Pluto TV revisit now with live news and sports!

greetings fellow streamers we’re doing a
revisit to Pluto TV this is a great channel especially if you are those kind
of people that do love live shows and also movies it’s very it’s a very good
channel it has a lot of options live TV live news it also has an a sweet
deal that they have made up with Discovery Networks so you can actually
see some of the Discovery Network shows also and there’s also a new sports
section which also features live sports so this is a great thing there’s also a
lot of movies content I mean it’s a great channel if you have an Amazon fire
or a Roku the only issue with the Roku devices is that you cannot check it out
if you’re outside the States so the DNS will not work and you will need a VPN to
be configured to your Wi-Fi router however on the Amazon fire stick like
we’re showing it right now you can watch it outside the states you have their
suggested VPN service that we have on the description of this video there’s a
link to it you can just download the app run the VPN on your device and enjoy the
all great content from Pluto TV we’re making a revisit because we noticed that
there’s a lot of new stuff on this channel as well and there’s also a new
live sports section which is great and there’s also the new discovery shows so
make sure you check them out don’t forget to follow us on the social media
they’re on their Twitter and on Facebook just look for streaming army and you
can also visit Thanks for watching

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