Robert Mueller testimony LIVE: Former special counsel testifies on Russia investigation

Robert Mueller testimony LIVE: Former special counsel testifies on Russia investigation

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  1. 7:00:14 Mr. Turner is a Dumb-Ass who doesn't know what Exonerate means .
    It means find the person to be innocent of the charges .

  2. 2:51:04 ( – Hey look everyone, it's the guy who thought Guam would tip over if too many people moved there! LOL

  3. Is it possible that this is exactly what Russia wanted? Democrats and Republicans at each other's throats focused on everything but what is Putin planning in 2020?

  4. Nunes , You Liar ,Marco Rubio Hired those who created the Steel document but like Trump,. Rubio doesn't pay his bills after the work is done.

  5. 1st 10 seconds of this, will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Mueller….

  6. Purview; the scope of the influence or concerns of something.
    Which is it mister Muller – Influence or concern

  7. Weissmann didn't indict Mifflin for lying because the relationship between Democrat operatives and Russia would have come out in the trial. That would be unacceptable. Mifflin made sure they knew that. It's surprising that Weismann allowed the report to confirm that Mifflin had lied to them.

  8. Lmao… no you wouldn't. No way would you "try to support the President" the Republicans are supporting the President period

  9. If your looking for someone who interfered with the election of President trump, your looking at him, along with Killary, Obummer, The Squad, Pelosi, Nadler, etc… They are the true obstructionists who are spear-heading the corruption effecting the Democratic (socialist) party…. Here's why:

  10. When Ms. Jackson goes off script at the end of her questioning she sounds like the total brainless bimbo that she is.

  11. Gaetz is the second most hateable of the Republican attack dogs. He needs an iron bar inhis front teeth. Gomer is number one, most hateable.

  12. It cost around 35 million dollars of taxpayers money to have this investigation into the Russia probe.Robert Mueller could of bought an hearing aid with some of that taxpayers money because apparently he's hard of hearing.

  13. No country on this planet has ever wasted more time/money/energy talking without moving ahead or coming to a meaningful conclusion as USA. One could fill a dozen hot air balloons from a single day's exhaust outflow from the Capitol Building. Everybody already knew when this so-called Russia investigation was launched, nothing tangible would be realized; it's just a means to placate the hordes of liberals clamoring for "justice". In the internet age, the anachronism of senators, electoral college, congress, the ridiculous "lower" / "upper" houses and special appointees and so on must be replaced with direct participation by the people. Get rid of intermediaries and connect citizens directly with the decision-making process.

  14. He had no idea most of what was in that report… He was just a public face to put on the report and in front of their team. Complete waste of time. It's like trying to have a conversation with someone with Alzheimer's.

  15. You can definitely tell that Mueller and Democrats went over practice areas of this report. Mueller lost all credibility the moment he did not know what GPS fusion was.

  16. Oh my god Mueller is such a total moron!! I've been stupidly waiting two years… for this? Ok, screw the Democrats!!

  17. behind Mueller, War loving boy John Bolton looks bored…his facial expression is like "F**K THIS, WHEN ARE WE GETTING SOME OIL?"

  18. The president knew he was innocent. Except when he found out about the investigation, and said, "I'm fucked."

  19. "Can u charge the President after he leaves the office?" Mueller responds 'yes I can" Duh, of course he can cause thats the law, anyone can charge any president whos not sitting in office anymore lol. What Mueller didnt say is that he would, should or will lol u liberals are not very bright. He cant exonerate anyone cause hes a prosecutor hahahaha

  20. I don't understand why we have these hearings. Supposedly, members of Congress are supposed to ask questions of the deponent to get more information on a topic. Instead, very few questions are even asked. In the case of the Republicans, especially, they don't even ask questions at all. It seems like it's just an opportunity to let politicians monologue for 6 hours, 5 minutes at a time. It's like a weird political rally where two sides just pontificate, while a guy is sworn in, then just sits quietly.

  21. Think back to how all this was started. All bc Hillary insulted Putin several times in the past (before 2016 election), includes comparing Putin to Hitler. Which I think was Putin’s final push over. She Compared a Russian to Hitler is a big big no no. Putin dislikes Hillary a lot. And the 2016 election was his chance to keep Hillary from that seat. It didn’t matter who ran against Hillary, Putin just didn’t want her as Prez. That’s what I read in a book. And a lot of the things going on here was in that book I read LAST YEAR! You can get a lot of info from reading.

  22. @2:22.50-What candidate would benefit Russia?A=Trump…the correct answer is anyone but Hillary. Trump happened to win Republican ticket. Think about it…if another Repub, let’s say Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie or Ted Cruz, Fiorina, Gilmore or Graham, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, George Pataki, Rand Paul, Perry, Rubio. Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, won the Repub ticket. Putin would still command his GRU to hack the DNC. Think about..Hillary lost and is trying to ruin Trumps Presidency, She probably thought to her self “If I’m not going to be Prez, then I’m going to ruin his entire term”….read a book.

  23. He did not write the report. He did not know what the report said. He did not write March 27, 2019 letter. He looked dazed and confused most of the time. He also was ill prepared. The Dems should ask for their money back and should be charged with elder abuse.

  24. I'm reading the Mueller Report right now. It's all in there, if people will read it with an open mind. With that being said, the Democrats set themselves up for this one.

  25. Collins sounds like a fast talking, used car salesman trying to sell a little old lady a junk car. I'm from Georgia, not everyone talks like this.

