100 Replies to “President Trump: I don’t blame China, I blame past leadership

  1. In my book he is now President D.J. Scumbag. Check out the videos here from Fox news. Read some of the comments. His supporters still do not understand what a crazy lunatic this man is.

  2. Here is solid proof that Trump is not fit to be president. He thinks it would be a great idea to blow up hurricanes with atomic bombs despite the fact he has been told by experts why it will not work plus the fact it would be dangerous to the environment. Trump has a hamster wheel for a brain !!!!!!!!

  3. It's so perfectly Trumpian, that Merkel says something positive about deepening the conversation between USA and EU and Trump, not understanding a single word, goes "This doesn't sound good." 🤦‍♂️

  4. This Prime Minister Trump has an unhealthy fixation on that Obama guy. Probably something to do with his small pussy grabbing hands. Obama had large hands.

  5. CNN's Jim Acosta blasts Trump for ignoring his question about climate change LOL poor Jimmy his ego was bruised. No worries climate change is fake! America has nothing to worry about. So go and buy some charcoal in your huge SUV … start up the grill and enjoy an AOC farting cow medium rare steak mooooo y'all 🐴

  6. He'll love it once he's not president (hopefully Jan. 2021) and every president for the next 20 years will comment how they're still fixing the Trump administrations fuck ups.

  7. hahahaha……if he nuked a tornado and created a radiationado that turned everyone into extras for TWD, then he would still blame obama or and clinton!!!! this guy is a total loooooser.

  8. The DON is correct again
    It was the past POTUS's that allowed this mismatch/imbalance and no one cared except this POTUS
    We make 150 billion
    China makes 750 billion
    thats quite a deal if you can get out
    And the dims dont get it ???
    They get it and they get CHRIQ  
    and they get the homeless  
    and they get Illegals  
    and they get IRAN and the bomb ???
    They get but they are MUM
    They want to talk about the separated kids at the border
    cause the other problems are beyond their pay level ????

  9. Again President Pussy Grabber disses our country while over seas. Calling our journalists fake news. Blaming President Obama and many of our other presidents. Another Helsinki moment. Disgusting.

  10. The only time Melania smiles is when she's with Obama, or Trudeau.

    When she's with Fatty McTinyWeener she always looks depressed and suicidal.

  11. If we let this freaking lowlife put on the G7 summit at HIS OWN CLUB, we may as well make Putin president, becuse this is not a constitutional nation, anymore!

  12. Trump wins again! New trade deal with Japan. Chinese Yuan collapsed. China now asking to come back to the negotiating table. #TRUMP2020 #KAGA 🇺🇸

  13. I like watching the world waltz lying Donald Trump around like a lost kid at a Burger King…

    Trump is an ignoramus who had to cheat at checkers his entire life – and now he's getting SLAUGHTERED at chess.

  14. Soooo… been in a coma… did the Space Force deliver the check from Mexico that built the wall from American steel using union labor?

  15. What about the 25 tons!!!! of fentanyl just seized in Mexico shipped from china and destined for the USA! It is enough to KILL 98% of the WORLD POPULATION! And that of the USA several times over. WHY NO NEWS STORY ON THAT? (and that's what just what the caught) Where are the dems going to get campaign money? MEXICO. Why don't they want a border wall? NO DEAL FOR CHINA! BAN ALL CHINA IMPORTS. That was an act of chemical warfare!

  16. More toxic democrat propaganda ,President Trump is doing the right thing calling out China on unfair business practices and tariffs but America you need to help,buy American even if it cost more,in the long run your children will be better off.

  17. It's an interesting lot to the right all the Trump clowns whats Steven Mnuchin and Jared Kushner doing their do his clowns follow him around I thought it was the heads of government

  18. The only President that stood up to China. When your hate devouer you you see nothing good. CNN is rubbish they consume your mind. That is the reason you cannot see Trumps endgame.

  19. There is no leader in the U.S. Just another Mobster with cash concerns. When it comes to the American People , there is no respect.
    Hey, he was appointed, Not elected, Right?

  20. ……..FYI…..CNN moron fans…….ALL 4 FISA WARRANTS DEEMED…….ILLEGAL. Your day of reckoning just got a lot closer ! WINNING on EVERY LEVEL. Your loser, criminal hero Obama will be IMPLICATED in this ….100%.

  21. President Obama saved us from disaster and put us back on the right track despite Republicans obstructing him at every point. Trump and Republicans take credit as usual. And, unfortunately, the media got suckered in for much too long. But that's changing now.

  22. those former presidents all had the same tactic: lead a bunch of countries to make a fist. Forming a 'team' costs some money, but you'd make a shitload with your arms/weaponry deals all over and with the Saudis and their oily Islamic schemes. Somehow Saudi Arabia is still your ally, even under Trump… But the team was mainly within Europe and Asia/Middle East, specifically South Korea and Japan in Asia… Japan and South Korea both want the US around, but Trump only sees 'bad deals', without profit (in cash).

