President Donald Trump Clashes With Macron On NATO At Summit Meeting | MTP Daily | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Clashes With Macron On NATO At Summit Meeting | MTP Daily | MSNBC

100 Replies to “President Donald Trump Clashes With Macron On NATO At Summit Meeting | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. When I can I touch base with some of these Lefty alphabet media organizations, what I noticed is how cryptic they are in producing news. So obvious too me that their agenda is to impeach Trump. Similar to sports commentators opining how the game should be played rather than calling the plays.

  2. Quando uma indústria brasileira produz, causa uma pegada no meio ambiente. Quando uma indústria Chinesa ou Européia produzem, causam 50 pegadas no meio ambiente. Ai, os donos do mundo falam que nós sonos culpados pelo aquecimento global.

  3. Trump is the best Loveeee it. Of course they won’t play the interaction cuz it makes macron look like a rat. MAGA 2020

  4. Macron is a very devious political figure. First he was all lovey-dovey, touchy-feely-kissy with President Trump, then he openly declared that the EU should develop a stronger army to defend itself against attacks from China, Russia and the US, and now he's trying to pull this trick. I am glad President Trump found out early in the game what kind of devilish globalist Macron is. President Trump wants to keep American taxpayer $$ in the US and not give it to EU countries whose politics are very much all over the place now, and all they want is US $$$ to pay for their crap!


  6. Who cares? I want 666 and to be Judas, not a part of the clown body of Christ……….What do I care about American Politics? I don't defend Christian behaviors. I am not a liberal……?

  7. THe sooner Christ gets Cruxified and all of his Disciples are scourged with him, the better the World will be…

    History has already condemned the World's Christians…… "FROM THE BEGINNING"…. The Bible starts out with the Cruxifixion…… Everything else, is just worthless information of the lies they have told, since then……

  8. Trump is absolutely correct. These globalist leftists in Western Europe have invited these sharia loving muslims in by the millions over the last 20 years. Now they are flooding into the middle east and fighting for ISIS and expect America to clean up the mess. All liberals care about was that Trump came off rude. Liberals are inherently weak and belong nowhere near any position of power.

  9. I just watched the press conference in full. And then I watched MSNBC's breakdown. Wow! You all have reached rock bottom. You guys are complete garbage. Do you really believe you are fooling us? Do the right thing, report the truth.

  10. Now we get to see Trump shine. There is no other "Statesman" like Trump. NO ONE could ever convince people from nations around the world that Americans are self centered, selfish a$$wipes better than Donald J. Oh what a man! I wish he was the statue in my front yard…I know the grass would grow up brown colored and smelling like a pasture.

  11. Why didn’t they show the part of the video were Trump asked the French president if he would like us to “send him some nice Isis fighters”

  12. Instead of talking about what happened, you should play what Trump said to Macron. He dominated the French president and the French president looked uncomfortable

  13. Americans are really blind-sided by this, but it is all so simple.
    Trump is expecting European countries to spend hundreds of billions on more defence. Money that invariably heads straight into the pockets of US arms manufacturers.
    Money that has to be coughed up by European taxpayers.
    But in the modern world, most Europeans see no threat. Russia is building up its military, but it is almost all defensive assetts. China has a massive military now, but has no ambitions in Europe, we don't see Chinese assetts near our territory. So why are we spending so much on military, when there is a huge need at home on health, education, and infrastructure ? It is absolutely pointless spending all our resources on a fantastic defence, while the nation is falling apart from within.
    The truth is that the world is changing. Only USA remains in the old days of empirical expansion as a means of progress. The really stupid bit, is that they are expecting someone else to pay for it. Because they have borrowed themselves into infinity already with this ridiculous, and failed policy.

  14. I ask you the stingy Trump god will not forgive you whether humanity is important or is money that is temporary to come

  15. The CIA is testing weapons under the Trump administration.

    They're doing it in
    Seattle Washington
    Colorado Srpings
    Jacksonville Florida
    And San Diego California

    They're saying the intelligence community is "bulnarable" and denying any alligation about the whole thing.

    People should pay attention to this stuff.

