Refugees’ Dead End in Italy: Breaking Borders

Refugees’ Dead End in Italy: Breaking Borders

in June the French government quietly closed its border with Italy to those seeking asylum in France before the border closure those wanted to seek asylum ‘its would simply get on a train at Ventimiglia and make the short journey across however since the closure came into place every train entering France from Italy is boarded by French police who detain any suspected refugees and migrants before deporting them back to Italy this is the train station though you could be forgiven thinking it’s a police station with amount of police vans parked outside it and we’re gonna wait here for a little while to see if the police find any refugees and migrants then see what happens to them when they do the police are now going to board the train walk up along the length of the carriages looking for any suspected refugees and migrants they’ve pulled two guys off that train one of them though didn’t speak any French he was speaking Arabic essentially this route is almost impossible to use now which means the refugees and migrants are going to have to use read more riskier methods to get into France such as paying people smugglers to drive them across the border or even hike through the mountains that surround the town here the police continue to check every train that crossed into France throughout the day we wanted to see if any of the migrants would be able to evade the authorities and cross the border by train so that evening we followed a group of migrants onto a train at the Italian town of Ventimiglia seems the group that got on split up so there’s a couple in front of us and a couple of guys in their own they group together it’s too obvious to the police to firemen train is now stopped to montón let’s see if the cops come on No so it called to man off look like they could have been from Afghanistan or Iran the police are still going up and down the carriages possible they all proposal Jupiter so that’s at least four people they pulled off this train with crossing by train no longer possible migrants resorting to more dangerous than clandestine methods to reach France we joined a group of migrants in Italy as they headed for a camp on the French Italian border they were traveling at night along the train tracks to avoid the police so when you come up to a tunnel we have to wait for a train to go past and then essentially run behind it if we don’t do that and a train catches us while stirring the tunnel there’s nowhere for us to essentially escape was a really dangerous journey you guide the porters at the track now run ahead we’re pretty close to the camp now checking if there any police maybe on the tracks waiting for us to come around the corner after two hours of walking on the tracks we had reached the no borders camp a makeshift home for migrants trying to enter France ran by a group of European activists the new arrivals are greeted with the cheer applaud it into the camp a lot of the guys who made the journey already know people in this camp that’s why they’ve come up here essentially be part of a community which the activists here fill for the refugees and the library every evening French organization called a quad Ellis Bois come across from the French side to hand out free food and supplies here at the camp so they get to sort of meals they get a main course and then they get sort of a dessert some cake and some fruit the organization also comes down to hand out clothes and sort of blankets and waterproof gear to the guys because last night there was a big storm some of the tents got washed out and they’re gonna need waterproof clothing because as winter approaches the weather here on the coast is meant to get a lot worse has your organization had any trouble with the Italian authorities with you handing out food and goods here Avianca Monsanto MATLAB question yes wanna lose you dude Amiga this is sort of younger than you enjoying 30 the donee emoji and I got event to me he was also to innovative perfect world from Gwanghwamun pollute water below the video nether what do you think would have happened to these guys if the no border activist hadn’t said at this camp and your organization wasn’t here to help feed these guys do you think the Italian government would have stepped in to help them say palaver Kovac voila notice on caboose for sunny Salim bundle risotto eat Italian authority of consensus on political a lot of the guys here don’t like having their faces shown if they want to go into France they have to make sure that it can’t be proven that they are in Italy beforehand otherwise it’s very easy for them to be deported so we’re taking this opportunity whilst the camps that look quiet to have a look around and see what the camp is like so this is our kitchen they’re preparing a dinner right now where do you get a lot of this food from we have a lot of people who just came here we just come here and give us clarity a lot of food everything we need here we have tents this is where most people sleep and there are lots of people also sleeping under the arches and yeah we’re trying to make it more comfortable after the heavy showers we had like two days ago and how many guys do you think is staying here at the moment if you can say the moment I think we’re between 20 and 40 people the wall I think where are you from why did you leave your country it’s not Yemen a student yet Valusia layers will help that matter should be no no no Sudan and have you tried to get into France on the train yet haven’t of Lille oh there is not what is the Salah Laura Phil ba ba ba so a nice man oh I’m not lastly origin of engineering staying at this camp France is just over there you can see it but you’re not allowed to get there how does that make you feel I said the original Anna Vuitton was awfully hidden camera the variety bro hey Naz Alfonzo very girl be hard and Catalan attempt the French government is welcoming some Syrian refugees who are already in Germany but they closed the border to you guys what do you think of that aloma Sir Ian Brown over the neck millennium 99 Hatton when I am Varna monroebot bargaining levy biletnikov over there when after at medical arena mobarak attend were doofy and I fired her enemies at the pseudonym behind episode therefore Luminara guava team a shocking robot him after dr. Koon Genovia die Olivia Adam the French government’s policy on the Italian border is hypocritical when you consider their welcoming Syrian refugees arriving via Germany yet it rejects those mainly African refugees coming from Italy every other evening they called a protest and there the Italian riot police on the Italian side of the border have lined up to block their route into into France since the Italian police’s response to a peaceful protest out at the camp they’re pushing it further back towards the camp now they’re these guys who travel thousands of miles and risk their lives and their gravely mistaken in the early hours of September the 30th the Italian police evicted the no borders camp using bulldozers to pull down the tents even though staying there with nowhere to go when the Red Cross camp in the town at full capacity the other refugees and migrants have now resorted to sleeping rough at the train station the eviction making a dire situation even more desperate

