Republican Strategists Using Their Methods To Defeat The Republican President | Deadline | MSNBC

Republican Strategists Using Their Methods To Defeat The Republican President | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. tRump should be stopped before he come into white house. And must be stopped ASAP. Republican party is today a racist party led by tRump's Alt-Right fiasco called White nationalist. tRump is a tea bagger called wacko Bird by John McCain. tRump racks up 3 trillions more deficit in less than 3 years. Trolling tRump calls himself the best president in American history with a record of making American people ENEMY of the world. A 6 times bankruptcy filer said making American great again that is a joke of the century. A 3 times draft dodger turns to be commander-in-chicken. It is another terrible joke to the world. He will be the first one running into the nuclear bunker after sending out Others American to die for him. He is holding a flag pole to call his funny "patriotic". He fills up his hotels by telling he is working for public service. He said "I can do whatever I want" by Article 2 of the constitution and to pardon himself too. He calls FBI "Scum" because investigation of his criminal team. Republicans needs a movement to cheap house. If not just dismantle republican party to save American constitution. tRump's little brain (if he has one) is thinking he is a "king" not serving the public. tRump has no interest to read daily intelligence briefing for the president that costs billions to prepare but he just needs the chanting "4 more years" from his deplorables to win reelection. What a moronic ignorance.

  2. They need to start petitioning the Senators AND Congressmen……Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mr Jordan, Mr Collins, Marco Rubio

  3. These are called fake Republicans. They’re Democrats running as Republicans in order to gain more power. They have these on both sides of the party lines and it’s been happening for years. Some are even purposely put their in order to discredit the opposing party. They’re elected under false pretenses then stage events which paint their party in a bad light, thus giving the opposite side the look of superiority. I’d also like to point out that if you look at the votes and even watched the Impeachment hearing yesterday NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED TO IMPEACH TRUMP…NOT ONE. Yet here they are saying the complete opposite. Why is that? ??‍♂️

  4. Republicans with an unsold soul, naw impossible, more like republicans that are regretting the sale. Where have they been for the last 3 years, why aren't they putting pressure on the republicans in office ? He wouldn't be able to have done, or continue to do the things he's done without the senate and Moscow Mitch the turtle himself. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but I sleep with one eye open and a gun in my hand, with always the wall at my back.

  5. OMG!!! Thank God there a still real republicans with the balls to put their money where it's necessary to eliminate Trump & his supporters in Congress. A feeling of real hope began when the gentleman made reference to the fact there will be a price to pay for those in congress who are abandoning doing what's right & blindly following Trump's wishes when voting, while denouncing him & his administration behind his back.

    There will indeed be a price to pay for republicans who've supported Trump to the exclusion of their oaths of office & the rule of law, along with abandoning the best interests of the people in their states. It's very exciting to learn of this group. They will be supported by many, many who left the republican party when Trump was nominated then, when he was elected by a gullible electoral college & during the past three years by those who wish to rejoin & help restore the GOP to its former dignity & high stature as a righteous group concerned with following the laws of our land, along with living up to their oaths of office to support & defend the constitution of the United States & their states' constitutions, as well. They'll receive massive support from those independent voters who have had enough of the outrageous & blatant corruptions by Trump & occurring in Trump's administration, as well as those in the U.S. senate supporting it. All of the U.S. government must be cleaned out of Trump, his family members, all of his cronies & supporters. A restored GOP is just the ticket to make that happen. Hopefully, this group will be highly successful. They give one hope for the future of our democracy & our country as a whole.

  6. Get rid of that stupid old McConnell as leader.He has been there far to long.The Republicans know as I do What dumps up to.

  7. The Republican Party
    they’re not sending their best.
    They’re sending people that have lots of problems,
    They are, in many cases, criminals, racist, Trump ,etc….

    "You wouldn't believe how bad Trump are,"

  8. I am sure the president of Ukraine would like to see trump out of office you know he was pressured and played by trump but he doesn't want to say so for the retaliation from trump WOW I can't believe that the Republican party thinks we American people are stupid it ercks me to the bones it's freaking pathetic!???????????????????

  9. Most of the GOP doesn't really like Trump, he is not subtle with his corruption unlike the GOP usually is, including those that are outspoken against him now…or are now working for the news media.

