Rand Paul: Socialism breeds ‘thuggery’

Rand Paul: Socialism breeds ‘thuggery’

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  1. Socialism is just a stone’s throw away to communism. They entice/indoctrinate the young, the uninformed, the poor, with all kinds of ideas of free unattainable things to come, if you join their party beliefs, but in reality they never come true. Friends and families are turned against each other and If you do not agree with their way of thinking, you will be chastised and ultimately punished… Unfortunately, in today’s world, these lessons are rarely taught in schools and universities.

  2. The destruction of marriage is breeding thuggery.
    Marriage is/was the most important institution to civilize young people. Nowadays the only head of household is an unwed mother.

  3. For the socialist you need to compare N. Korea with S. Korea. One socialist and one Capitalists, which one of those countries would you want to live in?

  4. Why even bother going on “ The view.” The only view they care about is their own. I can not watch those screeching hyenas!

  5. Who the hell wants to watch clucking menopausal old hens yammering past each other on issues they're scarcely informed about? Rand Paul in the middle of it. Wow.

  6. Obviously they are trying to hide their own business Which racism has been given a platform! “FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY “ belittles BIG BANK FRAUD Both democrats and Republicans yes!

  7. I do not for the life of me know why anyone would like watching the view other than just to troll and laugh at them. Total trash. Lies and propaganda

  8. It is called Socialism its evil and wrong and produces a bla society of hopelessness, remember nobody runs to Socialist countries they run to free countries that should speak volumes.

  9. They call it the viewbut, they only want people to hear their view. They don't let nobody that has a different view get a word in edge wise. Their show is a joke.

  10. I don't know about thuggery but it certainly breeds assholes like those two New York pieces of human excrement that assaulted Rand Paul. Rand Paul is not even exactly my favorite Republican but I'd still give him common courtesy, unlike that gross thing that attacked him. They must have voted for A.O.C.

  11. That pig Navarro doesn't realize that screaming over someone so they can't get a word in does not make her right. It just makes her rude.

  12. Absolutely, NOTHING is free! The Pied Piper syndrome! Blindly following an idiot to DOOM! Socialism WILL NOT make your life better

  13. ONE LEGITIMATE ANSWER? How can you be anti-socialism and Pro $7.50 minimum wage? There isn't a single economic theory that works when the bottom half of your workforce is totally subsidized by the top half while profitable corporations pay wages closer to slavery than a viable pay. Capitalism needs parameters- those being anti-monopoly laws, tariffs and trade agreements, and base wage where a 40hour a week full time worker doesn't need foodstamps—– the very fundamentals of capitalism agree that a corporations will scour the earth to find the lowest paid person that can do the job. We were very successful as a country from Post WWII up to about 1980ish with wages where full time 40hr a week person was independent from government aid. — to act like a minimum wage is some sort of "Socialist" take over is moronic.. and you can talk all you want about immigrants, and welfare abusers, etc, etc.. but until we put our full time work force in a position where they are ok, by either increasing their wage, or the hours they work. none of that matters…. not to mention any of us that are W2 employees are on the same scale. Either corporate America returns to adequately paying their workers, or those of that make enough will continue to subsidize the workforce for Amazon, Walmart, etc, etc… I need anyone who is "anti-socialism" to address this issue, or sort of stop talking.

  14. Free Food.
    Free Housing.
    Free College.
    Free Medical Care.
    Free Speech!
    Free Drugs ?!
    Free Strong Military ?!
    Free Business Grants ???!
    Free World Travel ???!
    Free Movies and Music ?!!
    Free ¿

  15. Liberals have gone from one Meme and whatever to another they just want to try to see what ever can stick yeah the former wasn't working out for you now you're trying another you complete idiots we are onto you son of a b****s

  16. republicans claim socialism is bad yet they buddy up to communist dictators and call them friends now. Frankly I prefer the dems being socialists over republicans becoming best buds with all of our enemies.

  17. In a New York Times opinion column, titled "Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President," published on October 17, McRaven warned that Trump's policies were a stain on the US and its values.

    In the column, McRaven recounted an instance this month in which a retired four-star general gave a candid assessment of the president.

    "One retired four-star general, grabbed my arm, shook me and shouted, 'I don't like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic,'" McRaven wrote. "Those words echoed with me throughout the week."

