Psychiatrist On ‘The Essential Emptiness Of President Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Psychiatrist On ‘The Essential Emptiness Of President Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Psychiatrist On ‘The Essential Emptiness Of President Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. I put Obama first visiting Denmark!

    Emptiness is right. Why else so many useless wives and children, trump senior?

    Kim jong un did tame dotard.

  2. I'm not buying that the Mooch just realized it was time to break rank with the Tangerine Toddler. What straw broke that camel's back that he hadn't seen already 1000 times?

  3. Donald Trump has promoted a claim that he is the “king of Israel” and the “second coming of God”
    G7 meeting in France? Beware Trump will appear with s halo!!! The true Mafia boss. Loyalty!!!!
    Call in the medics. Urgently.

  4. I live in Australia and Trump's lunatic behavior normally heads up our nightly news. It was amusing at first… now disbelief is what we feel. It's hard to believe that a country capable of putting a man on the moon would leave this lunatic in power. It's even more hard to believe that those in the Republican party sit idly by and do nothing about removing him from office. What a pack of useless sycophants. They must at least feel embarrassed to be associated with him…. one would hope….

  5. I wonder if Donald Trump has ​​​​​​​Tertiary Syphilis? Adolph's doctor suspected that he had contracted it in his early twenties as the symptoms included violent mood swings, sudden criminal behavior, paranoia, grandiosity, and mania.

  6. I told you from the beginning Trump is the ANTI CHRIST!!! HE IS NO CHRISTAIN.. Get him out of office now before it's to late.!!!

  7. I know the psychiatrists and psychologists aren't saying it but I spent the last year dealing with someone who is very much like Trump and that person is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. The person is a member of my family and we did everything we could. It was scary to see how much her behavior mirrored Trump's behavior. Nothing helped. Nothing worked. The clue to me is the use of the word "empty." That is a Borderline symptom. Also, Borderlines have to have their own way and because they are so empty inside, they have to have everyone agree with them. And they need constant praise. Oh, you have no idea how ridiculous it can get with the constant need for praise. Everything little thing they do, they expect praise. Wash the dishes. Feed the cat. Take out the trash. Every chore that is just a part of daily living for the rest of us, Borderlines will call attention to it and wait for the forthcoming praise. God help you if you don't.

    It's a freakin' nightmare dealing with them. They never apologize and never say "Thank-you." Never. Not once. They aren't wrong – everyone else is. That face that Trump makes at his rallies when he says something and everyone starts clapping. You know the face I mean. I've seen that face so many times. It's what I call Borderline Smug. Those people at his rallies are feeding the mental illness. They just have no idea what a bad idea it is to egg on a Borderline. I remember the counselors telling our family, when we finally said, "Enough, that's it, we're done" that putting out foot down would cause it to get much much worse before it got better. They were right. Almost $2,000 in damages and a restraining order later, we have not seen our family member since court last winter.

    Trump is becoming worse because the Democrats took over the House and he isn't getting his way like before. Also, people are starting to jump ship which let me tell you, Borderlines become unhinged at the first sign of what they believe is rejection. Doesn't matter that you are taking care of yourself. It is rejection and their empty souls can't handle it. I really fear for this country. Trump is a Borderline. And it will get worse before it gets better. Sadly, the only way to make it better is to get the Borderline out of your life. America is in big trouble. The people that voted for him, for someone as truly sick as he is, have no idea what they've done.

  8. Demagogue  "a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument".

  9. The strength that Denmark found – just wasn't hard to find at all. They don't worship the US Dollar, for one thing.

  10. MSNBC you are disgusting. How about trying truly honest fact, yes FACT, reporting instead of garbage emotional triggers. You can say it as many times as you want, still you're not believed or trusted

    J.C(Jesus Christ)

  12. Donald Trump is reading a prepared script, written by Cambridge University nerds. He’s playing everyone for the political game. All this “Trump is insane” talk just breeds confusion. Vote him out! Should be all anybody says.

  13. Yet, the Democrats have done nothing to control trump or hold him to consequences. They’re not much better than the Republicans.

    Our political system in the United States is broken.

  14. I said this yesterday.. it's no way this dude can have REAL friends if he automatically turns on anyone who doesn't agree with him…. he's a very insecure person!!!

  15. It is his loathing of self and this is why he builds himself up, so that others will believe it and make it become reality. Trump is so pathological, textbook cluster B personality disorder.

