Race to contain coronavirus ramps up as China restricts travel

Race to contain coronavirus ramps up as China restricts travel

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  1. They need to stop traveling to America my family lives in Illinois if they get infected I don’t know what I’ll do

  2. Not enough attention on the virus. Much2 more serious then in the news else wud not locked not 15 cities and 30+ millions people.

  3. I'm asian and we are freaking out about this new virus because it comes right at the biggest travel time of chinese travellers.
    People in the world please, after sars, maybe, just maybe, learn to stick to normal pork beef chicken.

  4. Watch the movie contagion. Movie came out in 2011 nine years have gone by since that movie. 11+9=20 coronavirus 2020.

  5. Global warming? Nuclear war?…no.
    A global pandemic that originates in China will be what decimates the Human race.

  6. how come no one mentions that the patent for this coronavirus is own but a uk firm funded by bill gates.
    people are playing with fire.. releasing virus on other countries will only bring boomerang back or reciprocated kindness with kindness.

  7. I guess the thing about it is , our immunity systems haven't been exposed to this virus strain before , and it sounds like it has mutated enough from a strictly animal virus to pass from human to Human now … I read something that said it is a "snake" virus , don't know if there's any truth in that though (??) … I think wash your hands a lot more in public places , be careful about things others have touched , restaurant salt/pepper , self serve food islands , rest rooms , door handles , etc.

  8. One Child Nation. I would be surprised if there were anything other than self interest involved for their communist country.

  9. WHO US airport staff are carefully screening passangers coming from china
    Passenger I just got off a flight from wuhan china, I have a cou..
    Airport staff ight you're good, Next

  10. day 1 – Don't worry everything is under control
    day 7 – Ok, we might have a problem here
    day 30 – corpses on streets, Elon Musk escaping to Mars

  11. Let's hope this doesn't get out of control. Quarantine China and track down any travelers who visited Wuhan in the past 3 months. My understanding is that China has already quarantined 3 cities, upwards of 20 million people and that there is no transportation in or out of these cities. I watched a video this morning purported to be of Wuhan and the streets basically empty.

  12. Good luck with that, the coronavisrus is already all over the world…63 cases in 22 states in the US (that was about 2000 CST today)…wonder how many there will be in another week?

  13. stop all travel to and from China. Stop all imports from China. Any Americans in China currently sorry you get to stay there

  14. stop all travel to and from China. Stop all imports from China. Any Americans in China currently sorry you get to stay there

  15. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a plot by CCP to use biological warfare to gain control of Hongkong. Making it look like a random outbreak by first infecting one of it's own regions, mysteriously making it's way to hongkong and other disputed regions.

  16. 4:22 Can I just tell you one thing Americans, DO NOT TRUST THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. It's been a month since the virus broke out already! And people are arrested by telling the truth earlier this month. They will continue to try to contain this if it hasnt spread to other countries. I seen people collapsed randomly on the street and hundreds of people lining up outside of wuhan hospitals.
    They are not quick to respond to this at all!!!!!! So frustrating

  17. according to health experts and the CDC, the flu is a far graver health threat in the US than the Wuhan coronavirus.

    Since October, up to 20,000 Americans have died of the flu. During the severe 2018 flu season, 80,000 people in the US died.
    And no one reporting that. Fake news.

  18. Yeah that dr was the most uneducated liar ever. yeah don’t worry about the flu that kills 1,000s of people every year or the 45 million people that are suppose to be on the move for the Chinese New Year. It killed 17 people two days ago, yesterday the number moved to 26, and today it’s at 41 don’t be fooled by lies. Also the infected in China went from a couple of hundred people to 1,500+ in a few days with a vaccine month’s way this will spread

  19. What’s the point of interviewing a bunch of people who just read of news from somewhere else. The “expert” opinion is not even true

  20. Well Has Anyone Bothered To Ask Bill & Melinda Gates How The Virus They Own The Patent On Since 2015 Ended Up Being Released In Wuhan China?
    Since The Gates Foundation Funded The Creation Of The Corona Virus Wouldn’t That Make Bill And Melinda Gates Responsible For The Deaths?

  21. Leftist Marxist Democrats are now calling this virus TDS virus as it seems to be spreading among Liberals sources say. There is no cure for TDS Virus and many will die.

  22. i'm from wuhan and i 'm very concerned. some
    YouTubers are arrogant and ignorant and comment like a "keyboard warrior " . from scientific point of view it takes more than a 1 week to identify the RNA of the virus ,where the virus come from and whether it is contagious from animal to human or human to human from 1st (spotted time )to 10th this month ,and it break out at about 15th . and i must admit the local authority of wuhan underestimate the spread speed and the serious consequences of the horrible virus , someone must take the responsibility and get punished , say ,the wuhan mayor .

  23. How can I stop fox bullshits news to autoplay Everytime I finished a real news channel video I watch and follow? I have 0 or no interest in fox news

  24. I apologize in advance for this. Why in the hell does cavuto always sound like he's being strangled? I know thats his voice, I just cant stand it. In 8th grade my teacher had such a weak voice that when she tried to sound upset, It just sounded like she was trying to catch her breath…..anyways, speak up cavuto, let a cough out every once in awhile……rant over, I apologized in advance already remember

  25. Well, thanks to liberals who travel to China, it appears that China has finally succumbed to the Trump Derangement Virus (TDV) …

  26. Wait until the coronavirus gets to San Fran. and other cities with huge homeless problems. It will go through the homeless population like the plaques of yesteryears.

  27. I graduated HS in 2002 and I don’t even REMEMBER SARS and that whole outbreak at all! That’s why we shouldn’t listen to kids politically tbh

  28. What about all the people on the airplane with that guy? How about their contacts? This is an impossible task. Get your masks and surgical gloves peeps.

  29. 26 DEASTHS REALLY, COME ON, there were bodies everywhere on the ground outside. The HOSPITAL had bodies all over the floors. Its TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE of what the NEWS reports!

  30. People who go to third world nations like China, deserve what they get… however it's woefully obvious the CDC is WEAK in detection technologies and the DOJ weak in shooting those who have been exposed.

  31. Well I guess if you're going to get it now would be the time at least you'll get a Posh bed and all kinds of care. As the hospitals fill up and become overrun that will definitely fall off.

  32. 30,000 Americans die of influenza every year and the average person doesn't wear a mask. The media typically whips idiots into a frenzy and idiots typically accept being whipped into a frenzy.

  33. To the Chinese person who ate the bat if you're still alive: Why in the hell would you eat a bat? Were you trying to make a maggot gag?

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