    China now does the same as the US did, but with Russia, Africa and also the Middle East. America First kind of ruined it all, like unilaterally withdrawing from the Iran deal (which was negotiated over decades). The US has always been untrustworthy, but now the US is unreliable as well. The rich dude's spoilt brat – a metaphor that became our reality… They burn everything down out of spite, while selling their grandma to the highest bidder…

  23. Joe ScarboroughMika BrzezinskiRachel M.David MuirDiane SawyerGorge StephanoloposJake TapperJeff Zuker

    Since the start of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in
    2016, These journalists have been relentlessly accusing him of collusion with
    Russia to sway the election. However, we have learned it was THEY who were
    taking payments from Hillary Clinton’s advisors to deliver her talking points
    to the public. Americans were kept in the dark about her crimes against the
    American people and believe instead that Trump is illegitimate and not actively
    working for the betterment of the country. The crimes of these people (@100)
    are fully documented, and they will face justice for the gravest violation of
    journalistic ethics in history.

  24. Still confused. Did he attend G7…or not..or just didn't attend specific parts of the summit. Nothing will surprise me at this point. I'm past the point of believing anything from any media source. Now I just try to figure out the angle of the spin

  25. Fuckin' POS moron should be treated as an enemy of the state, & publicly stoned. I would be proud to contribute as a rock thrower.

  26. China is getting hit on all sides. Make no mistake, if Trump chooses to flex the full economic and technological power of the USA, China is done. The U.S, even in a minor decline is still incredibly powerful. All of the projections of Chinese growth are contingent on a USA that allows it. Wumao is getting hammered from all sides, trade war, HK and Taiwan, food inflation, yuan deflation which means imports get more expensive couple with a historic low in manufacturing..

  27. Trump shouldn’t put the blame on China, but should learn to take responsibility for every fu€|{ he did during his first and only term as president. He’s like a 10 year old with a flamethrower, and no one wants that.

  28. The Left suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome comes from the fact that President Trump is attacking the Ideology of Socialism and Globalism. He is pointing this out. That is why the left is losing its Collective mind. And what is making it worse for the Left is that America is just not buying it

  29. The Left suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome comes from the fact that President Trump is attacking the Ideology of Socialism and Globalism. He is pointing this out. That is why the left is losing its Collective mind. And what is making it worse for the Left is that America is just not buying it

  30. Don't let this stupid fuck speak for all the United States of America. Clearly he continues to embarrass us all. Trump is not a president he is a moron.

  31. Lets stop choosing sides…..and Please check out Peter Navarro's documentary "Death by China"…as an independent, lets look at the real enemy…

  32. Trump is 100% right on trade. I hate Trump 100% but in trade China a communist country has been allowed to grow on US dollars flowing to China who has been using it's people as slaves and being allowed by our elected leaders. We fought the Vietnam war for nothing as we are currently indirectly enriching a communist party done by corporate America and purchased politicians on the left and right.

  33. Of course you can't blame China. Of course the blame lies with past leadership of the U.S. Why wouldn't China take advantage as long as they could get away with it? Strong leadership, like we have in president Trump would have put an end to it. President Trump – take no prisoners. He gets respect, and he is getting results.

  34. [email protected]“kwit puppet of the greedy filthy rich, publicly ending our world. F$&kwit deranged American voters who put him in there should be ashamed for doing this to your own and everyone in the worlds children’s future. He’s f$&cking us all over right in front of our faces and getting away with it. This is f$&cked, we’re all f$&ked. He’s a f$&ken idiot.

  35. Trump feel completely exhausted, when he sees dishonest people having wealth, or cruel people receiving respect and power

  36. Roberta Spence🤔Thoughts and prayers 🕊🌊SAVE🦅AMERICA🗽SAVE🕊OUR🌎PLANET🌊🐬🐳🦢🦜🐘🐅🐇🐒🌴🌵💐🌲

  37. Yes the other dumbass presidents are to blame. But in real news: the National Review has reported: Anti-Semitic and racist Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Has Paid Over $200,000 to Her Lover for ‘Fundraising She needs a good Shri Law pimp slap. I did not know Muslims allowed home-wrecking a family's

  38. Look at all the ball-less people talking trash here. Some of you can't even manage to be community leaders or hold down your own businesses and yet you trash talk about Trump, who has enough balls to deal with China and other countries that are killing the American economy due to political correctness. Trump is arrogant, I'll give y'all that, but you trash talkers have no idea what is takes to do what he's doing regardless of your senseless name calling.

  39. I don’t blame you, I blame the government for allowing you to make millions on the backs of many taxpayers money.
    Mr. 6 time plus Bankruptcist con artist. And where were the Feds have been all this time?

    I wonder how many brown people had to pay for white people crimes?

    Is When and where the malicious investigation kicks in!?

    Nasty, a disgrace Feds!

  40. Its everyone's fault for voting the same globalist politicians. We let them do what they want.Look what they are doing to Tulsi .He is not wrong think about it.

  41. Watch Steve Bannon on the trade war. Vastly more insightful than the China News Network. Suck a dick motherfuckers!!! TRUMP 2020

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