  16. Caucasians…Truth be told…this is how we, ADOS…have viewed your ancestors, since the beginning, he is no surprise to us. They had the same mindset, actions and rhetoric toward our people. Funny, how many of you are acknowledging the insanity of this sort of personality and denouncing it. Still…..we are ;(

  17. So…American Democracy has shown that it can elect and honour the Most powerful man on earth who is a lunatic!
    Shouldn't that be sufficient reason for America to overhaul their system of Democracy….???
    Or does Americans want the world to blow up in flames because they still think they have safeguards to prevent a lunatic from doing that!???
    Does the world have to put up with American Ego even when the danger is so great?

  18. EVERY generation has its anti-Christ,
    like positive and negative always exist.
    When we think it only applies at a different time,
    the truth is what we’ve missed.

    Every generation is equally accountable
    for the actions of their souls,
    so there will always be the antagonist
    who thwarts Christ’s sacred goals.

    Positive and negative always exist.
    it’s what gives electrons their spin.

    Either you believe in respecting your brethren
    branched from shared roots, long ago,
    or you’re deceived to believe the Golden Rule
    is not applicable to know.

    You can follow a leader driven by greed
    and motives not lovingly pure,
    or you can obey the Spirit of Humanity,
    and in the Beatitudes, be sure.

    Every generation has its anti-Christ;
    that’s just how it works.
    Believing it doesn’t apply in our time,
    is how each noose successfully jerks.

    W. Joseph Stegner, Jr.
    June 23, 2017


  20. While Trump, like Obama and Clinton, are degenerate psychopaths, these two dipshits on this video, Lawrence O'Donnell and Dr. Lance Dodes are also degenerate and pathetic liars who are disgraceful, at best.

  21. At this point, Trump no longer has "supporters", only cult-followers. CULT45… These people have made a conscious decision to accept lying, racism, sexism, corruption and utter incompetence.

  22. This is getting very embarrassing for the United States of America! The rest of the world recognizes the degree of insanity but 40% of Americans don’t!

  23. Demonrats record….chicago, Baltimore, Portland, Detroit, Seattle, NYC, Jersey, and the whole state of California.
    All dim controlled high tax high crime record homeless 💩holes.
    The dim record is an embarrassment.

  24. The best conmen have such a hold over their marks that the people they have scammed will do ANYTHING to back them up, lend them money, cheer them when the conman is under scrutiny, and deny they have been down when swindled. Check the cults throughout history, especially in the USA, where there is a definite lack of rational thought, widespread mental illness and delusional deity-forming. The cream doesn't always come to the top…..many times it's the corrupted, tainted, satanic deluded and psychotic sociopath.

  25. Did the psychiatrist figure out Larry's "stop the hammering" problem? MSNBC, the tabloid talk show network is quite a comedy!! 🤣

  26. too little too late. the media should have been saying this all along. instead the media was afraid to say he's a liar and say he's mentally ill. the election of trump shows the deeply seeded racism which exists in the USA. he is the manifestation of everything with the US which was previously hidden.

  27. For Christ's sake….there were more jews killed in WWII than live here in the states. Why is there such a fuss for such a small voting block.

  28. Although I am not a mental health care professional, I believe that my mental health and knowledge of psychological issues is very high. There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump has NO mental health impairment and is FULLY capable of carrying out his duties as President in a healthy state of mind. Furthermore, I believe that the criticism of Trump from the perspective of professional psychologists and psychiatrists is at bottom POLITICAL. It is shameful and wrong of mental health professionals to exploit the trust that the American public has placed in them. Please stop the psychological exploitation of Americans used by these two 'professionals'. These two should be ashamed.

  29. Truthfully, I always thought Trump was being a joker. But the whole Greenland thing makes me thinks he's nuts😂😂 Putin loves Trump because he knows he is crazy and will contribute to America's downfall. It's documented that Putin never got over the fact the U.S. won the Cold War. They all flatter him because they know he's crazy.

  30. Spankenstein's Monster unleashed on America all because deplorables wanted to give Hillary a middle finger.

  31. The only lunatics here are the ones twisting Trump's words, which is every single Democrat in America. Trump isn't the one WEEPING on tv. Trump isn't the one lying about Russian collusion. Trump isn't the one screaming at the sky for 3 and a half years becuase you morons lost the 2016 election. TDS is terminal with you home brewed psychiatrists… "The nature of Democracy"

  32. There are only two or three diagnosis on the psychopathy scale beyond narcissist, psychopath and sociopath being two. Far beyond narcissist denotes a mentally ill criminal mind. Of course doctors can't make a diagnosis without meeting with a patient, which is why no doctor will say we put a sick individual in the office. Let's hope he doesn't push the button to make himself look good?