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  1. Fecking do Gooders handing out food an stuff will just a-track more and just make the problem worse .

  2. Hope these dirty dogs freeze to death.

    Tell the reason to want to save their face see is because there a pilot tell the reason to want to save their face see is because there a chickin shit rapeeat.

  3. Stop them coming in to the west as they are a threat to us and they are also breaking our counties back. They are being told to come in here an army of men of fighting age. Some refugees they are opportunists with a plan to turn the West into Islam time to stop migration now.

  4. By the the year 2050 islamisation of Christian Europe would be complete. And all of Europe would be under Sharia law Hahaha. So called moderate, liberal Europeans your digging your own grave by welcoming these Muslims infiltrators ,who will have no qualms in biting the hand that fed them, foolish Europeans.

  5. Stupid no border activists making the situation worse. Making these people think they can get through. Lauren Southern does better vids than "Stupid VICE". Non bias and facts.

  6. I m from Bangladesh" I prefer my own country" whatever my country" living with dignity" no body looking me bad? My homeland" my motherland" we have small country but so many people" we are happy" the European colonized us more than 300 years" but we still love them" some people they want go Europe" but why?? Europe was poor? Now they are rich? Most of Bangladeshi people they don't want to come Europe" I see all African & Arab people they want come Europe? Why They are million African & Arab? Europe is nothing" the European are not happy to see you? They don't like black & Arab pepole? Why do you want to go Europe?

  7. They came from islamic country. They always said that Islam is the religion of peace. Where is the peace in their country then? 🤔🤔

  8. I would not let these people in I would be getting water bousers and keep watering them till they get out.may it rain for forty nights and forty days

  9. Just coincidently, the "refugees" are all predominantly male and of fighting age cough cough #MuhammadanArmy

  10. *First-stage of "soft" Jihad.
    *Next stage is to drain the welfare system
    *Third stage is to infiltrate Govt and vote in Islamic Apologists
    *Final Stage: Sharia Compliant Country Achieved

  11. Refugees go home to hell with Sorros and Sarkozy….Shame on Government and association let enter dishonest people in Europe…hang on all of them high and short…

  12. They should be protesting their own countries governments. They know who to take out in their own countries yet they run. You can either live for nothing or die for something! Economic refugees are not going to be excepted in poorer countries. They should have come to American for the free healthcare,college,welfare,and tax payer money handouts. They can run around and commit treason like liberals. It's Disneyland here!