  10. THE LINCOLN PROJECT. Remember that name, donate to their site. Support their work. Americans that love the country, it's time you stood for what's RIGHT !!!!! THE LICOLN PROJECT.

  11. As a resident of Utah, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Senator Romney, stand against Trump. I know your values. I was horrified senator Hatch's President of this horrible person. Please stand for your values, Utah values and stand against Donald Trump.

  12. i've been commenting.. these so call republicans are in fact a new breed of fascist communist republicans…
    from this news intel. seem's there are republicans who want to go back to the very party ideals when the republican party was honest & fare to the American people….these new breeds of republicans seem to want to over throw the constitution. it's rule of laws.. and create what… new corrupt form of government…

  13. I believe Trump is using demonic powers to control politicians who were vehemently opposed to him in the past, along with the power of good old fashion blackmail. This guy is a sleazeball!

  14. Madam Speaker, do not (I just screamed that) turn anything over to the Senate until Mitch, graham, Collins and their bfs recuse themselves. Does any one think that those who care nothing about their oaths to the constitution, will lie and change their stance on their public announcements: looking for a new career you can betcha. Haha! We had our fingers crossed.

  15. I never realized how corrupt the Democratic party really was until this impeachment I always knew they were trying to cover up for Biden's criminal activities along with Obama's it's always weird all my friends the ones that are Democrats riding the system milk everybody always saying I'm on the gravy train hard to believe it's true every time I was missing something around my house it was always one of them like I they say the truth points to itself.

  16. The ultimate goal of both parties in my opinion is to get rid of Trump without making any systemic change to the power dynamic Trump is taking advantage of. They want this power and that would be the nail in our countries coffin.

  17. Kudos to those republicans who are standing for the country's constitutional rights and morals instead of their party. The hypocrisy and corruptness of Trump's Repugelican minions are disgusting.

  18. Rick Wilson: "Nothing is more important than removing Donald Trump from office." Its like saying, 'nothing is more important than removing the gangrene from my body. I will do surgery, I wil pour acid on it, I will burn it, I will do amputation, i will use a prosthetic limb in the future … but first things first, remove the infection so the body (GOP) doesn't die.' No you see there … thats a smart Conservative.

  19. The republican party is just reaching for haters. Thinking people need not apply. This is as close as they can get to communism, and they will fight hard for it.

  20. AND THERE IS THE TRUTH…… We could all have kept our mouths shut and carried on making PLENTY of MONEY !!!

  21. Officially impeached and yet Trump has but not reacted violently or hysterically over it, but looked unfazed (or at least the feeling I get is but only tingling slightly in relief but the rest is hugely unsure). This isn't actually over…

  22. here it is… the retrumplicans have fought for trump believing his spins…now they realize he is wrong…. but their pride will not them admit trump is wrong…. pride is corrupting our constitution

  23. Why stop with Donald Trump? He is the symptom -let’s get rid of all those who side with him just to protect their precious seat in the Senate and House

  24. Mitt Romney is a jealous , vindictive , piece of crap ! He’s a typical democrat that lost fair. If you can’t stand loosing don’t play.

  25. This guy is not a republican , and probably was never a republican , when he was stating “ how to defeat the republicans “ he slipped up and said “WE” this person is not legitimate!

  26. I'm a Bernie supporter and I feel the same way about Trump that these Republicans do. What they said about his disgracing the nation is about as right as one can be.

  27. pride is corrupting our constitution… blind faith followers of trump now see that trump is using them… but their pride will not let them tell the truth… their children understand more too… so make a disission you can take to church….!! it does not have to be a crime to be wrong, … moral obligations are for evervbody to follow

  28. I wonder how much money? these people are getting from this , I’m sure they aren’t doing it for nothing , must be in one of two peoples pockets. Soros or maybe Bloomberg.