  18. republicans have always been tax the hell out of the working class while giving as much as they can to the super rich. republicans call it trickle down, in truth it is trickle up. From the working class to the most wealthy.

  19. Socialism is when governments get armed and pay themselves to much money! Senator Paul how much do you get paid? Because if it’s more than a disabled person you are a socialist!

  20. Rand, it is time time to stop the division in our nation. These democrats socialist and liberals and progressives radicals and some republicans are the cruel agenda of the Military-Industrial Complex since 2008. It is time from Barr to expose these racketeering movement in our nation. Rand, you know very well about the Military-Industrial Complex and please explain to the American people how bad is the Military-Industrial Complex for our nation from 2008-2016. I know exactly what I am talking about.
    For more years for President Trump 2020!

  21. Socialism is misunderstood by will fully blind stupid capitalists… We want socialism in dealing with others in the economy and competition in strictly separated cultures. Look what your anti socialistic US looks like you dumb….. unemployment drugabuse the leader in spreading fake currency, suicide the fukin list goes on and on…………

  22. I can't let you finish, you might say the truth. (oh no he's going to finish…) BIGOT <EVERYBODY WHO DOESN'T CLAP IS ALSO A BIGOT> ?????????

  23. Rand Paul is right when it comes to the result, but the reason is something no politician can tell publicly without ending up branded as arrogant, bigot and so on.
    The reason is me, is you, is everyone because of the culture and the values needed and therefore promoted by an ideologically driven system in order to stay in "power"; among those thuggery, but not only.
    Just take a look at the current attitude of the empowered and entitled "oppressed minorities"!
    What do they do publicly?
    They … DEMAND!
    Another example: if you pretend to "know" the future and use your "prophecy" to justify your decisions, what would be the biggest challenge for you?
    It's simple: constantly proving your decisions right by proving your prophecies right!
    How do you do this?
    By LYING!
    How can you guarantee successful lying?
    By banning critics, freedom of opinion, free speech and free market!
    And then being the prophet and cashing in for preventing "bad things" from happening, is nothing else then doing business mafia-style, by racketeering!
    If I pretend to be the ONLY one that can prevent your "house" from burning down, what do I need to do so that you believe me and "buy" my services?
    Simple: BURN down some houses and then tell you: See that could happen to your house, too!

    However, the problem is that "capitalism" isn't the solution, but just the other side of the same coin!
    The solution is SMALL GOVERNMENT and FREE MARKET!
    "Capitalism" is big government too, driven by money influence, the difference being mostly the label of those driving the political agenda.
    Example: it is NOT FREE MARKET when the government backs private investments in "poor countries", like it has done with China. The position of a government should have been: YOU want to go to China, then feel free to do so, but firstly YOU and only YOU take the risk for your investment, and secondly YOU can't get back and pretend to compete on the free local markets by selling slavery products (low labor costs guaranteed by a foreign dictatorship). "Tread Deals" involving "political cooperation" in order to protect and foster foreign trade are nothing else but the empowerment of the political class on both sides at the cost of their citizens!
    It's NOT FREE MARKET if a "private" military industry can drive the country to war in order to boost profit from selling weapons for the citizens tax money and their lives!

  24. Fux and the repugs are trying to get people to believe having social programs is the same as socialism. Socialism controls the production of goods and what the population gets from this. Most socailism countries were taken over by nazies or communist and then can't be labeled socialism anymore. The big corporations haven't been good stewards of our planet, jobs, contamination of foods and and waters and others; so why would you want them in charge anymore?

  25. Capitalism : each citizen for herself or himself and God for everybody. They call it democracy , eufemism for Capitalism.

  26. The problem for white law abiding men is this: we have much to lose if we fight back due to the weaponization of the leftist legal system. So we take it until it’s too late.

  27. "If they give it to rich people they call it a subsidy, but if they give it to poor people they call it a hand-out." – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  28. Let's be clear. Tulsi Gabbard is a Full On Socialist. Don't be fooled – her Socialism is control ALL your life, take your guns, and shut you up – this is Socialism. She is also not a genuine 'Soldier', despite the PR uniform she likes to parade herself in. Socialism means – a controlled people with no voice. Once you get Socialism you cannot speak; if you speak the shut you up. Just look now – they will not let anybody speak. Once you choose it – you cannot reverse.

