warren Couldn’t Win The Presidency As ‘Ludicrous’ | NBC Nightly News

52 Replies to “Sanders Slams Reports Told That Warren Couldn’t Win The Presidency As ‘Ludicrous’ | NBC Nightly News

  1. Bernie Sanders: *Tries to warn Warren that Donald Trump will weaponize the gender of any woman running against him, and thus she should be prepared for Trump's attacks.*

    Elizabeth Warren: *Weaponizes Bernie's warning and proceeds to stab him in the back with it.*

  2. Warren's slimy coordinated slander plan will sink her. It isn't a feud if there's just one person gleefully throwing mud to stay above water.

  3. Warren is a political opportunist. The news media is blatant in their attack. Manufactured consent is real and voters are actively being swayed.

  4. The media smear campaign has begun, with the complicity of Warren it seems. It won't work this time folks, the people are much wiser!

  5. I've donated to both Warren and Bernie and so has my sister, but we just got done discussing this and we don't believe Warren. We're so disappointed in Warren right now. My Warren sticker will be coming off my car. This is some BS by a desperate looking Warren. Sorry.

  6. Now this should answer the question why Warren was doing back door deals with that dirty Clinton and didn't endorse Bernie in 2016. That's because shes a spook for the establishment.

  7. That's just sad. Smeering someone who does his absolute best to steer away from campaigns about personality to campaigns about policy issues..!

  8. No one wants a backtracking, um-stuttering, er-'splaining bobble head for a president. There's only one true populist and oligarchs be damned, We The People are going to elect him!

  9. CNN again claims information as fact, using unnamed, unverified sources. The fact of the matter is Bernie was the one that tried to urge Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016, because he thought her economic polices were better than H. Clinton's. No, it's clear that this is CNN, again, seeing Bernie's rise in the polls; getting their orders from Zucker to unleash the hounds on his campaign through deception.

  10. Elizabeth Warren Is Upset Bernie Sanders Supporters Is Drawing A Distinction Between Candidates In A Primary Which Is The Whole Point Of A Primary

  11. Watch Warren drop in the polls now… Thanks Elizabeth, now everyone else can see what i thought about you since 2016.

  12. REMEMBER: We all knew the smears were coming. This is the fear of the Establishment showing itself. This is one of its defense mechanisms. This is just the beginning.
    Heads down and move forward– for the people next to us we don't even know. For ALL of them. For all of US.

  13. Warren is the same sleezebag that didn't support Bernie in 2016 when he needed it. Instead she went with Hilary. Enough of this wench.

  14. It's a shame that Warren is mischaracterizing the words of the frontrunner. I used to think she was someone I could support, smh

  15. Just remember that Elizabeth Warren is claiming to be an opponent of the big lobbyists while simultaneously taking in all their dark money for her campaign.

    If that doesn't scream Trojan horse than I don't know what does.

  16. …And now we have it. When women start losing to men, they play the old “He said something mean to me” record. How about telling us how you will be better than President Trump and stop your whining?

  17. Nice try but Sanders is still going to win. In reality MSNBC and CNN contributors strongly prefer President Trump over a President Sanders because Trump has been mostly playing ball as far as they are concerned. Same goes for DNC corporate donors. Sanders not only survived a heart attack, he has been thriving since. He just wants this so bad Sanders2020 will prove to be indestructible.

  18. Bernie "White people don't know what it's like to be poor" Sanders
    Elizabeth "I'm Native American but don't fact check me on that" Warren
    Who will win!? Nobody cares!- I mean, knows!

  19. So this just comes up after all this time??? Really? And warren is the most known liar. Hence her Indian ancestry.m; got fired from the job because she was pregnant; how she would pay for Medicare for all, etc. she is a known liar. She turned her back on progressives and now alllllll of a sudden this??? Democrats can be so low to each other.

  20. Warren in the new Judas, taking the place of Wasserman-Schultz. 2016 DNC corruption. NBC corporate news lied us into the Iraq war.

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