Rudy Giuliani Under Fire For Role In Ukraine Phone Call | NBC Nightly News

Rudy Giuliani Under Fire For Role In Ukraine Phone Call | NBC Nightly News

30 Replies to “Rudy Giuliani Under Fire For Role In Ukraine Phone Call | NBC Nightly News

  1. You must not be able to read good, Trump had his personal wack job attorney and the slimeball head of The Totally Corrupt and Completely Disgraced Department Of Justice, which by the way, Is The Same Department Of Justice That Officially Claimed To Have Found No Wrong Doing After Investigating The Vicious Choking Death Of Eric Garner By Multiple Cops, Hold Near Four Hundred Million Dollars In Desperately Needed US Military Aid Up As  A Means Of Blackmailing Ukraine's President To Investigate Trump's Political Opponent. Guiliani admittedly went to Ukraine Several Times Personally And In The Call The Ukrainian President's Personal Contacts On This Illegal Deal Were Slimeball Barr And Crazy Guiliani, Not The US Ambassador To Ukraine And These Slimeball's Hid The Documents Of The Call And Other Contacts In The Government's Highly Classified Data Storage Servers As Opposed To In The Normal Diplomatic Documents Servers And Then When They Got Busted By The Whistleblower Report They Absolutely Refused To Hand Over The Whistleblower Report To Congress As Is Normal Legal Protocol!

    What this all adds Up To Is That Your Slimeball Cult Leader's Goose Is Officially Completely Cooked And He Will Be Impeached And Ineligible For Re-election!


  3. 3:36 p.m.
    The remarks of a hinged man
    “You should be happy for your country that I uncovered this,” @RudyGiuliani tells @TheAtlantic. “It is impossible that the whistle-blower is a hero and I’m not. And I will be the hero! These morons—when
    this is over, I will be the hero.”



  4. Remember after 9/11, when Rudy was "America's Mayor"? Now all I can think of are Marlon Brando's lines at the end of "On The Waterfront":

    Rudy, you coulda had class.
    You coulda been somebody.
    Instead of a bum.
    Which is what you are…

  5. Remember when Rudy was presented as a great hero on this channel? How times change, eh? Bit of a turncoats, arent you? Political animals, that's what you are, and I'm talking about primitive animals such as amoebas here, not the evolved ones.

  6. Does Giuliani still do drag shows, where he gets dressed up in dresses and then does performances? He would make one ugly Broad if he does!

  7. Lock him up! Giuliani is a corrupt criminal and belongs in prison. Giuliani like Trump, is guilty Treason as defined in Article 3 of the constitution.

  8. LOONY GIULIANI–We now live in a country where we cannot look to our president for [anything]. We cannot even seek justice when the one overseeing the justice department is as corrupted as our Supreme(ly) Corrupted Court of the United States. There are 830,000 lawyers in United States. Isn't it time to thin the herd of the 'Loony Giulianis', William Barrs, Jay Sekulows, Alan Dershowitzs, Matt Gaetzs…Come on AMERICAN BARR ASSOCIATION-Start enforcing the ETHICS you lawyers swear to and affirm.

  9. Biden is toast
    At what point will the Dems stop with phony BS.
    This is why DJT will win in 2020 & the Dem party will cease to exist…all self inflicted

  10. Did you ask the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden
    So you did ask them to investigate Joe Biden
    OF COURSE I DID!!!!!
    =Classic BUMBLE of the 1st kind ****Thanks Rudy

  11. Rudy is a disgrace to America, soiling his name and past service to money and fame. Shame on him. I wonder what Trump has on him.

  12. I can’t believe that people called him hero after 911 for just doing his job. He’s a big racist as&$hole just like Trump.

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