Sadhguru’s message on anti-corruption bill – Breaking News

Sadhguru’s message on anti-corruption bill – Breaking News

A man like Anna Hazare, who is the kind who will not eat an extra morsel of food that is not necessary for him, allowing him to fast and that too unto possible death is a crime that the people of India will not forgive. The law, or the enactment of law, that he is asking for is something that every Indian wants. Every concerned Indian for sure wants this. If anybody is opposing this, if anybody is asking for loopholes in the law, it simply is a clear statement that they are not part of concerned citizenry in this country. We hope and I bless that Anna’s health should be taken care of and we hope sense will prevail and he can end his fast at the earliest.

9 Replies to “Sadhguru’s message on anti-corruption bill – Breaking News

  1. Sadhguru ///searching for your comment.
    Thanks….. Bless us with a strong will to stand up against Goliath corruption
    We saw Project Green Hands. with Millions of Trees
    Now..It is right time to weed out..

  2. Oh Sadhguru!
    I thought you were practical. Frankly Anna's bill is impractical not because of no loopholes but because of the fact that there is an underlying assumption that this new team of policmen will not be corrupt. There is no justification for this thought process.

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