S. Korea confirms 29th COVID-19 patient

S. Korea confirms 29th COVID-19 patient

first starting point this morning South
Korea has reported 29th case of kovat 19 after a five-day lull in new cases the
patient is an elderly man with no record of overseas travel since December of
last year now this comes as the South Korean government plans to evacuate its
nationals who are quarantined on a cruise ship that’s been docked off
yokohama port for days conn-young starting us off South Korea confirmed
its 29th kovat 19 patient on Sunday it’s a 82 year old South Korean man who
has no record of traveling overseas since December 2019 he’s the oldest
confirmed patient in the nation so far the man has been quarantined at the
Seoul National University Hospital the Korea University Onam Hospital has also
closed its emergency room after South Korea’s latest patient tested positive
for the virus there as the country’s first coronavirus case since last
Tuesday the latest patient is believed to have had no contact with the previous
28 confirmed patients the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is
trying to figure out where and when he could have been infected with that
health authorities plan to run the corona virus test on all pneumonia
patients at hospitals across the country meanwhile South Korea is looking to
bring back its nationals who are stuck on the diamond Princess cruise ship that
stopped off the Japanese port city of Yokohama the government has decided to
push for a repatriation plan before February 19th if any of the South
Koreans who test negative for the virus hope to come back home the 14 Koreans on
the cruise ship nine passengers and five crew members have been quarantined since
February 3rd as of Sunday there were 355 confirmed cases of kovat 19 on the
diamond princess with about 3700 passengers and crew members on board in
other efforts to prevent the spread of the virus South Korea’s Ministry of
Education said it will recommend Chinese students to refrain from coming to
Korean universities and take the spring semester off 19,000 out of 70,000
Chinese students attending local universities have already come to
South Korea since December 1st conn-young Arirang news

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  1. That's interesting. Looking forward to what they find in their investigation. Truly interesting mystery as to how the man got infected.

  2. Even without having direct contact with confirmed infected people, you can get the virus by unknowingly touching things that they got in contact with in especially in public places.

  3. OMG I know 29 confirmed cases does not sound like a lot for a entire country but realistically, that in my opinion is enough to create a total national disaster for the Country. God be with you all for all South Koreans who are reading this, you are in my prayers. 🙏🛐🙏
    (🇺🇲From America🇺🇲)

  4. I don’t know how true it is because I can’t read Chinese, but there’s this channel here on YouTube called Insider Info. He has a video where he is translating a Chinese articles Check the one out talking about a 42 day incubation period.

  5. tell them virus is in the air. open electric oven in the room to kill them. do let virus growing in the room to hit the level that can infected. it is animal and growing use feed from humanity. do not give it for them.

  6. Keep in mind, the only reason these patients are getting confirmed is because they show up sick at the hospital. The other 80%, that don't need hospitalization are currently walking around coughing on everything…..

  7. We are still winning in the battle against this number one public enemy COVID-19. We will defeat it very soon trust me.

  8. https://youtu.be/rKAgcuSYmnA Researchers in China are giving patients with new cases of Coronavirus plasma from patients who recovered from the Coronavirus and they allegedly are recovering.

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