Ripple effects of a potential Mexico border shutdown

Ripple effects of a potential Mexico border shutdown

If President Trump follows through with his threat to seal
the U.S.-Mexico border, it could have crippling
effects on both economies, and the avocado on your toast. Frustrated by migrant families arriving from Central America, Trump has threatened to take dramatic action if Mexico and other Central American
countries don’t do more to stem the flow of migrants
arriving at the U.S. border. “We’ll keep it closed for a long time. I’m not playing games.” Such a move could affect nearly 50 entry points,
stopping hundreds of thousands of daily border crossings. Per year, there are
approximately 350 million people who cross the border legally. The effects wouldn’t be limited
to the border region alone. It could also do serious damage to trade, as Mexico is America’s
third-largest trading partner, behind Canada and China. Retailers and citizens in San Diego got a small taste of a closing last year, when members of a migrant
caravan charged the border. And in response, U.S. officials closed the San Ysidro Port of Entry, in San Diego, Calif., for five hours. The fallout was damaging,
costing nearly 650 businesses an estimated loss of $5.3 million. But closing the entire U.S.
border would be much worse, putting the brakes on more than
$1.7 billion worth of goods that cross back-and-forth every day. One victim would be the produce section, with imports totaling $14 billion of fruits and vegetables
from Mexico annually. Americans would run out of
avocados in three weeks, according to Steve Barnard,
the CEO of Mission Produce, the largest avocado
distributor in the world. But, the inability to make avocado toast should be the least of your concerns. Tomatoes, berries, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini and peppers would
also begin to disappear. Products from Mexico are
critical to the supply chain for companies throughout America, including the auto industry. Kristin Dziczek, vice president of the Center for Automotive Research, told NPR that Mexico is
the source of 37 percent of all imported auto parts to the U.S. U.S. assembly plants are dependent on Mexico for critical parts. A shutdown would cause these
plants to grind to a halt. Trump wouldn’t be the first president to limit the crossings
along the southern border. President George W. Bush
partially closed the border after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and President Regan closed
the entire border in 1985 after the kidnapping of
a DEA agent in Mexico.

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  1. Avocados….yep that's how you appeal to idiots. Maybe, We should build these enterprises in Our country. Boost our economy.

  2. Trump – MAGA means one color, one race, one status. Hummm sounds familiar? Hitler's mind set! Hitler hated a race, he blamed them, he convinced the audience Jews were an inconvienance so many suffered, were oppressed, were segregated, were prosecuted, and murdered by the thousands. Trump's plan is no different. He is slowly numbing our country's consciousness – manipulation! Puerto Rico & Mexico (a Latin race) he is purposely segretating, detroying and oppressing! Trump ? is our country's resurrected Hitler. ?

  3. So many trump supporters in this comment Section I'm Mexican

    Just because one person does something's doesnt mean everyone of the same race is held responsible for that thing

  4. If the idiots on this side would simply STOP with all the handouts, that will give them less of a reason to come up here . I keep hoping I will wake up an this xxxxxx nightmare will finally be over! The actor"s obsession continues an he could care less about what it is doing to this beautiful country. There has to be a logical answer to this madness


  6. George Buss called it an act of war !!!!! close the border now mexico is not stopping it they are busing ya you will be unable to go to store fear for your life

  7. Mexico does not care! US businesses are not hating Mexico. Sorry USA, It's your lost! Thank you incompetent President, Chump.

  8. So if we close the border I have to drive the same Toyota I been driving now for years and won't be able to eat avocados damit sounds like a win win!!CLOSE THE BORDER!!

  9. Trump just back down on his threat to his now giving Mexico a year to make a change to the crisis. I really do think a president is too green for the job because this is going to cost the country'a existence.

  10. Yeah . We don't grow anything.. and I live in San Diego.. so I hope they close it.. so we can provide for our own.. not just allow people to come take our money and jobs.

  11. go figure another globalism at all costs 24/7 paper decides to complain about something that hasnt even happened yet (and is merely a bargaining chip at best). Why am i not surprised.

  12. I honestly dont understand why people are calling trump a monster just cz hes trying to save his country from illegal entry.

    Im not american but just wondering.

  13. OMG! How stupid does this sound?! Workers can't tell the difference between produce trucks and thousands of illegals on foot?!
    Let produce thru only!!

  14. I could do without avacodo, and lots of other other things. We are too materialistic anyway, as a nation. Not only us, either! Truly from PhillyPA.

  15. The comments are so ignorant ?? saying omg I don’t need those veggies. Guys that’s just a few of the things being traded across the border there are hundreds of thousands of things being traded across the border. Every single country in the world would lose economic growth if another country shut their trade its simple economy.

  16. So avocados are more important than American citizens being raped & murdered by illegals. Shameful, absolutely shameful…

  17. Actually, most of the USA’s avocados and produce is from California and other places in the U.S, California grows so many avocados that they actually have to ship some to other places outside of the U.S. His claims are false. And in a supposably “educational video” I think the truth is important here.

  18. One thing that we will loose is chocolate which the cocoa bean grows in South America although we can grow it in the US but it's very limited where it grows.

  19. I wouldn't boarder talk to anyone anymore! I'd take two miles of land and put a permanent separation between Mexico and America! Immediately!
    They would be permanently detached from this country, forever!

  20. i used to work for the auto industry and remembered that just not having enough car parts when you need them and run out of them do stop the entire production line from beginning to end, I remember when all workers were sent home (hundreds) from our supplier plant just because we were missing one part. careful what you wish for.

  21. Build the wall, and secure the border as needed, everything has to be controled, otherwise it is going to crash

  22. Sadly we humans do not realize that we are a society and that we need one another , now a days we all are mixed with many diferent races, nobody smart enough can claim to not need anyone else to live and survive, but we need order in our relations so everything goes smooth for everyone !!!

  23. ripple effects? so what? doing the right thing is about avoiding cowardice in the face of minor temporay ripple effects

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