Republicans Interrupt Nadler As Impeachment Hearing Begins | NBC News

Republicans Interrupt Nadler As Impeachment Hearing Begins | NBC News

100 Replies to “Republicans Interrupt Nadler As Impeachment Hearing Begins | NBC News

  1. I want to be on record…


  2. Imagine the hysteria on Fox news if Obama had bribed Kenya with military aid for dirt on Mitt Romney leading up to the 2012 election…

  3. I feel sorry for the people who want trump out of office. This is guaranteeing him another term. It’s almost similar to clowns running against Obama all those years they had no chance.

  4. Russian trolls got their talking points…
    Call them old white men
    Make reference to age and imaginary medical conditions
    Distract from the actual impeachment facts

  5. These 4 so called constitutional law professors are just Democrats who are going to put their own twisted opinion on their constitution. This is what our country has come to .money grubbing , power hungry onesided Democrats. Our founders are turning over in their graves pitiful. Shame on you Democrats if you proceed with this fake onesided impeachment you will lose your job. This is a fair warning. You have failed to prove anything the whistleblower is not entitled to any Identity protection. Bring him and Schiff to trial for trying to overthrow the president. Which is equal to treason. We demand justice on all Democrats that are trying to impeach President Trump for committing treason ??????????

  6. We are a divided country when we should all be on the same side. I long for the day that the two party system goes away and we can actually vote for people that we genuinely have interest in, not because they are simply red or blue

  7. What a prime Example of cronyism in the Democrat News INTERFERENCE corruption COUP. Just like the TERRORIST NOT DYING ON THE LONDON BRIDGE!!! PHONYISM.

  8. The more this impeachment circus continues the more support Trump gains because the American ppl are sick and tired of the Democrats wasting time and money. They have nothing to impeach the President for but still want to pander to the braindead far left.

  9. media is panicking. What's amazing is how many people are believing the narrative without having done their due diligence. crazy. common sense is lacking.

  10. we have nothing but corrupt and evil welfare recipients in government. time to get rid of 90% of these clowns.


  12. Speaking to truth about corruption during an election cycle is not a high crime! Democrats are losing grasp on reality to drum up what they choose to see as an enforceable crime where there is none. It is an offense to judicial law, the constitution, and the american peoples.

  13. Republicans play this game with democrats, when Republicans were in charge, the democrats did the same. The only difference is the media plays the bias for democrats. NBC is not news, shame on you

  14. The crazy & ridiculous thing's they are saying & doing to try & stop his impeachment Is unbelievable! I don't think they're trying to stop the impeachment to save Trump? I think they're doing it to save themselves from whatever he's got on them. Maybe pics & or video's of them at Epstein's pedo parties…..

  15. The Democrats are going to show Russia a thing or two on how to meddle in an election, And Ukraine is going to see what corruption really looks like. Right LBD (left brain dead) community?

  16. "yabba dabba doo" the Democrat Kangaroo is screwed. 3 years of 'maybes' or 'something I heard' are not facts of a crime.

  17. Call 1-202-224-3121
    and Tell Mitch McConnell
    To end this Phony impeachment
    Call everyday as I do
    If you are so tired of the do nothing democrats

  18. The Republicans have no defense
    They are going to ask irreverent questions that has nothing to do with the procedure. The witnesses are professionals and scholars in their fields. The Republicans will make fools of themselves.

  19. Let's face it these are legal experts. What they do is interpret the law. For everyone that says impeach there is one that will tell you why it is ridiculous. Democrats are proving a lack of leadership and are looking like fools. I have come to truly hate Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff. All the money they have wasted on this could help people eat or get insurance. Except where insanity lies (sanctuary cities) please vote out Democrats even vote 3rd party before the. When you are following true dirtbags like Pelosi in lockstep our way of life is under attack.


  21. Blah Blah Blah .. nobody cares! Can we get back to business and just let us decide in November. He is not getting removed from office this is a waist of time and smacks of desperation on the democrats part.

  22. Why have there been so many Juws testifying in these impeachment hearings? It’s like they are trying to overthrow our government ?

  23. If there is an impeachment it will set the stage for any future democratic president to be punished from Inauguration Day on. The blade is sharp on both sides. Popcorn please.

  24. To all the Republicans out there that believe this is a witch hunt. Top Republican members went to Russia to recruit new members. Let that sink in a minute. Your President as been bought lock stock and barrel. Bang!!!

  25. His character and the way he deals with people is disturbing its more of a big deal I think because of the position he holds which makes it worst.