  26. Robert Mueller: Decorated Marine and long-time FBI Director under both parties. I will take the word of this 75 year old true patriot who appears to be a little hard of hearing and a little slower now over the word of Congress any day.

  27. If someone says in their opening statement that they can't talk about something and you ask that person about said thing, you're fucking stupid. Idc about the reason why you asked anyway. You're still dumb af

  28. It's not the Muller report… more like the deep state report
    … JFK was assassinated for speaking out for what was coming…. now we are witnessing the facts

  29. what a joke, its really funny and kind of sad that the democrats were losing their minds waiting for this moron

  30. Trump has the power to pardon.
    Pardon: A pardon is a government decision to allow a person to be absolved of guilt for an alleged crime or other legal offense, as if the act never occurred.

  31. :Perhaps those who are ardent to attack the WH Staff and Potus and undermine operations of the Executive branch are actually Agents of a foreign adversary.

  32. Just a reminder that the government is full of corrupt people. Sometimes they are not able to hide it.

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  34. What’s funny is Adam Schiff Turns his head on the data of Wikileaks , What Trump Did with Wikileaks was much worse than Hillary Rigging the DNC and election. It’s illegal to work with and read wikileaks, But all the crimes of Hillary and Podesta don’t matter; the contents of the leaked files doesn’t matter . Reminds me of 9-11-01 and why WTC7 Was Left Out Of The 911 Commission Report . The DeepState Agenda is the Law.
    Bush Admits Explosives Used @ World Trade Center 911

    911 WTC7 Larry says PULL IT INSIDE JOB)

    Larry explains 911 in 90 seconds

    ‪ Larry silverstein refuse to answer 911 questions. ‬

    The Life & Crimes of Dick Cheney

    ‪Mueller pushed WMD Lie 911‬

    Rumsfeld 9-10-2001 2.3 Trillion Dollars missing Pentagon

    Soldier speaks out about 2012 and FEMA and NWO Elites. He quits and thro…

    ‪Veteran Mike Prysner – U.S. military racism against Iraqis is terrorism‬

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    ‪Robert Mueller pushed Iraq WMD Lie‬

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    ‪Obama encourages Congress to extend Muellers director tenure ‬

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  35. The Dems just can’t respectfully concede and get over the fact that a Washington outsider beat the establishment at its own political game.

  36. Hello my fellow Americans,,,after reading very few comments on this hearing,,,from probably the only Patriot,,,,a true American who believe in saving the sole of this country,,,that has gone off the fucking Rails,,,I feel sorry for a lots of uuuu,,,for showing such ignorance,,,intellect,,,depths,,,in order to understand ur country,,,it's pathetic.
    Did u ever ponder,,,think,,u know contemplate,,,as to why we end up with the orange chump,,,who lacks every thing about inttelegence…Rest assured,,,that his ass will b thrown right out of the house,,,,,straight into the house where he belongs among orange suits,,,so it will match his fake hair PERFECTLY……happy trails,,,,,,HHOO…..

  37. Obviously it's only fair to now have a two year special investigation (with only Republicans on the team) reviewing every detail of the Clintons and the Democratic dossier and its origins, and all while following the same example and guidelines of the Mueller team. (And don't forget, attorney-client privilege is now dead.) It's only fair.

    Meanwhile the real news is the ongoing multiple Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdowns continuing to spew into the biosphere, UVC now infiltrating to ground level, salmon trending toward extinction, "Mass Animal Deaths" increasing, and fires spreading ~ as our ecology and environment are being wiped out.

  38. The only collusion with Russia was with Hillary Clinton. Case closed.
    It's ultra clear that Mueller didn't even write the report.

  39. I love the language….possible…potential…but, nothing definite. A person, even the President of the United States, is innocent until proven guilty. If the conclusion is that there is not enough evidence that a crime was committed then that person is innocent. I don't get how that is something that is even debatable. I heard a lot of hear say being read that would never stand in a regular court of law without evidence to support it. He said, she said, is not evidence unless you have evidence those conversations actually occurred.

  40. OK let me give you guys a clear picture of what's going on. Remember the defendant had a knife to the witness back. The judge ask the witness: Do you see the person who committed the murder in court today. The witness nods yes. The judge then ask the witness, can you please point to the guilty person who is here with us today. The witness just stands there in silence. The judge repeats. Can you please point to the guilt party. The witness looks left and looks right. And stands silently. Now as you can see the witness would love to tell the judge who the guilty person is but is not in a position to do so. Muller did his job under the power of the executive branch of government. It is unfortunate that the investigation was under Trumps control at all. He derailed the investigation and they all should be changed with tampering with a federal investigation.

  41. This presidency has gone on long enough. The American people deserve answers and a return of our tax dollars for the wasted time, energy, money, and resources going to the investigation of the biggest and most obvious threat to this country. ENOUGH ALREADY. Impeach Trump and lock him up!

  42. Drain the swamp. Muller looks like a lost confused puppet. The bias is overwhelming. America must wake up. Lie after lie after smoke screen after lie. $25,000,000. But the truth did come out. The Clinton Bush Obama crime syndicate exists. What a disgusting spectacle. Zero evidence on Trump. Page after page against Clinton Bush Obama crime syndicate. May Trump reign supreme .Christopher steels fake Dosier paid for by Clinton DNC. Caused this $25 million farse…..
    Muller should be in prison along with all the Clinton Bush Obama crime syndicate members.

  43. The Russia Investigation is a witch hunt . A phony witch hunt. A Democrat witch hunt. An unnecessary investigation.

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