“Release The Measurements”

“Release The Measurements”

It’s a dangerous time for Americans. We need a president who can grasp the complexity of the world and hold off the
decline of a great nation. I want a president you will keep me and
my family safe. I want a president who can handle the
economy. That’s why we want to talk to you about Donald Trump. If the White House phone rings at 3 am, could his little hands even pick up the receiver? How can he create jobs if his hands are too small to shake on the deal? When he decides to launch his nuclear war, will his stubby fingers even be able to push the button all the way down? America deserves his hand measurements. It’s time our country learned every inch of the truth. So we’ve launched Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC. Go to DonaldTrumpHasTinyHands.com to sign our petition. Together we can learn if Donald Trump can truly handle being commander-in-chief. Paid for by Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC. And not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

100 Replies to ““Release The Measurements”

  1. The cringiest part is how the sausage-fingered autists think "that'll get him!" when actually nobody cares.

  2. Very well done and deliciously sarcastic.
    I also find it funny the number of people that can't take a joke about an election that is a "yooge" joke to say the least. I feel really sorry for my "intelligent" American friends that are embarrassed by the whole fiasco, but to most of the world, it's the best reality show of all time.

  3. Absolutely Brilliant and TRUE. We at @Political Nation shared this on our Twitter & Facebook pages.
    #VoteBlue‬ ‪#DealMeIn
    #‎ImWithHer‬ ‪#‎ShesWithUs‬ #HillYes

  4. It's amazing how the same conservatives calling others "emotional" will throw hissy fits if you so much as crack a joke about their beloved demagogue.

  5. Mr. Potato Head has really tiny little hands. Someone probably used the the wrong hand accessories when building him.

  6. You guys act like the little crybaby Erick Erickson…Wanh wanh wanh, pathetic losers !
    Redstate..what an utter joke !

  7. The only reason we are talking about this is because Trump, a 70 year old man running for President of the United States acknowledged it. If he would have heard the comment of his hands, ignored it and went on that's what we would expect from an adult. He acted though like a seven year old in response.

  8. Do we want our future be decided by a bunch of morons who can't find a single criticism for Donald Trump, so they make up complete bullshit about something as inane as his hands? Is this what we want?

    The truly sad and pathetic part is that Trump doesn't even have small hands.

  9. Pretty darn funny! Just wondering why they showed all the Hillary supporters at the beginning of the video?

  10. If we're going to be consistent… This type of speech should be called racist and Trumpophobic. Can't have it both ways!

  11. His hands, his temperament, his hair, his brain, his private part
    (during debate with Rubio) — is there any part of him that I have missed?

    My TV is starting to hiss at me every time I turn on the news!

  12. Trump may have trouble picking up the phone with his tiny hands at 3:00 a.m., but at least HE would try. Unlike a certain person under federal investigation who just picks up the receiver, yells FK OFF! and then slams it back down. At least our troops wouldn't spend their last living hours begging for Hillary Clinton to send them some support, only to end up dying at the hands of terrorist, all because Queen Hillary's beauty sleep is far more important than a bunch of worthless soldiers' lives.

  13. toooo damn funny, thin skin Trump probably has his lackies hunting down everyone involved & everyone who liked & posted this on social media.

  14. Holy shit they took this to the extreme. They have a professional looking website and even have merchandise!

  15. wow this is the funniest video ever where can i donate to get more videos. thank god some people still have a sense of humor love you guys

  16. That's actually pretty funny, still I'd rather vote for Trump than that Lying, criminal, Hillary; she belongs in prison.

  17. This is absolute BS. This is liberalism at its best. You fools choose to rather support the LYING COW who has a proven track record of deception and lies and fawning with the muslims. You fools are as dumb as crap. I watched a video the other day where Hillary supporters were being asked if they would mind if Hillary implemented SHARIAH law in the USA, and all of them said they would love it and not mind at all, and shockingly these respondents were all women. Now scurry along and go Google what Shariah Law is before you return and give me yet another dumb liberal answer that would prove what idiots you are. LIBERALISM is a mental DISEASE. A Liberal is a person who feels that the EBOLA virus has the right to existence as well. Liberals are the types of stupid people who wreck the world they live in, and then they want to blame everybody for the status quo, rather than them(stupid)selves. Hillary for PRISON 2016.

  18. Is this really what Trump protesters are searching for? I'll understand things like rape allegations, business failures and shit, but his fucking hands? What do you care if person has tiny hands or not? I'd be the same thing if he was short. So what if you're short. Most anti-Trump people seem to have the mentality of a 4 year old child. They say he's racist, yet they make fun of his "orange" skin tone. Who's the racist now?

  19. So are you it's saying that Hillary who just circumvented the law and had her rapist husband meet with the head of the DOJ is better?

  20. Check out the new article on CNN that proves trumps hands are tiny. Lol the guys 6'3 and has stubby sausage fingers. 😆

  21. The measurements have now been released. His hands are indeed very tiny.https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/08/05/yes-donald-trumps-hands-are-actually-pretty-small/

  22. Ah yes, the moral of the left = body shaming is despicable and completely unacceptable…unless you're Donald Trump then it's totally okay and hilarious!

  23. Trump has a HUGE 18 inch cock that can pee over 400 feet!!! It will make America a Big Dick Land again. So HUGE, so throbbing. It is bigger than Black cock which is critical to make White Trash feel better.

  24. People complain he doesn't give much to charity but really it's because Trump gets insecure when someone asks for a large handout.

  25. What has happened to the political discourse in this country that a PAC – let alone an ad, like this was even created or necessary? Our future generations (if there are any after Trump's presidency) are going to look back on this point in time, smack their heads until they bleed, and wonder how we were even able to move on from inanity like this.

  26. I think the reason he thinks he doesn't have a problem "down there" is that his tiny hands are SOOO small they can't even grip his tiny penis, when he masturbates to photos of Nazis drowning children in Houston.

  27. Hardly necessary now. At least not for his hands lol https://www.scribd.com/document/320101685/TrumpsHand-Outline#from_embed?keyword=4417&content=10079&ad_group=Online+Tracking+Link&campaign=Skimbit%2C+Ltd.&source=impactradius&medium=affiliate&irgwc=1

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