President Donald Trump Still Open To Background Checks? | All In | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Still Open To Background Checks? | All In | MSNBC

29 Replies to “President Donald Trump Still Open To Background Checks? | All In | MSNBC

  1. Russia owns the NRA; they bailed them out of bankruptcy! Russia owns the Republican party, because of greedy senators like Moscow Mitch, the commie traitor. Russia owns Donald Trump, because he owes them for years of loans for his failing business dealings. Russia's commie partner, Donald Trump, sold out America by asking for and accepting Russia's help in their interference in our elections so he could become president of the United States. Putin's master plan outsmarted the Republican imbiciles, and the American voters allowed this to happen. VOTE RUSSIA OUT! 2020! Vote Blue!!

  2. Read Trumps latest tweet, once again waving Emergency Powers at everyone. I know this sounds crazy today but mark my words. Trump is laying the ground work to suspend elections using his Emergency Powers and extend his rule. He wants to run the US like Xi and Putin. The Republicans are not bystanders. The Republican party is going to take over the US just like the Communist Party everywhere else. Trump is their Scapegoat. If it fails they will blame it all on him. If it works they will replace him once the Republicans have suspended government using the Emergency Powers act.

    Laugh at me today. I know you will. I know it sounds silly. But it's happening. And I'll be having the last laugh. So sit back and relax. Let it happen and prove me right. I dare you.

  3. FAKE audience sound effects note in the beginning all you see is the CIA agents clapping but no enthusiastic cheering (Just clapping) .. FAKE MSNBCannibal psyOP cheering

  4. This video has been downloaded and the fake cheering at the beginning has been forwarded to MARK DICE, Gateway PUNDIT , Breitbart news etc.. THEY ARE added sound effects!

  5. Trump may be many things – liar, evil, deplorable,
    bully, racist, violent, benighted, bigot, misogynistic, sinful, embarrassment to
    humanity – but one quality he tends not to possess is intelligence. And that it
    is the greatest danger. Donald Trump is absurd. His spresidency is absurd. His
    party is absurd.

  6. They need a universal background check on tRump! Many red flags and alarm bells! Republicans in the senate what are you guys are going to do with this is mad so called president! Hey let’s not forget the Muller report that does not exonerate tRump! Russia hacked our elections! And no Mexico did not pay for the wall! Smh

  7. Do liberals really think that banning guns, raising taxes, and supporting illegal immigration is a winning strategy?

  8. Senator Murphy, thank you for your continuous action with the White House on gun control! Please endorse Bernie Sanders in this election! He is our only hope!

  9. Background checks are already done for all gun sales, including shows. Private sales can't be monitored or prevented by any law. Assault weapons, guns having select fire option to allow automatic fire, are not available to civilians under current law. What exactly are they asking for, and what can the President do that would change anything? They still can't define the difference between a current background check and the "universal" check they keep mentioning. They still don't understand what assault weapons are, and now they are even referring to all white men as terrorists, racist and nationalists. Now they think Joe Biden is their best hope to win. At this rate, Trump's victory in 2020 is pretty much guaranteed.

  10. You guy's won't let Tulsi on the debate stage so you will lose again MSNBC. People see through your BS rigging of the democratic nominee.

  11. Chris is clearly trying to fill Colbert and Meyers' shoes and is terrible at it.

  12. Keep fighting the good fight, Senator Murphy. Here in Australia 🇦🇺 we are living proof that sensible gun legislation saves lives.

  13. Good luck banning iPhones, Donny, while you ban China from Planet Earth. Background checks are back? Like a Cocaine Pancake with ADHD, Trump flop flops for America . . . Smh

  14. Americans failure to appropriately treat people with mental difficulties and diagnoses comes at three levels. First, States choose to close their mental health hospitals suddenly and with no arrangements made for a transition of these people into the general community. Individual Counties were expected to pickup and start providing care for the mentally disabled, those with short-term emotional challenges, and those with frank diagnoses of mental illness. Their systems were overwhelmed and underfunded. Counties used private corporations to shift the legal responsibility and work from themselves. Then, when the recession came, these private corporations used purjury and strong arm tactics in the courts to restructure the care these patients received. Sometimes this was clearly done against doctor's orders with deadly results. It was a less advertised, but still deadly Flint Michigan. Sometimes the only thing that had put people in this "mental heath government cess pool" was that they had physical disabilities that required the use of Special Education teachers. Second, the Vietnam draft not only caused thousands of young men to flee the country, but also had them signing up in colleges to take advantage of the low tuition rates. A particular favorite was psychology, and many "baby boomer" psychologists graduated that had no talent or understanding of mental health. It was simply a means to an end. Third, the insurance companies believed that they would save money by restricting all "therapies". That included physical, occupational and mental health. The employer was paying for the "benefit". As an employee you had one option, get better fast or lose your job. As an "employee benefit", insurance companies had no incentive to do more than keep employees healthy enough to work short-term. I was there and can give a first hand account from the mid-1960s on. It's criminal that we Americans have allowed a traitor like McConnell to prevent us from getting the care that the rest of the world enjoys.

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