  33. Oh brother! You are just NOW coming to this conclusion? To some of us vastly better educated than trump it became manifest very early on what he truly was – a habitually belligerent bombastic delusional pathological liar, an impulsive confused incoherent weak mind, incapable of sustained reading or complex deep thinking, no understanding of even the basic principles of effective leadership, lack of understanding or sympathy for democracy humanity or the environment, and all of this consistent with a narcissistic anti-social personality disorder with ADD. And unfortunately one of the great hazards of electing significantly older men with established psychopathology to high office is that additional subtle age related impairment can greatly amplify these aberancies to the point of dangerous psychotic breaks. Who's brilliant idea was this? (answer – the ignorant rural racists collaborating with Putin and his mechanisms of influence and interference)

  34. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Where’s the clip of Trump turning to the heavens and calling himself King of the Jews?

  35. god is an idea, a thought ,a concept ……Donald ,not you .,get educated …… stupid are you ,…..from over the pond ….get out of our face ……k.c.

  36. Trump, like many who grow up in astounding wealth and power by name alone, suffers from narcissistic personality disorder traits. Perhaps even enough to label him a clinical narcissist. But it's not uncommon in those circles to develop some kind of narcissistic traits. And these traits can mesmerize people. I have had intimate relations to a girl who would later go on to befriend a guy who murdered and chopped a woman up. Latest news is that psycho has a new 18 year old girl writing him letters and kind of feeling in love with him (she even got a tattoo of him). These traits are highly convincing to some and make others feel repulsed. But we can't underestimate what makes some charismatic. We have had Hitler for christ's sake. People are willing to be swayed. And that's the real scary thing. Some "normal" people actually get attracted to these personality types.

  37. He likes Pence for VP because he knows people are more afraid of Pence than him. Dump Trump and get Pence? Not a good alternative.

  38. Schizophrenia When the disease is in full swing and symptoms are severe, the person with schizophrenia can't tell when certain ideas and perceptions they have are real or not. This happens less often as they get older

  39. For you 179 thumbs down trump supporters,stick around cause the mental health professionals may need to talk to you about your mental health problems too.

  40. I live in a tiny town where I am about the only one who doesn't think Trump should be a saint. Since his latest comments, I've noticed the most vocal deniers of all the idiotic comments Trump has made, have been verrrrrry quiet! Getting a bit hard to defend his declaring himself King of the Jews? Hmmm… You think maybe he's not as wonderful as you are always telling me he is?

  41. It was so obvious when I saw this man. No need to have psychiatry training to see that in my opinion. He is not a very good liar. Good liars can lie without being detected. Why he still has 40% approval rating in USA? that does not bode well for the NO. 1 nation on earth. Those supporters either cannot see that or just support him only for selfish reasons.

  42. Trump is the Cancer tumor that this sick system has produced, cooperate media played a major role to empower this insane man to be the president of US, because they put profit before wellbeing of the American people. To heal this sick system there is only one person, Bernie Sanders, he is the only experience Surgeon who can take out this Tumor and begin the cure of this society and the world; otherwise the forces of EVIL will continue to destroy this country and the world. Let’s do everything we can to get Bernie to the White House, so our revolution begins the BURN.

  43. No 25!. It's a con(like everything about him) and he will try to use it to get away with his crimes. He's just a sociopath who frankly doesn't care and thinks he's so powerful that he can circumvent the law. If he's really insane and doesn't know the difference, then what about Barr, MCCONNELL, GRAHAM, etc? Are they all insane? Is Kim Jung Un insane? Is MBS insane when orders death when it pleases him?
    He's not insane. He knows what he's doing. He doesn't care!
    I think it would be a serious injustice for him to end up in a cushy mental hospital complete with golf courses.

  44. Yes, he is mentally ill, completely ill. So if he doesnt go into an institution (and shuts up) you Americans have to shoot him. He is a crazy animal running wild. Shoot that thing dead.

  45. We need apply one mental exam to anyone trying to be president of United States.
    Excessive power on hands of any little man or woman. Standards for elections needs to be change or we are condemned to get another Trump or worst.

  46. This is a potentially DISASTEROUS situation. Although these words originate from someone else, (who really IS unhinged) and trump merely rebroadcast them, this shows, at best, a serious lack of judgement and an ego which is totally out of control. However, if he repeated those words believing them to have any substance, then he could be dangerously unstable. He should be relieved of his office and immediately examined.

