Rock Band 4 News: No Online Play For Rock Band 4? More Sessions Mode News!

Rock Band 4 News: No Online Play For Rock Band 4? More Sessions Mode News!

Hey everybody what’s up and welcome to rock
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related. So there’s a little bit of rock band 4 news that came out this week with all the
pre e3 coverage. One of the most important things being discussed on the forums right
now is that Rock Band 4 may not ship with online play. In an interview with Vice, Daniel
Sussman whose one of the developers from Harmonix was asked about online multiplayer and he
said well it’s really interesting idea and he’s like well it’s really expensive too.
And we’re really going to listen to the community to see whether we do it or handle it some
other way and a lot of people are like ohm y God Rock Band 4 may not have online play
And i think that’s something we as gamer’s take for granted like every game should have
online play. The one question i have is that if it’s so expensive then why are then how
come Rock Band 1, 2 and 3 and other games servers are still up. It could be maybe that
building the actual infrastructure to support the online play is so expensive and maintaining
is maybe not as expensive. But i think that raised a lot of eyebrows. I hope that there
is online play because i play a lot online because a lot of my friends are not into Rock
Band. The other piece of news we learned is that when it comes to the pre-authored drum
fills in the new drum fills there are going to be about 100 or so pre authored drum fills.
We also learned that when it comes to the sessions mode that tie breakers are basically
broken by random. So i was speculating that maybe the vocalist has an extra vote or more
say. They don’t. Basically the game will choose a random song to play if you have a tie break
situation. That basically did it for the rock band 4 news. I’d like to know what are your
guys thoughts about the possibility that online play may not be in rock band 4. If you guys
want to read the article where he refers to this click the link in the description below
and leave a comment in the section below too Thanks for watching guys and take care.

13 Replies to “Rock Band 4 News: No Online Play For Rock Band 4? More Sessions Mode News!

  1. The RB 1 2 3 servers are still up because those games already shipped, the servers are probably locally run on consoles not dedicated so that's not the cost they are talking about. The cost of developing and programming an online feature set is high compared to the number of fans that will use it. Don't forget RB4 is an indie title and they are not backed by a deep pocketed publisher this time.

  2. good point Rick. I was thinking the same thing. It maybe like the keys thing, not enough people play to warrant it.

  3. If theres no online play i wont buy it thats not good for pre orders if a rumor is going around for no online play good luck selling it to systems that are online all the time

  4. I am a huge rock band and guitar hero fan boy, I can not believe they are talking about no online play, that has to be a joke I will have to reconsider buying it with no online play. I am starting to get really worried about Rockband after the IGN stream and now this, I am starting to think they are rushing the game. I know they said they can build on the game because of only one game, but no one wants another next gen buggy game again.

  5. Since they decided to rip Pro Guitar and Pro Bass mode out of the game, I stopped giving a shade of shit about their new game. Im just going to stick with RB3, its no skin off my back keeping my 360 for it.

  6. I don't have a PS4 yet but was getting one for Rock Band 4 but not without online playing!!!! I wanna play in bands ONLINE! it is the year 2015 isn't it???

  7. I got this game Day 1. There is no on-line multiplayer but you can STREAM! yay… Much rather have a 4 man online team for a few songs.

  8. Should definitely have online. It's more enjoyable that way. It sucks having to go over to someone's house to play the game with them when you could just press a few buttons and bam you're playing with them. Plus they talk about expensive and I don't see why money is an issue people buy plenty of songs for it. First day and I spent 100 bucks on songs and I'm just one person.

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