  13. STOP CALLING THEM a " R E F U G E E S " !!!


    They are INVADERS ! They are just ILLEGAL Emigrants. This IS a MISERABLE END of WHITE EUROPEAN man and Europe. A refugee is a person who ask for permission to stay in a FIRST! and a ONLY FIRST country when there is no direct threat for their life. But Negroes and Muslims are going through a FEW or a DOZEN ! countries to go to Germany or Sweden because they believe there will get THERE the GREATEST BENEFITS FOR FREE !!!

    NATIVE WHITE Europeans WILL pay NEGROES COST OF LIVING in Europe ! That's all.


    Copy this anywhere you can ! This IS Your war.

  14. "RACIST" is an American and ONLY american) word USED TO SILENCE White People FROM WORKING FOR THEIR INTEREST.


    Anti Racist MEANS ANTI WHITE you don't want millions of NEGROES…cough i mean migrants/ CONQUERORS that want to GET PREGNANT WHITE WOMAN and REPLACE … YOU in your HOMELAND and condemn YOU for existing and REMOVING YOUR CULTURE and history?!!!

    Oh thats racists, you should embrace it and mix out of existence and kill yourself for minorities who are in fact 80% of world population.

  15. Remember the record. Mama Told Me Not to Come, that's not the way to have fun Son. At least people are waking up and seeing that these Christian hating, satan-worshiping muslims are simply coming to the west to enslave and destroy it. Don't feel sorry for them they made their beds hard now let them sleep in it, or they can take there uneducated asses back to the shithole countries that they left..

  16. When other groups like Hindus, Buddhist, or others migrate they don't try to change the host culture to meet their own political ideaology, political Islam does. When Muslims are a minority they act like a persecuted group but as their numbers grow this changes, with the long-term goal of Islamic dominance. I realize not all the refugees are Muslim but many are. Build the wall ! I lived in a Muslim country, so I know it is not all Muslims. If they arrive in the USA with the belief sharia law is higher than constitutional law then we don't want them in the USA.

  17. Imagine if white or even black Christian refugees poured into Pakistan??? They persecute their own native Christian population- see Open Doors. Only the West is suppose to be tolerant to this invasion. Japan and South Korea have both said "NO" to mass Muslim so-called refugees, most are economic refugees.

  18. What does the guy mean "peaceful protests"? They are all wearing masks, all are adult males, and are trying to march in slowly while "protesting" into France… I am from Hungary, so I feel the same way, what were he even saying…

  19. My country had a civil war, 620,000 died. My great-grandfather lost his leg.
    Why aren't these men fighting for their country?

  20. Interesting the french are so vigilant about illegals coming from Italy but are quite happy to facilitate their journey to the UK.

  21. All these beautiful cultures will be destroyed and replaced with Neanderthal barbaric civilizations. It’s odd how the lowest common denominator will bring everything to its knees.

  22. You who think open borders are morally right…have never watched young girls no older than those children and grandchildren of yours…yanked off the streets, raped and discarded like trash. In your mind is to save the world, save all people, and you 're so ignorant you do not realize, it is you whom needs saved the most. Of course, we all feel as if everyone should be free and safe. But, there are millions whom do not want your, nor, my help. They want what we have. They want us gone. Take a trip to any country within the continent of Africa, East and West Asia. You will see you're not inviting a cute innocent "Puppy," to our country. You're inviting the end to Western civilization. And as history shows, you will all go in the same "Direction," as those you brought to our shores. Without the use of nuclear weapons, there is not a police force, or, military capable of overtaking a republic which owns 415 million more weapons than both the American and Canadian army. One cop per 1,000 citizens. Three fourths our military is Republican. 97% of their parents are republican. If this comes to America, there will not be an America.

  23. Why dont cops just shoot them all. Why doesn't the military kill invaders?
    About time they close borders. Italy needs to close borders.