  26. Corrupt and degenerate Jew Democrat perverts are desperate to hide their pedo crimes from being exposed by our great President Trump. Some are simply afraid that arcane sodomy laws will be unearthed.

  27. Here we go again.
    More democrat BS.
    Anything to stall and waste the countries time. While important issues and legislative bills need to enacted and considered, once again the narrative is pushed.
    Stated proof where there is none, again and again.
    Without this crap the democrats would be toast.
    What do they even stand for, free everything, open, non secure boarders and attack Trump?

  28. "Nadler Refuses To Clarify Rules Of Hearings In Dems’ Impeachment Sham…" 4 Dec 2019
    ‘We will apply the rules, period.’

  29. "The Facts Before us are Undesputable " …. I watched the hearings so I could make my own conclusions based on the full context and not selected 20 second media clips …. the Democrats so called facts were all just unsubstantiated assumptions with no first hand verifiable knowledge from any actual witness to the phone call in question …. the people with first hand knowledge that were on the call including the President of Ukraine have completely discredited these allegations … and the Democrats Bureaucrat witnesses that testified giving so called damning testimony were completely discredited by their superiors …. Nadler like Adam "Bull" Schiffer is a liar and they both seem to think that if they they lie to the public on camera for all to see enough people will assume their lies to be truth … Nadler and Schiff think this because the "Fake News" Media repeats the same rehortic and unsubstantiated claims as if they were the truth instead of calling out the faults in these claims …. I can't beleive this is happening in America … these tactics are straight from the Russian Politburo or a Joe McCarthy 1950's senate inquisition filled with false accusations from people that want to follow the crowd instead of following the facts … MSNBC is "Fake News"

  30. I just want the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth . How can a proceeding be fair when the majority is liberal AND Bias . 3 liberal law professors and 1 that seems not left or right , but seems to tell his opinion. The hearing should of been stopped when the professors said who they voted for in 2016 . Bias period

  31. Why is this annoying acne face teenager sitting behind Prof Gerhardt? Teenagers allowed in Cogress?While u at it give him a spray paint can too!

  32. Jonathan Turley just passed his job interview with Donald Trump. Turley may want to replace Giuliani. Turley is shame for GWU

  33. So? where were these so called constitutional experts at when barrack Hussein Obama withheld lethal aid to Ukraine when they were attacked by Russia? Huh guess that doesn't fit there biases. Oh wait that's right barrack Hussein Obama sent them blankets and MRE's so they can throw the MRE's at the Russians and then try to suffocate them with those "deadly" blankets.

  34. You have 3 partisan democratic hacks posing as scholars. That old broad is so partisan and hateful it oozes out of elitest snobbish head as she sits forward in her seat. I liked to know how giving money to Ukraine is in our national security interests when we can't even secure our own borders yet we have to give tax payer dollars to a country 6 thousand miles away. I might add that president Trump is the only one that has given aid to Ukraine. SMH more waste of our money while USMCA sits and rots in the Halls of Congress. Millions of jobs on hold because USMCA sits and rots, because the demonrats what to impeach our president over a phone call. (That was perfect!) While quid pro quo Joe Biden commits a real crime

  35. These dumb dems not even allowing due process…smh. You know it’s bad when your own witness exposes this “impeachment” charade

  36. IT’S TRUE THAT TRUMP HATES (?) CORRUPTION BUT ONLY WHEN HE DOES NOT BENEFIT FROM IT! The Trump (GOP) Party has changed the elephant emblem to a three-brass-monkeys emblem; it sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil but only when evil is committed by Trump. The Trump (GOP) Party Senators will condemn America to a very dark future if they do not condemn Trump for his corrupt and evil actions. Our descendants will forever curse their memory!

  37. I see the Russian bots are out in force. Now get out there join the NRA because their running out of money. Your comrade for President needs your support.

  38. The Republicans are just a bunch of dickheads. All they do is attack because they have no defense. What Trump has done is treasonous and he should face impeachment and inditement for that.

  39. NBC is no longer a real news organization. Chuck Todd is a partisan hack. Tim Russert was the last objective journalist at NBC. In his personal life he was a democrat but on the air he was totally fair.

  40. This is exactly why Trump will win again! You Dems just DON'T listen to * we the people" you bring in Professors that's obviously hates the President and as a Dem this is actually embarrassing. My 4 year old have way more facts why he wants to stay up later on weekends . Fact " but dad, school is close on Saturdays"
    Dems you guys really look DESPERATE.

  41. The "appeal to authority" side show, starring Jerry Nadler. I guess when you have no evidence this is all you can do is hire partisan "experts" from leftist indoctrination camps like Harvard.

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