  16. MACRON; So who is the enemy USA? Turkey? Brexit?. Macron point is NATO cant Just follow whatever USA wants to do.

  17. Remember Trump Brilliantly / over 72 hours / released Top Secret / Sealed JFK Files

    to expose a Most Important file within /showing photos of Hitler / in 1955

    the US white hats /were tracking Hitler

    who escaped to Argentina

    The EU is Hitler's 4th Reich


  18. I don’t know who won in this surreal dialogue. A lot of people think it’s Trump, and I think yes that NATO died, unfortunately or unfortunately, when we don’t agree on anything. In reality the one who won is Putin because in addition we have a rapprochement between France and Turkey with Russia. The day you have World War III, you’ll play less cowboy.

  19. Macron you little pip-squeak!! France needs NATO far more than US does. Your country would be on its knees without it, quit your belly aching and ante up.

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  21. So now Trump is terribly, terribly concerned that people are using inappropriate and 'dangerous' languge?

    Meh. It's what we knew all along: behind all their playground taunts, these hypocritical wankers are the biggest 'snowflakes' of them all.

  22. "Winning: Trump Doubles NATO Countries Paying Financial Obligations, Warns ‘Delinquent’ Countries Must Pay Up"
    and 3 Dec 2019
    Under President Donald Trump, the number of countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance meeting their treaty-imposed financial obligations has doubled. Additionally, NATO spending has increased $130 billion and is on track to be boosted to $400 billion by 2024. Meanwhile, as promised by President Trump, the United States’ hefty contribution to the alliance has dropped from 20% to 16%.

    “In the [three] decades before my election, NATO spending declined by two-thirds, and only [three] other NATO members were meeting their financial obligations. Since I took office, the number of NATO allies fulfilling their obligations more than DOUBLED, and NATO spending increased by $130B!” the president boasted via Twitter, on Monday 2 Dec 2019.

    At a conference on Tuesday in London, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg praised Trump’s leadership with respect to the alliance’s progress.

    “We are making real progress, most importantly on the burden sharing,” Secretary General Stoltenberg told reporters. “And your leadership on defense spending is having a real impact. Since 2016, Canada and European allies have added $130 billion more to the defense budgets, and this number will increase to 400 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.”

    “This is unprecedented,” he continued. “This is making NATO stronger. And it shows that this alliance is adapting, responding when the world is changing.”

    “Thank you for your leadership and your strong commitment to NATO,” Mr. Stoltenberg added.

    President Trump has long been skeptical of the alliance, primarily because of the U.S.’s hefty contribution relative to other countries’ portions. During the conference, Trump heaped praise upon Mr. Stoltenberg and again highlighted the headway he’s made with the alliance.

    “I think he’s doing a fantastic job,” Trump said of Stoltenberg. “I’m a big fan. His contract was extended; I was very happy about that. But you really are — you’re doing a fantastic job. We appreciate it.”

    “I think the Secretary General will tell you that, through some work and some negotiation, we’ve increased the budget of countries other than the USA, because we’re paying far more than anybody else, and far more even as a percentage of GDP,” Trump continued. “But we’ve increased the numbers that other countries are paying, by $130 billion. It was going down for close to 20 years. If you look at a chart, it was like a roller coaster down, nothing up. And that was going on for a long time. You wouldn’t have had a NATO if you kept going that way.”

    “And now we’ve really increased it incredibly well, and I’m happy to have helped. But the Secretary has been looking to do that for a long time. And, I can tell you, he’s very happy about it,” added Trump.

    Despite the progress, President Trump is still pushing other countries to meet their obligatory financial standards.

    “Some [countries] are way below 1%,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday, “and that’s unacceptable. And if something happens, we’re supposed to protect them. And it’s not really fair, and it never has been fair.”

    Delinquent countries have to pay up, Trump added, noting that “if they don’t want to, I’ll have to do something with respect to trade. And with trade, I hold all the cards.”

  23. There is no "crack" or "problem" or "obsolete" with NATO that the members of NATO are aware of. Trump says there is, just so next week he can declare "I fixed NATO".

    Because that's what dullard ignorant imbeciles do.

  24. Смерть мозга НАТО, это потрясающе звучит из уст президента страны НАТО . Макрон хорош.

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