Rep. Michael Waltz: Trump has been transparent since Day 1

Rep. Michael Waltz: Trump has been transparent since Day 1

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  1. Rudy will testify? Mulvaney too? And Bolton? How about the fuhrer himself? Okay, include the Bidens and the messengers. The truth is the only transparency here — the Trump benefited from Russian interference and he sought to benefit similarly from Ukraine. Its dumfounding that Republicans are aloof about involvement by foreign powers in our electoral processes.

  2. Michael & all trump’s supporters r naive & gullible brainwashed follower zombies, sheep, robots, lemmings & how dumb those adults r 2 believe pathological liar trump’s lies & BS, they must believe everyone in their life & some have kids & they teach them, when their kids can say take your own advice.


  4. These Democratic hypocrites colluded with the sickest people in the country including the news networks that have bedded Hollywood in all it`s depravity. Corporate America is also involved because the Democrats have their hands in their pockets. They remind me of my kids when they were toddlers.There are real issues that need addressing, but it`s quite obvious the Democrats are not interested in earning their salaries.We would be fired.Who elected these freaks?

  5. Dana looks beautiful. I have never seen such transparency as I have with President Trump in comparison to past presidents.
    Simply the Best ! God Bless USA !

  6. The Americans who voted for Nancy to be congressional president were a big mistake, she didn't benefit the country , she just hated Trump ??

  7. Einstein is running for a cabinet position in CHEETOS administration. He’s as pathetic a subclass as Shawna Hannetee.

  8. The democrats have done nothing for American's for the past 3 years! They work for American's they have done nothing to help Americans!

  9. Uh trump has been a little too transparent lol.. the dude digs himself in a deeper and deeper hole every time he speaks.

  10. I want to ask a question on all these lawyers that all these people had were we paying for those or were they paid out by their respective state departments which is the same thing or the people themselves had to pay for it which way was it because it be interesting to find out how much all this nonsense cost or would I be impeached for asking for something like this it’s like anything you have to ask questions you’re giving money to somebody and already came up we were missing money so what do you do if you don’t ask it who would the president had the right to do it and needed to ask what is the money going to the Ukraine and then from the Ukraine to the Biden’s and their little group wish there was more than just one person but you you would like to go through this all over again once Biden got in there supposedly he’s the front Runner if he beats out Trump and then the Republicans came back and said we need to investigate Biden do you want to go through this again because I got to tell you right now as it stands I would be happy for the Republicans to get a hold of Biden once he was a president and impeach him turnabout fair play impeach 46 Biden

  11. True! Anyone who looked at him and heard him speak could tell he is a conniving crook, second-rate con, and a douchebag (technical term). He is most transparent to anyone with his or her eyes open!

  12. “The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have unearthed enough evidence, in my opinion, to justify about three or four articles of impeachment against the president. We have to start this conversation by underscoring the fact that impeachment is not legal, it is political. Its only Constitutional base is treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” — Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News analyst, November 22, 2019

  13. Transparent since day 1 to the Russians ?. If he is so open, why is he blocking all testimonies that could are direct witnesses in the Ukraine scandal?

  14. In my opinion the FISA investigation will find corruption. For eight years the last administration packed our top law enforcement and intel agencys with hardcore socialist operatives. Everything these deep state operatives touch turns corrupt. This may rise to the level of High Treason.

  15. President Trump is right, that call was perfect. I've read that transcript at least a dozen times now, and every time I do I come away from it with only one thought about it . . .
    There's nothing here! And only someone TRYING to make something bad out of it, could manufacture this CRAZY bribery narrative.

  16. Transparent ??? So why didn't Trump release the full transcripts UNEDITED on day one?? Why shift the call records to a secret server? Why instruct WH staff to defy subpoenas?? Why not use the the FBI, CIA, NSA and dozens of other government bodies to conduct an investigation? Why not sit in the impeachment to be cross examined?

    (or maybe you dont know what transparent means)

  17. Too bad they’re neglecting all of the other evil acts of his — stiffing contractors, ridiculing the handicapped, encouraging Nazis, treating women and children inhumanly, using his office to promote his hotels, boorish treatment of women, using his “charity” for personal gifts and favors, stealing tuition money from students for his phony “university" — and the list is much longer.1

  18. LMAO Trump FBI spying has just been debunked no charges Adam Shiff is not in jail because of his facts and documents lol If TRUMP was not president he would be in a prison GUILTY and everyone in the loop .QUID PRO QUO what is real funny Trump never gave Malvaney , Rudy, Pompeii , Barr or documents for the testimony and he still was GUILTY as sin . lol

  19. Yea right and he was going to testify before Meuller. Ha, ha!!! Such a liar! So if he's so transparent why has he bound and gagged Pompeo and company?? Is he hiding something?