  47. When is the press going to admit that Trump is defending into full fledged mental illness crisis. The system does NOT have in place any protection from a president suffering from a mental breakdown! This is the most dangerous person on the planet because with mental illness (be it dementia, bi-polar or others) the person afflicted CANNOT be controlled and is unperdictable to the extreme. The last several months have shown a man with obsessive compulsive tendencies, narcissism, fluctuating mood swings, paranoia and erratic thought patterns. AND WE ARE SUFFERING FOR IT! Extreme measures are called for. Just as with an ailing parent who is suffering from dementia you can have them declared mentally unfit we have to do this with this president. Chosen one or not!

  48. The comments he made about being the "King of the Jews" and the "Second coming of God" are verbatim quotes from a far Right supporter of Israel. He probably knows about it because those around him only show him articles and media that stroke his ego. His staff and family are making it easy for him to live in his own little world and the more criticism he gets, the more desperately he needs to see and read things that reinforce his narcissistic view of himself. This is very quickly going to get much worse.




    The above, when combined with Mr. Trump's clear tendency to support white nationalists, express admiration for kleptocrats, tyrants, autocrats and despots. Commit criminal acts and consort with criminals (Mafia and Russian Mafia), and apparently conspire with at least one foreign government to subvert US democracy.
    Mr. Trump would appear to be exactly the type of person who should be ruled unfit to hold any Public Office, should be in jail, and must never under any circumstances be allowed within a thousand miles of Washington DC. With the following exceptions for the purposes of prosecution or incarceration.

  50. Have your guest Doctor look at this Lawrence……
    And if Trump ever does this on Camera then we have a Problem loL

  51. Hey doc did you take a detailed history and examine the patient? Did not think so you above all people should not make a presumptive diagnosis without having all your information at hand. Makes me wonder how you got a medical license if you have one that is. Only quacks like you show up on MSNBC talking garbage.

  52. Still, and will remain the President of the United States…Donald CRAZY Trump…the voice and face of the USA. At what point did the Republican party cease to care about America, and let this nut job stay in power. Near 16 months to go, and the cliff edge of insanity draws nearer. America today, under trump..ABSURD

  53. Paranoid Schizophrenic, Bipolar, Malignant Narcissist, Psychopathic describes Drumpf to a T. He is mentally dangerous and needs to be locked up.

  54. The world is going insane. Limits to Growth, the 6th Mass Extinction, Peak Oil. Trump is the next step in our downward trajectory.

  55. So that's fake president couldn't be happy being a con artist he has to be king of the Jews.
    TIME TO PUT THE. 🤕🤯😷🤪
    25 IN TO PLAY
    Before America take more hits from him . He has destroyed America's reputation and now he's calling himself King of the Jews . Just because you found Ivanka converted doesn't make him King.🤑🤯💩

  56. I am from Florida . I know Andy Gillum. He has his head stuck so far up his backside that he thinks he sees daylight up there. Florida really dodged a bullet. He would turn Florida into California. Something No sane Floridian wants. MSDNC is, and always has been, 100% in the tank for weird leftist politics. Look at what Mr. Gillum did to Tallahassee. Keep up the really great work, MSDNC !

  57. Please people do not give this Criminal an alibi of "insanity". Mentally Insane people do not became millionaires with other people's money! Trump behaves like any mobster who knows he is surrounded would. Trump knows the FBI got him, he was caught red handed, and he knows he does not have any escape. Besides, he behaves and speaks like any corrupt tyrant on Earth would. Compare the crazy things he says and does to what Putin, Hitler, Chavez, Kim Joung Un, etc do or did. Make a parallel, you will find plenty of coincidences. Of course Trump is much less smart than Putin is.

  58. "Cohen: If Trump losses in 2020 election, it wont be a peaceful transition." Would the psychiatrists order a straight jacket to protect himself and those around him?

  59. The choice is this. We can leave a Raving Lunatic in office, or we can use the Twenty Fifth Amendment and put a religious zealot in office that will turn America into the Handmaids Tail. Either of these choices is bad from my point of view. Republicans have gone off the deep end. Separation of Church and State is non existent. We are about to take a giant leap back. Not moving forward.

  60. OK, NOW can we have Orange Hitler put to sleep? Maybe we can send him to “a farm in the countryside where he can run free…”.

  61. Dr. Lance Dodes suffers from attention deficit. He spews his hatred on demand. Today it's CNN, in March it was MSNBC. Who cares?

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