100 Replies to “POLICE CHASE: Woman in Volvo repeatedly escapes police blockades

  1. If that cop is right next to that car why did he not smash over into it ? Police car or inacent lives fuck you start killing these god dam scum. Fuck off

  2. What! Usually they shoot at the vehicle when the person takes off putting them in danger. Why didn't they? Because she was female?? Wow

  3. 10 машин + 20 полицейских на одного водилу. Ну очень смелая полиция 😂

  4. How many officers does it take to stop one dizzy broad? Place units on all sides and come to a stop. Escort her from the vehicle… we're not dealing with Rambo.

  5. Your YouSuck ads are easily defeated. Why does YouSuck show a list of recommended videos that I've already seen? Sux

  6. @15:40ff. This very considerate gentleman officer realizes that they are dealing with a woman. In a very short skirt, at that. He calls one of his colleagues, hands over the keys for his own car and motions him (or rather tells him what we cannot hear) to bring something out of that car. Then, when she is standing, he pulls down her skirt on both sides. Moments later, the respective colleague returns with a blanket in his hand.
    The hateful commentators should take a good look at these pictures!

  7. Here in Detroit, they would have put her in a wall, tased her, boxed her in, and dragged her out by her hair. (Which are dyed extensions) Bet it did wonders for the U-Haul biz !!!

  8. Reporter:the canopy is in the way. Me:get a rocket launcher and blow it the fuck up. #gta life police department

  9. Speeds approaching nearly 43 mph . The police interceptors were unable to compete.
    It has to run out of fuel eventually.

  10. well handled by officers,no fists,boot work,was not shot.cop watch is starting to show,a way to treat people without brutality.

  11. This so stupid. I don't know how many I have seen where the cops don't even close and box him in..they park their cars so they can get away…could have boxed him in when they were next to the 18 wheeler..

  12. She wasn't to impaired…maybe just some stupid cops who don't know how to block cars in…she went between 2 cops and that one cop never even moved to stop and block her in…some of the brightest in blue.

  13. "Looks like they are using a blanket to conduct a search here" at 16:44 …Are these people really that stupid?What the hell did she say that for?Yeah they are stripping her naked and using a blanket to cover her up.LoL my god the damn stupidity in these commentators is just mind blowing.

  14. what a corrupt police force Americans have to deal with…..must be the hourly rate there on….dumbass pigs..

  15. I basically imagine this scenario happening everyday on the way to work and to get Bojangles bc I am hungry and late for work.

  16. Whoever said women are the worst drivers never saw this police department chase one. I'm just embarrassed for them honestly.

  17. She was doing her makeup, she obviously didn’t want to be disturbed while in the beautification process. As far as I know men just don’t drive like that, why you would say man all the time it beyond me. This is a women thing. Beautiful.

  18. These cops knew it was a women, they probably even seen her get in the car or knew who it was, they drove up beside her car pultiple times on the chase. Theyed never do that if They thought they had a gun.(unless your an idiot) They knew she wasn’t going to hurt anyone the way she was driving, she even used her blinker so why smash up public and private property being some sort of hero and maybe hurt her as well. They only really needed two cars though. Good job guys restraining your selves. Throwing her on the ground is just intimidation shock and psychological tactics intended to make one submit. Probably wasn’t needed for just a simple old women. Gods beautiful soft loving creatures.

  19. 2:02 (cop in the fare right top corner) that awkward moment when you have to radio in that you accidentally took the exit.

  20. Respect for their patience. There was no danger to anyone else at this low speed. She obviously was no threat but to herself. Maybe they could have stopped her sooner, but that would have involved a damaged police car and a crash of some sort. How can one criticise the cops for not taking an option where people may get hurt ? The worst they did was delivering a boring chase.

  21. The strips were not "Entirely" across the freeway. They positioned cars that lead her into one lane, so they only needed to use one Spike strip, which gave her no choice. If you noticed, it was a trap and for a moment, she was going to stop, because of the spike strip, but she then probably thought…. "ah the hell with it"…. and just drove over them.

  22. As soon as they found out it was a female, the reporters tone changed into a lighter and kinder approach to the subject I believe?

  23. They get paid by the mile they chase a vehicle. That's why they go on and on. It's just a Volvo. Surprised it went this long. About the same as a Audi. She was going to put it in the shop while it was still running.

  24. I can't tell if she's impaired from here but thanks to our SONY camera eye in the sky Zoom we CAN tell she is going commando today! Great wrestling moves sweetheart.

  25. Isn't it amazing how the police were able to take this woman into custody after she nearly ran over a cop on the freeway? Compare this to unarmed guys getting shot while following police orders.

  26. This has nothing to do with the runner being a male or female. The reason these chases last so long and endanger so many people is because the Police have everything to lose by doing their jobs and ending the chase. In our Backwards thinking Liberal Leftist Country Police are always accused of using excessive force and racism when performing their jobs. Today America wants a Police Force that is more gentle, soft speaking, and Politically Correct. Police are supposed to account for the criminals feelings and wellbeing over the safety of the law abiding public. Why should Officers risk thier jobs and reputation by ending the pursuit? They are better off just following along and waiting for the Criminal to either Give Up, Run out of Gas, or crash. I dont know why anyone would want to be a Police Officer in America today, They are not allowed to properly do thier jobs and are treated like garbage by many citizens and media. Its the second most thankless job in the country, just behind the President. Welcome to the Future.

  27. freeway chase bearley went over the speed limit yet the cops didnt try the PIT? like 4 real isnt it better to stop fleeing drivers ASAP rather than doodle along at a slow pace

  28. Just thinking of all the carbon these vehicles expelled during this chase. I can't believe how much closer we all are to dying because of all the talking. How Dare They!

  29. I hate to say this but if it was a male it would not have ended this well they would have shot him when he used his car to push the cops away that was a reason to shoot because HE would be using force with a deadly weapon. Trust me on this one :-0

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