  24. Why should anyone help these invaders. Who feeds the invading army???????????
    How many GUYS?!?!?! GUYS?!?!?!?!

  25. I truly believe that EVERY country has the right to say no to anyone trying to come into their country.. I’m American born and I believe that it’s our right to close our borders to all people trying to get in ILLEGALLY!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. Fucking liberal scum encouraging the migrants to violate laws by giving away services and aiding them in crossing the border illegally.

  27. 6:44 background: in 1995 the police border killed a 8 years old child, named Omar and we will never forget this " .

  28. Migrants need to gtfo out of Europe and back into Midle East in Aftica..
    They are responsible for terrorist attacks, ruining economy, and whole crime ratio.
    Nice job italy…I am ashamed of my country letting them in.Thats what happens when EU demand Hungary and Bulgaria to open borders
    Suicide idiots in Europe..

  29. It's maybe bc the Africans are demanding, and they feel that they are entitled to welfare and they act like animals but the syirans act like they have some Sense

  30. they are invading Europe… mostly all men..who want to take over….they have deserted the women and kids….and when they settle they cause chaos..raping women and stealing cars setting them on fire….the intention is to take over and control countries…

  31. Put near border fancing with mines. No one will come. Is Govt. want to destroy their own country for these invaders?

  32. Chaotic and LAWLESS supporting VICE 😏🤔. We'll rise up against your cancerous & pitiful weak minded support for criminals in disguise as helpless migrants

  33. These savages should be kept out of Europe.
    Hail Salvini for saving Europe from this Islamic and African invasion.

  34. These savages should be kept out of Europe.
    Hail Salvini for saving Europe from this Islamic and African invasion.

  35. The problem is not the refugees, but the liberals who are encouraging and helping them to migrate to Europe.

    Europeans must wake up to the liberal media and politicians brainwashing them.

  36. What the liberals who want us to take in these "refugees" never tell you is that every single one of these migrants pays 2,000 dollars/euros each to be transported on boats to Europe by the trafickers.
    They are no poor, destitute "refugees". Having that amount of money in Africa is relatively rich. Where do they get this money from?

  37. We all know what their intentions are. They need to go back to where they came from and improve their own countries instead of invading ours. Since Brussels agreed to them coming send them all to Brussels. That's where all of the money goes.

  38. Why do the emigrants specifically emigrate to Germany and Sweden? Why not any of the neighbor countries like, Iran, Israel, Yemen, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Pakistan, Russia, China where there is plenty of peaceful areas? Including Spain and USA. Why specifically Germany and Sweden? The answer is obvious and logical, they want the welfare, solid infrastructure, cars, washing machines, white women, free education, free hospital service, TV, and most of all the high payment check on welfare. That is the truth! Exit EU!

    Remember the names and faces of all of those among our own people who betrayed us. They shall all be held responsible on the day to come!

  39. If you British do-gooder feel bad – invite them back with you to England open up your home and fund them for life! Put your money where your mouth is!!!!

  40. the euro should be sued for human trafficking—-if we do it its human trafficking–if they do it they call it immigration–comments folks

  41. Keep the 3rd world filth out they take everything but give nothing ! They wanted independence from the white man let them keep it !

  42. sewage rats send the lazy twats back.demanding everything free Wilst the locals work there bollox off paying tax to support this shite.3rd world garbage get fked

  43. There is always one nationality that pops up everywhere who spoils things for really deserving distressing cases, the Pakistani?.

  44. Isn´t it extremely interesting that all the so called refugee´s are all men in their prime. 99% seem to be extremely well fed, have nice clothes. Some even have the newest Iphones along with expensive headphones etc etc. I mean wtf?!
    This is a fucking fars, a travesty which is aiming to bring down European heritage and culture once and for all!

  45. Go to other “peaceful countries” where your language, culture, beliefs and ethics match. I feel so sorry for them. Please go where you have similarities of beliefs, culture, law, social norms and hope those countries will welcome you with open arms and get confirmed spot in “Jannah” for “zakat”.

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