Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY

Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY

100 Replies to “Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY

  1. Well harry left his royal life is over and so is Americas. Dang I was so disappointed that our American princess was so thin skinned. She was a Hollyweird elites so yeah. Go figure. There regular mr and Mrs Windsor from now on. I wish them both well on the journey.

  2. Of course, Canada suits Meghan better. In Canada she will be the only Duchess, while in UK she is "only" a Duchess. What is next? Will she enter the Canadian politics to become the Queen of Canada?

  3. They want us to believe photographers were 'hiding in the bushes'…to whom was Meghan smiling? Why doesn' t she carry Archie correctly in the carrier? Doesn't want him right in her face?

  4. It's so entertaining to see how so many cold-blooded people created a need for him to not want to be a standing Target but when he leaves he's accused of abandoning the UK. Sorry snakes, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Good for you Prince Harry. Enjoy your wife in a more peaceful environment.

  5. What a wrecker she is..only an angry woman will do such a thing..Harry is a beta ..following his wife what a weak guy..

  6. Will someone PLEASE, PLEASE show Meghan how to hold/ carry that baby? It's painful for me to watch. Not a hard thing to do.

  7. Are they officially Brits, Canadians, Americans, Pseudo Naturalized North American Vacationers or what?? Guess we'll have to wait for their lavish $40 million nationality reveal party.

  8. Jeez don't you think there are more problems going on in the world than this, why don't you all stop worrying about the sussexes. For God's sake get a life.

  9. Wowww so so so proud of megan n harry bravest souls on earth … you guys n you are an inspiration to me n many other …… love you love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Meghan: American Sleeper cell leader –

    Mission Accomplished..

    And y'all thought I acted good on Suits..

    Get rekt

  11. There are many psychos in the world. Just imagine the things people would do to the royals if they went without the protection of bodyguards for a moment … just an insane thought.

  12. I like a lot of the positive comments from every one and its true every one is getting to Know the real truth behind all these nasty things that are being said about méghan and husband They Will make it i wish them well, They have not done any body wrong let them live their lives in peace

  13. English media are racist and focus more on what Megan and Harry are doing rather then what Andrew Paedophile is doing. You can still sell your stinking filthy magazines focusing on his filth rather then these two. Leave them have a life and get on with your filthy life you bunch of scavengers.

  14. If they leave Megan alone all the negative comments about her, maybe Harry had enough, she is his wife, of course, he will pick her over royalty.

  15. Here sister is a snake in the grass its all about being evil minded because meghan is following her Dreams, some families are very devious


  17. Germaine Greer had it right. That at some point Meghan would have to leave. That she should enjoy it while it is good then get out of the royal family. It seems that the non royals are given a hard time and have to leave Diana. Sarah. Meghan. Just walk away. Regarding the crown jewels that Meghan can no longer borrow. The Queen called Paris at the time of Diana's death to make sure she did not have any crown jewels on her.

  18. Your topic should be about andrew he still in your country. Harry left your country leave him alone enough. This is what they want a happy quiet life

  19. I’m American and I have no clue. Don’t hate me btw this sounds interesting till me why some Canadians are mad? Btw I think I spell that right 🤔

  20. They are running away from home and escaping to Neverland. Escaping the evil clutches of a cruel system. I hope they will be free and live happily ever after

  21. Because being a common citizen is much better then having to live a fake life in the higher realms of “heaven” aka the CAPITAL within the CAPSTONE of the pyramid… when you are in the higher degrees of “the order” you lose all individual free will, and are forced to perform as a pre created character.

  22. This is our president by default if President Trump is impeached. American politics can be confusing, fractured and regressive but people are trying to emulate the seed that is our mother government Take care, homie

  23. Windsor’s are Germanic blooded and Harry is his Mom’s son. And he is 6th in line. He will never be the King. It is a known fact that Harry has been wanting to break free of this institution. Now with this exit, he will be able to do what he wants to do. Have some normalcy in his life. And yes now they can get away from the same very brutally unfair scum of the earth British press, and their “so passionate”fans reading those vicious gossips. Those very disgusting pressures, lies, hate that killed his Mom. They offered to reimburse the money spent on their cottage. You taxpayers will NOT have to worry about their expenses. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! They are humans who simply want to live their lives. He has a family now and he did say they have been going through a LOT of bias, unfair press and more negative stuff. Again you were not present when they took their decisions. Even your Queen added she is proud of Meghan for having integrated the family so smoothly. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! But one question why do you hold so much to an institution ( describes by many as very dysfunctional) which is beneficiary of the taxes you pay? Now that he has a family, more then ever he wants to protect it. Can we just wish them well?

  24. They can do what they want. We should all have the freedom to chose, no one is a slave. Some people will continue to pressure others to the point of being a psychopath.

  25. It’s going to be worse , they should’ve just stayed kingdom people ! And bodyguardsv!
    What has changed paparazzi is going to eat them up

  26. How will they earn a living? She made like 30 million dollars before she was 25 years old.. She will be fine.. What will he do with out having everything in his life handed to him.

  27. Why does Britain even have a stupid Royal famliy who live on tax payers money and then you have pervert Andrew the royal famliy member 😅 …. I never really understood the British and they royal famliy …. What does the Royal family do for Britain …. I shall be leaving Britain soon just like Harry left 😅😅😅 and who can blame him 😅😅😅

  28. I have a feeling, there might be a divorce, Meghan is too manipulative.  Harry will get sick of it.  He will go back to the palace to do his duty. Believe it.

  29. I am sooo happy for Harry and Meghan!! They deserve this I wish them the the most wonderful life together!!!!

  30. As soon as the cameras get off Meghan and Harry God’s punishment for prince Andrew will be number one topic in North America

  31. How ridiculous! Kate has been seen wearing leggings and boots countless times. They’re not required to walk their dogs wearing a tiara.

  32. Missy Markle looks happy to see the paparazzi, hubby Harry wants to litigate
    They are kidding themselves if they think they have dodged the limelight by moving to Canada.
    I give them 2 years before she moves to LA chasing the hollywood star and he heads back to the UK to chase his princely lifestyle he was born into

  33. 6 week in Canada under royal family protection ZERO photos taken

    Outside royal family protection Photos photos photos

    And people say Meghan and Harry aren't the Village Idiots of the the royal family

  34. She TOTALLY told that camera guy where SHE was gonna be…its all a set UP..Shes so SMUG…and 2 body guards…lol…hows THAT being independent. Harry PIMPING them both OUT to Disney, saying that they are both available for appearances and voice over work…WOW…DISGUSTING

  35. You can clearly see that he loves her so much that he basically gave up who he has been all he’s life. She’s playing him like a tiny violin. She knew where she was getting into. It’s not like she found out after the marriage that he was a prince. She was already a divorced. Either she’s going to cheat on him or leave him in a few years. She should of never say yes if she wasn’t sure. I wish the best for Harry and Archie. Her, I don’t respect her anymore.

  36. Westjet.????
    I like how Harry left his Royal life behind for privacy, yet Meghan hired photographers to take pictures of her walking down the road with the dogs and the baby with his head crocked.
    No one sees the irony of this.??

  37. With all that money, why don’t prince William get some hair.. he’s pretty attractive but that balding is making him look quite older.

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