  20. I wonder what the Dems will do when they realize
    Trump will be elected President again in 2020 ?
    Their Impeachment project did not work for the Dems
    The Dems will then turn to the ?? President Trump ??
    Assassination Project – God help us stop it

  21. 175,000 jobs has become a PR slogan
    I want America First Sovereignty
    Full American Sovereignty rather than any jobs at all

  22. Don’t ever give up Sovereignty for jobs
    Black African Slaves had jobs but no freedom
    Canada / Mexico / the US – will CONTROL North America

  23. Listen to the lying Republican, the only person holding up work being done in Washington is Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. the house has sent multiple bills to the Senate and McConnell has just left them sitting there you cant have it both ways liars.

  24. Keep on speaking straightforward, & bold, President Trump. Many members of Congress, leftwing, have never heard strong words. They like pats on the back. Sweet back pats

  25. Transparent? Double speak at it's finest.. None of you are believing this right? Why won't he let everyone testify? Big respect on the Syrian refugees though..

  26. Adam Schiff is a nut job…hahaha! that's a fact! BUT a very dangerous Nut Job, I hope you never see just how crazy the guy really is. I know, just remember the Romanovs.


  28. Waltz must be living in that alternative universe Trump and the Republicans live in. Trump has been lying since day 1 of his campaign. Trump claims he is transparent but that is also a lie.

  29. I don't care who likes it! The President is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I do not blame him in the LEAST for DEFENDING HIMSELF! To those who CRITICISE his TWEETS, O-WELL! Get over It! When you don't ALLOW a person to defend themselves, what do you expect? GFY Democrats.

  30. Trump promised has taxes if he won. So no, he hasn't been transparent since day one. He's been obstructing justice and credibility of free press since day one.

  31. Trump supporters are hilarious. The evidence of Trump's guilt is OVERWHELMING and they just keep pulling out excuses. EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland (who Trump picked for that job) testified under oath "Yes Trump absolutely demanded a Quid Pro Quo from Ukraine for his personal benefit and everyone in his administration knew about it". That's NOT HEARSAY because Gordon Sondland was talking directly to Trump on the phone call when Trump made those demands. Hearsay is when you hear what a person said through someone else. For example, if Gordon Sondland heard what Trump said through another person who isn't Trump then that would be Hearsay because he didn't hear it from Trump himself. That's NOT what happened because Gordon Sondland personally heard it from Trump himself on the phone call so it's NOT HEARSAY. Most of the other witnesses were listening in on Trump's phone call to Ukraine so they also heard Trump say it himself. That's not Hearsay because they heard it from Trump himself (Hearsay is when you hear indirectly through another person who was there).

    It's so amazing how brainwashed Conservatives are. The reason you keep saying "This is all Hearsay" is that Fox News and Mark Levin keep telling you "This is all Hearsay". They say it and you believe it. Can't you think for yourselves?? Or research facts for yourself?? You are like mindless parrots just repeating what they tell you to say.

    Trump's Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney was asked, "Did Trump say the money won't flow unless you investigate the Bidens for me" and he replied with "Yes we do that all the time". War Veteran Alexander Vindman, who took an injury from a bomb blast for his country, said under oath "Trump demanded a Quid Pro Quo and it would have had devastating national security implications for us". David Holmes who heard the call said under oath, "Trump couldn't care less about Ukraine and he only wanted to benefit himself". And that's not even all of them.

    It's not illegal for a country to demand a Quid Pro Quo from another country (like demanding trade or military support in exchange for money) but it is illegal for a President to do it for his own personal benefit because that's putting yourself ahead of the country. The money was also already authorized for release by Congress, voted in favor of by Republicans and Democrats, and we give money to corrupt countries all the time (see Saudi Arabia with one of the worst human rights abuse records in the world).

    But all Trump supporters can say is, despite all of this massively overwhelming evidence of his guilt and dozens of witnesses, "yeah but he's like totally innocent". LMFAO!!!

    July 6, 2019 = Money to Ukraine gets frozen
    July 25, 2019 = Call between Trump and Zelensky occurs
    August 29, 2019 = Ukraine starts to panic over the missing money
    September 9, 2019 = Investigations into Trump begin over the frozen money
    September 9, 2019 = AFTER INVESTIGATIONS BEGIN, Trump calls Sondland again to call off the Quid Pro Quo saying "I want no Quid Pro Quo" (attempting to cover his tracks)
    September 11, 2019 = Scandal explodes into national attention, Trump releases the money because he's now in very hot water over it and Inspector General starts to investigate
    September 25, 2019 = Impeachment Begins

  32. Looks like Nunes met with x Ukrainian official to get dirt on Biden.
    Oh oh Mr Nunes, you have some explaining of your own.

