S. Korea’s average consumer inflation hits record low in 2019

S. Korea’s average consumer inflation hits record low in 2019

latest figures from the government show
that consumer prices in South Korea went up faster than expected in December but
for the whole of 2019 inflation slowed to a 54 year low
our kim hye-sung explains south korea’s average consumer inflation in 2019 edged
up point 4 percent on-year the lowest since the toussis korea first began
compiling related data in 1965 it also marched the third time the South Korea
saw consumer inflation below 1 percent after increases of 0.7 percent in 2015
and 0.8 percent in 1999 South Korea experienced low consumer price increases
over the past several months mainly due to lower oil and agricultural goods
prices on top of demand side pressure statistics Korea added the government
policies of free education and health insurance expansion programs affected
inflation growth by item agricultural goods prices tumbled three percent
industrial goods prices edged up slightly with petrochemical goods prices
plunging six percent electricity water and gas prices increased 1.5 percent
while services prices rose nearly one percent figures released Tuesday also
show consumer prices in December one Apple II seven percent on-year rising
for the second consecutive month after falling for the first time in September
poor inflation that excludes food and energy prices went up point seven
percent in 2019 the lowest rise in around two decades he Meza Arirang news

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