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The Meteorological Department said that there are fewer possibilities of rain in the coming days, media reports said that in the country, Please Subscribe cold and dry winds are expected in the north and northwestern areas, despite the rain in the coming days. There are very few possibilities. Since many areas of Islamabad, including Islamabad, water shortages may occur. Satellite images contained on the Meteorological website indicate that Gulf Bengal But clouds in Northern Ireland and North America and Baluchistan are covered, but the whole region is clear from Bangladesh to Afghanistan. An Meteorologist says that if the West comes strong enough, it can bring cloud from Iran to Pakistan. There are some moisture in the middle from light to mid-morning. Meteorological conditions have said that calm and low intensity can occur, and cold and dry weather is in many parts of the country, whereas extreme cold weather is in the upper parts of the country. The lack of water has also affected the supply of water in the country and in the Please Subscribe

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