Real estate agents breaking the rules: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Real estate agents breaking the rules: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Why is he crying so much?!? It’s just a house, I lost my dream house and found another just aigan.

  2. Absolutely happens. Once blocked by an agent from placing a bid claiming his client was ill that day and my agent recorded that phone message on tape. Went back to the homeowner in person to advise my initial offer was higher than what he accepted on that day and told him I was prepared to go higher. Later on the OREO did an investigation on my agent's initiative and the listing agent had clearly paid off the seller. The seller provided a written statement that they were aware of all offers. The taped evidence was never considered.

  3. I'm having hard time understanding the idea of double ending cuz from my understanding the person who doubles end is a person trying to sell you a property for cheaper which is good but i see people complaining, and I think maybe I got the wrong idea.
    Can someone plz explain it for me ?

  4. What I’m going to say will probably be very unpopular, but what I honestly think is that, in an area like the Toronto’s one where properties’ prices have unnaturally rose in the last few years, anything can help first home buyers to get a fairer price is welcome. Any seller who had previously purchased the property even just a few years ago will make huge money anyway. I’m not debating about the professional ethical standpoint, rules are rules and should be obviously attended.

  5. The rich get richer, and the little guy keeps getting shafted. Sick and tired of richer people constantly screwing over everyone else!

  6. I dont see nothing wrong with it.. If its a bidding war let them bid until they done.. Whats the prob with the realator tell what the highest bid is.. ??

  7. So in australia the homeowner makes out like a king but in canada, not only the agent but also the buyer make like a king? Wow guess im moving to canada

  8. Ah yeah let’s use Australia as a good example LMFAO!! The housing bubble in this country are out of control no need for the agents to double end to make ridiculous cash

  9. What? Here in Australia we don’t only sell at auction, it seems like they think we do. You can also do it by offering, finding out if they want more, there’s another offer you need to beat, or if yours was accepted. But don’t other places have auctions too? How strange. And how does a civilised country not know/want to deal with conflict of interest in business?

  10. I know of agents that avoid showing the house to potential buyers in order to make the sellers desperate, persuades the seller to lower the price, then the realtor proceeds to sell the house to his/her friends or investors he/she works with.

  11. In the us, if someone out bids you they tell you what the other person offered so you can put in a new offer

  12. I don't know about the auction thing but, one lady years ago sold tickets to sell her house. She let the people come through put up the tickets for sale and the winner got the house for cheap and she got her sale price. Something like that with rules put in place seems much better to me and would help a lot more people get a house and eliminate the agent altogether. After she did that the government said no one else could do it because they were holding a lottery. To which I say "So?"

  13. The amazing thing about this is in Australia non of these people have the money they bid but instead they borrow it from the banks. Increasing debt inflation

  14. A realtor only wants your money, they don't care about you in anymore. I sold my house with no realtor and every realtor told me it was too hard, complicated, and you need them to get what your house is worth. I got the same price my house was appraised for by realtors who valued my house. I called them all back and told them my actions and they said it was a fluke.

  15. Australian real estate are the most notorious in the world. They are the worst crooks ever. Most of the bidders at the auction are fakes hired by the real estate to up the bids. They con you into paying you so many hidden fees. You have to pay stamp duty when you buy and sell the house. And today they won't even tell you that the hi-ouse you are buying isn't even yours, its under "company title" meaning a company owns the land and you buy only the "shares" attached to the house. After the sale is competed you have run for the rest of your life to change to company title to to torrent title and mean time you cant sell your house as no bank gives any buyer a loan to purchase a house under company title. This is our case today, we paid 2 million for a waterfront house in sydney not knowing it was under company title and now we are stuck. We cant sell it. It will cost over 200K to change this damn title before we can sell it. So we rented it out and left this horrible country for good. Australia is the worst place on earth when it comes to real estate. They are thieves. Also in regards to rentals, no one ever gets their bond money back EVER !! no matter how much you follow the rules and how well you take care of the property. Real estates find any excuse to STEAL from you with no shame. Period !! Dont believe what you see of this video. They have been paid off to stay the BS they are saying !!

  16. In norway the cost of 300.000 dollars house with 1,5%(4500dollar) fee to seller/bank after sale and incl all other costs would make it right under 10.000 dollar for a house of 300.000 dollars. But the fee to seller bank cant go from 1%-3,6%

  17. For 1,2 mill dollar they might buy 5-10 normal houses in norway in small towns on the outskirts, or 10-20 normal houses in sweden in small towns on the outskirts. Or 1 luxury/apartment house in Oslo/Stockholm on the outskirts.

  18. All these violations are sufficient ground for lawsuits, forget the fine imposed. Especially the one where the agent failed to present a better offer in order to benefit himself, fraud to the seller and buyer.

  19. Only a matter of time until the higher authorities intervene and expose these malpractices. Like how OHIP did a terrific job with top billing physicians.

  20. Seriously? You jackwagons didn't give up the named of the agents you caught? If the officials can't even enforce their insanely lenient laws, how does anything change?

  21. If you mad about high home prices than just do what the investors do when they buy homes… but instead of selling it, live in it. duhhh!!!

  22. Maybe I’m just a noob but I don’t understand why it’s such a problem for the buyer to know what other people are bidding so that they can bid higher I mean to me it makes sense if you want to buy something but someone bids higher I would like to know their bid so I can determine if I should bid higher or just pass and find another place

  23. If there’s money involved you can never have anything on an honesty policy and hope that it works cause it never will , people are greedy

  24. God I would love to be a real estate agent in Australia all the interested buyers come straight to you all in one place and the price and deal is made within 15 min

  25. So glad I found this Chanel, so educating! I love it. I really felt bad for Kevin losing that house, but Kevin if u read this, take it as a blessing in disguise coz your son will probably have the best childhood memories where u r now than If u had gotten that house! N u might even find something that u love more in the future when decide to but again.

  26. Years ago, I offered the asking price on a house, I was told by the real estate agent that no one but the seller would know what we offered. We lost the house because someone offered more than the asking price, at that time it was unheard of, never, ever happened. Later I found out that the person who bought it was the chief of police in that town. We were never given a chance to counter offer, it was all set up. The agent working for the agency ended up quitting after this happened, he told us it was unethical what the agency did. Bottomline, the chief wanted the home, he got it!

  27. In NJ you really dont need a lawyer to buy a home, but I definitely recommend it. We were buying a new home, new construction, we paid a lawyer $500 to go through the contracts, they put shady crap in there, trying to make us pay for seller fees and more, my lawyer caught everything and saved us over 4k, so definitely worth the $500 attorney fee!

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