  33. Saw this headline in passing and thought, "oh!, must be a political farcical comedy to be sure",….it wasnt, it was a JOKE!, LOL, Trump transparent from day one?,…. dear God help up all.

  34. Transparency means not ignoring subpoenas and claiming priviledge. If you did nothing wrong, hand over the documents and let people testify.

  35. Trump and the GOP, in de facto partnership with Fox News, are creating an alternate reality for followers in which facts are what the President needs them to be. This is a hallmark of authoritarianism.

    Impeachment hearing testimony by the US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, and others has implicated the President in directing what appears to amount to extortion of Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. The GOP has fallen into step defending Trump, however, seeming to espouse the principle that the President can do just about anything without consequence.

    In such a climate, the very idea that "rule of law should prevail," as former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, said in her opening statement, becomes partisan and negatively associated in some Trump supporters' minds

  36. He has been transparent since day one. Since day one, we could all see that he was an incoherent, incompetent moron with a tendency to brag about himself and tweet more bile than a meanage girl.

  37. I heard Tim Apple broke into area 51, stole alien technology, invented the I phone. Used it to infiltrate thought waves by imlpanting twitter feeds in Red hats. now controls their thoughts, moments and speech. WHY ARNT WE INVESTIGATING THAT!!!!!!!

  38. Dumpster Trump is a disgrace to all,lies,spins, klanklown cult base should be ashamed to even think this klanklown is a good so-called president, what a disgrace

  39. Keep impeachment process moving forward, stop dumpster Trump from making anymore deals on everything,shut down the klanklown cult of the gop

  40. The democrats do not give a ?about the American people and if Americans vote Democrat then I feel sorry for your country.. democatics not interested in making things better for the people they liked it better you had no jobs poor pay etc.. they will have your country going backwards if you vote for them.. socialist globilists lefty's of the world over are evil…??

  41. Every member of Schiff's staff (that worked for him during the whistleblower time frame) needs to be subpoenaed as well as Schiff so Schiff can't skate.

  42. The only thing impeachment does is force the independent vote to pick a side now so both political parties can encroach on that last dwindling and nearly depleted demographic of free thinking Patriots who wants to be able to own a gun but also doesn't see any qualms with having to pay the government a tax to exercise what is turning out to be a vastly unpopular and controversial right in many of our fellow American's eyes.

  43. Our elections work because fortunately the group of people who end up picking the president because they are smart enough to be persuaded and compelled by good ideas on either side, make up just enough percentage of the overall population of voters that we get to pick the most creative independent masquerading as a party loyalist, when it's pretty obvious we haven't elected a republican or a Democrat in the last 50 years (unless you count bush sr. I don't. He was a fluke who rode in to the office on Reagan's coat tails)

    And the last true Democrat we voted in was LBJ and before him it wasn't JFK but FDR.

    Every other president has been moderate. Why? Because you people are just dumb enough to get tricked into caring about politics like it's the real world just in a totally different kind of house, so Trump can help his buddies at CNN and Fox stay alive long enough to figure out how to update their business model in the post "Hey Facebook/YouTube! Stop hogging all the eyeballs!" world…

    And even after all this drama lover's nirvana, you guys still vote for your own halved off section of the version of hell you are sent to when your so dumb the higher authorities decide for you " hell on Earth, that way when you die we can delete you and nobody can claim we lied to everyone when we said everybody who doesn't get into heaven goes to hell. When it's really just a misunderstanding of duration and when the fun can actually begin!

  44. Hey Waltz, stop sucking. Donald would not have you take out the trash. Now, the entire world.knows you are a sucker. Suck good to keep your job.

  45. All this impeachment did was show how corrupt the Dumocrats truly are and how they will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. They do not care and the American people or the good of the Country.

  46. Why oh why would Trump want to dig up political dirt on incoherent self-destructive uncle Joe?? Corruption concerns however are another matter Trump is mandated to pursue.

  47. The Fl. Rep. spoke about back home. "They want laws to lower Rx costs, trade bills passed, immigration, etc. The phone transcript is enough to clear Pres. Trump."

  48. The number 1, absolute best thing that the Trump presidency has done here is put everyone in U.S. politics REAL, LEGITIMATE, agendas on full display. Whichever side of the issues you would sit on.

  49. WE the people demand a TRIAL ..?? we want Schiff and Pelosi on the stand ?…?…? Schifft is an impostor changed president miimicked and changed words on president documents .what a disgrace Schifft the well known Liar corrupt abused his power ,He should be moved off as a chairman ,should be in jail!! ..

  50. Everyone here should watch MSNBC a little. Everyone who watches MSNBC should watch Fox a little. Anyone who won't or can't should wonder why? trump won't last forever and we should be prepared to work together on climate and the prosecution of Putin.

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