  29. What happened to common courtesy and giving Rand a chance to speak…I feel sorry for her husband, having to deal with a BIG MOUTHED wife…NO CLASS, STRAIGHT GUTTER TRASH!!!

  30. WITHOUT corruption a small portion of socialism mixed with a large portion of capitalism would help a society as long as the rich and poor are taxed equally. But there will never be a society without corruption so we really don't want to go there. So capitalism is by far the best alternative to living life. That and now watching the view 🙂

  31. Idolitors beware, Baby Socialism isn't Product of Caniblizing My U.S. (get it through the woefullied unstudied hat stand) Precurser of
    ☠️or not isn't the✝️??question?
    ALL those will be the fools too late
    At the hands of (ALL REALIZED !)
    for watching the cursed $live off

  32. "Collectivism" = Socialism/Communism/Fascism is created by predators, for predators to enslave naive people. The PURPOSE of Collectivism is the enslavement of humanity.

  33. Rand,
    Read your history:
    Democratic capitalism, also known as capitalist democracy, is a political ideology and economic theory that combines liberal democracy with capitalism in support of individual freedom and pluralism. It stands in contrast to corporatism by limiting the influence of special interest groups, including corporate lobbyists, on politics.

    The coexistence of modern capitalism and democracy was supported by the creation of the modern welfare state in the post-war period which enabled a relatively stable political atmosphere and widespread support for capitalism. This period of history is often referred to as the Golden Age of Capitalism.

    1) Minimum wage ACT
    2) Social Security
    3) Medicare
    4) Anti-Employment Discrimination ACT


  34. Oh F off.
    I spent half of the summer helping my neighbor building his fence. FOR FREE. I guess I am a god dam socialist for helping my 62 year old neighbor.

    It must be all about profit.

  35. 'Socialsm breeds thuggery.' In other words, its a re-phrase of Acton 'All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'

  36. "If you vote for a socialist you might get socialism."
    And then she tries to shut him up. Watching The View destroys brain cells.
    You had good intentions Sen. Paul, but you demean yourself being seen with that much stupidity.
    And considering where you work that's saying something.

  37. The Scandinavian countries aren’t even the socialist countries people in the US think they are. They are not authoritarian, they do enjoy “free” higher education though often must take loans for living expenses while studying, and they enjoy “free” healthcare but must pay to see medical specialists. All in exchange for an average of 50-60% income tax. Any politician who doesn’t admit to a tax rate close to this is lying.

  38. Why would you not want to support Socialism, knowing full well with it that you can live a full rich life by living off the taxes of others????

  39. You conservatives are confused. You are mixing communism with socialism. Stalin, mao and those guys were communists. Socialism in other has worked in in europe. And the strange thing is that every american who who lived there a
    has good things to say.

  40. I don't like that about Latin Americans often shout or talk over others. Italians do this as well.
    I'm not generalizing, it's actually seen as a normal practice!!

  41. Misconceptions about socialism.
    A whole misconceptions carries from socialism because wrong egg's are hatched from embryo's of socialism.

    Democrat's war's with it's own socialism it created. And how wise is accusing President for Dem's socialism.

    So let the Turk's and Kurd's nullify their socialism.

  42. Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership of the means of production and workers' self-management, as well as the political theories and movements associated with them. Social ownership can be public, collective or cooperative ownership, or citizen ownership of equity. There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them, with social ownership being the common element shared by its various forms.

  43. Talking on the view is the equivalent of trying to teach 4 pigs geometry, the pigs will enjoy it but the pigs won't learn a thing and you'll get covered in filth.

  44. I have noticed Fox News not being recommended by youtube like it used to. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this… just sayin.

  45. Uhhh if there was no socialism we wouldn’t have worker rights, read and look up capitalism in America before socialism how you would have to live and buy products from your company’s store. Read up on socialism’s fundamentals rather than communism or calling a totalitarian a socialist

  46. Blabber mouth be-och! You best believe it breads thugs here. I’ll never forget a teenager telling me “it takes a village to raise a child “, and that kid was a gangbanger! ?

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