  29. I like this guy and I agree we need to come out with our fists swinging we need to hit the street we need to do everything that's humanly possible to get this monster out of the White House can not lose momentum because they will cheat they will lie they will still they will play dirty and we can't let him get away with it anymore

  30. Glad to hear…NOW, I and thousands will watch to see if you are merely desirous of having his power and control or really do want to return to the ideologies of the old Republican Party. Unfortunately, the entire Republican Party, including your group, is extremely dangerous to our country… and I am very very suspicious of anything and everyone who identifies themselves as Republican. Words mean nothing…only putting your words into successful action will overcome my suspicions. It's a little too late to believe you are sincere…you needed to act 2-3 years ago. Your silence until now has created a despotic monster and emboldened his supporters to the point of violance. I would not be surprised but what riots will happen in his name and blood shed because you waited till now to act.


  32. They can use the 2 million dollar settlement that Trump has to pay because he defrauded charities. With the biggie, the charity that he he raised for our veterans he kept and spent on his 2016 campaign

  33. Please dear God help me us . thrump is devil on Earth please let the rep, party wake up and see this evil man there have been closed by there want for money pretend he is helping with there cause wake you Jesus is going to watch to see if you do the right thing

  34. Good to hear that some segment of the Republican Party cares about country and Constitution.That said I am not sure that waiting until 2020 to remove Trump from office is a safe strategy. The little boy who takes his ball home if they won't let him pitch has his short chubby little fingers posed over the red button…the one that says, "That's all folks you had your chance and blew it!" Wait not/want not, the time to get rid of Trump is now!

  35. I prayed for this to occur for so long, but the question is simple, is this to little to late? I pray not, and I would say better late than never, right. As a life long Republican who hollered loudly at my leadership long before Trump appeared. I would hope and pray that all these folks who have decided to wake up from their partisan zombie like state and become an organized ethical power to reclaim the party of Lincoln and in doing so find there lost morality first recount publically how we got here as the Republican political party PLEASE do not try to make the false argument of moral equivalency between the two political parties just own your actions and complicit guilt in this journey to the cult of personality and just apologize for it then get on with the business of the people joining across the political spectrum to unite our country based on our common values in the institutions of democracy, the rule of law and pluralism. If this is for real folks and the individuals who are doing this really step up I promise you this is a real game changer as these are the best folks on the planet when it comes to defining and controlling the political narratives and when they confess to the American people of how we got here it will reveal the depth and depravity of the current elected republicans and their complete and total moral collapse. The left doesn't know how to fight and message properly and the skill set these folks bring to bear is like having the US Marines show up on the beach to save our constitution and our beloved nation. We are all Americans and I am humbled to be one of you and I pray these professionals will do what they do best and pull back the seedy curtain on these morally corrupt individuals who have high jacked our republican party. I could not be prouder of Steve Schmidt who is the single most articulate individual in the public arena explaining with both surgical precision and clarity what exactly is at stake and who is to blame. Mr. Conway and Mr. Wilson are to be commended for their efforts as well. Lets clean up our mess fellow republicans and show our fellow Americans who we really are and what we really value. Lets all join together Dems, Independents and Republicans and send money to this Super PAC place our Republican Senators under pressure like never before to do the right thing and get onboard with removing this president from office for the very first time ever in US History. These folks and this Super PAC have a real chance if we empower them with the money to accomplish this seemingly impossible task, to remove this presidential blight on our democracy either via the impeachment Senate Trial or the 2020 elections and help us reclaim our country from the clutches of Vladimir Putin and the former Soviet Union.

  36. If their primary goal is to save democracy they should start at the source of the problem and get rid of evil turtle Mitch. There is no greater threat right now to the American democracy than ruthless Mitch. The guy is ten times more dangerous than Dumpy Trumpy.

  37. Dear Santa,

    Please find the balls and spines of at least 4 senate GOP members and deliver to them a little early.

    A Concerned American.

  38. Trump/Pence and White Evangelicals have told a 3 year story that there is nothing wrong. Now the US White House has stage 3 cancer.
    The WH and Republicans still say our nation’s health is perfect. They lie.

  39. True, why why why are people not stopping him! Let’s get it done! Barr and Moscow Mitch need to be held accountable FULL STOP

  40. MSNBC cant take their propaganda and shove up their asshole$ for money. Mit Rommney is a traitor. Fuc$ your old footage!

  41. As a non-American: Why did it take this long for (these / any) Republicans to oppose him?? The fact that this (only?) happens just as the President is getting impeached smells "fishy" to me…

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