100 Replies to “PROOF: The World is Laughing at Donald Trump

  1. To give such ignorance the time of day is embarrassing enough, but then y'all think you're cool and that's just sad. Television is what's wrong to earth and life.

  2. ok first of all That guy Collins Didn't  "Yell  & Shout" also when Trump said they are laughing at US it's because we have made Bad deals in the past & got screwed Over. so president Bush & Obama allowed that, BUT you people are too F**kin Blind & Stupid to see or know about that.

  3. Trump is a joke and because of his stupidity, the world is laughing at us… And I'm a Republican. Did not vote for this thing.

  4. 2 Pansy, Prissy, Pu$$ies and a Troll doll……………… lol. Who gives a sh!t what those 3 retards think? They're a joke. Their county's are falling apart. Let em laugh

  5. The Founding Fathers would be disgusted by the Democrats, their race baiting, lying, corruption and ineffectiveness. They would greatly appreciate Trump.

  6. Kimmel is a DNC puppet. Why don't you tell your low information audience that the "three constitutional scholars" are Hillary donors, Trump bashers and one who said that Sharia law is the finest legal system ever created? Scumbag Kimmel. You LIE

  7. "I watched reviews. I watched Hannity, Sean Hannity. I watched Laura Ingham, I watched Tucker Carlson, I watched…". Executive Time at work.

  8. Why don't you tell your low information audience that the Office of Budget Management phone number was WRONG! WRONG NUMBER! Schiff screwed up Why don't you tell them you inveterate liar?

  9. Why are people the Donald Trump of whatever country because they like their own country. Are you not allowed to like your own country or something? lol..

  10. America! My fellow Patriots, Impeachment won't pass in the Senate.
    Save our Country and our DEMOCRACY! VOTE BLUE IN 2020! ✌??


  12. When did it came okay to make fun of a seating President.. it's funny the last President we had did not get made funny of nearly as much as our current President does… You people are so desperate to find anything you can against our President that it's just disgusting.
    People are just mad because they can't control our current President get over yourselfs……

  13. its funny cuz if the whole world leaders are lol @ president trump of americs it means america is a joke and that includes you jimmy

  14. Loved this Video I know I sure want Trump outta there before its to late I pray he gets impeached soon I do not an will never like Trump I sure was sad when I watched as he became our President I sure know this I do not feel comfortable or safe with him being our President not even for one more minute

  15. Ha haaa! I bet Jimmy Kimmel wished half the world were laughing at him…being a comedian an all! Cept he isnt funny…except to his canned laughter audience…

    Another.."Trump will never be president!" merchant.

  16. The world isn't laughing at you kimmel you're on a 2am because no one can stand you. The world wish they had trump so they could get their jobs back from china and have a booming economy. Your viewers only see what you're fake media shows them and most of the networks around the world think the democrats are corrupt and power mad. We are waiting for you to destroy your own country.

  17. Lets take a closer look at who's laughing at Donald Trump shall we?

    Justin Trudeau. Regarded as softie and a fool throughout most of the world. Only reelected because there is no unified opposition in Canada. May be the PM of Canada as the country breaks apart thanks to his policies. Just oversaw the loss of almost 100 000 jobs.

    Emmanuel Macron. Currently trying to rule a country that is practically in rebellion against his rule. Currently overseeing his 13th straight month of near constant protest. Has a popularity rating in the low 20s, less than half of Trump's.

    Angela Merkel. Regarded by most as the soft hearted fool who threw open Europe's doors without consulting anyone and sparking a massive refugee crisis. Currently watching as her coalition collapses.

    All three are massively unpopular, and all three are currently watching as their country's economies are rapidly slowing down and shrinking.

    Meanwhile, the US economy is the highest it has ever been, unemployment is the lowest it has ever been. The US is almost energy independent and doesn't have to beg the Russians or the Saudis for oil.

    So, who's laughing now?

  18. Obama was the one who held back Ukraine's money. Trump gave them jets, Obama gave Ukraine blankets. You just lie for the lib dem socialist commies. Disgusting.

  19. Do you believe in open door policy, ok
    Keep it opened.
    And say hello!!!!!
    To rats
    Drug gangs
    Trafficked and exploited
    Middle Eastern backward mentality.
    So what do you want in your country?
    No court case against an illegal alien who drove his stolen car over your dead body?
    He is taking back your country for which youll should be proud.
    ILove Trump, from India

  20. The campaign manager of Yang is thinking " REALLY YANG, ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS……ENOUGH OF THIS MALARKEY, CUT THE CRAP YANG !!! " ?

  21. Omg what a shock jimmy Kimmel is trying to make fun of Trump. There was a point in time where you could watch talk shows that weren’t so political so often right?

  22. They're not laughing at him, they're laughing with him. We're all laughing at how the democrats are getting caught in they're corruption, and it's all gonna hit the fan soon. That's why they want Trump out. They don't want the people to know the truth

  23. That a boy Jimmy… Suck on that French COKK.

    Fukk Socialist Europe… Just look the French protest brought on by ur liberalism.

  24. Jimmy Kimmel thinks that using his fame gives him valid points. He can say what ever he wants, but it’s disappointing how he constantly knocks on trump. He never gives him credit for the great things he has done. It’s just sad that the left can’t try and do the most good out of a situation they think is bad. They have tried to stop him in every way.

  25. The World isn't laughing at Donald Trump, the World is laughing at The United States for giving other countries millions if not billions of dollars while our sick and homeless are neglected. Donald Trump is good at making profitable business deals, which is a huge reason he was elected. To do exactly just that for our country. Dems and Liberal News need to get out of his way and let him do what he is best at doing…"For Our Country"!!!

  26. Would someone please tell me what is wrong with Trump other than the fact that he is not social just. Life is soooool good right now.

  27. NO, the world is laughing at YOU "Jimmy Kimmel" and at all you mainstream media GOONS. We are laughing at you thinking you are still influential when no one give on care about what scripts you robots recite on air. It must suck to be you, considering how influential late night TV hosts USED to be in the days of Johnny Carson when late night TV hosts were kings of the air waves. You're just a nobody pretending to be influential. No one is listening, and now you a**es and goons are trying to shut down free speech because you cannot even compete with people we actually like and listen to on YouTube.

  28. This will all backfire on these creeps. Love or hate Trump he is still the President and still the leader of Nato in reality . He deserves some respect . They want to close down Nato and are trying to anger Trump to leave Nato . Why Canada would be conspiring with the EU is dangerous .

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