Peter Navarro on what Democrats are losing focus on

Peter Navarro on what Democrats are losing focus on

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  1. Read his book based on a Harvard educated economist…..Ooops Navarro was lying about that no economist just Navarro's uninformed and non-factual claims against China. In this case, the outlook speaks volumes about Peter Navarro and the Presidency which has hired him. Not only has his faulty and now dubious expertise inevitably failed to yield the gains it promised America, but neither has it seemingly touched his personal position and standing. In any other advisory or analytical scenario, the complete fabrication of a source in the bid to spread falsehoods to justify one's argument would be a career-ending scandal which would end in either resignation or if not first, dismissal.

  2. Hear Jeffries talking about how constitutional their continual overthrow of the president !! They truly think their voters are idiots!!! Like they have non stop since Election Day attack after attack after attack of the president!! Now you are supposed to believe oh we are just
    Doing our constitutional duties!! How intellectually insulting!!!!

  3. I've noticed how these republican defendants point fingers and charge everyone else with making up fake hoaxes. What is a "fake or phony hoax exactly?" Selling out my country, Trump and his secret handshake evangelical racist buddies, are practically treasonous. It IS criminal. So it IS a witch hunt and Trump is the witch. I AM after him because he is behaving crazy as a lunatic. He has children in cold jails away from their parents. If I did or said 5 things at my job Trump has, I'd be fired by noon.

  4. and Democrats wouldn't like helping the Wisconsin Dairy Farmers because they would rather smell their farts than a cows farts

  5. the only way anything is going to get done for the people of this country is when we vote the Democrats completely out of our government never to hear or see them again.! The next four years can go like a breeze No Stress For Those working within the government who are not anti-American and our president could be at ease knowing that the right thing is being done for this country. we need to stand up against anti-American politicians they have cost this country trillions of dollars in money they have stolen from us and not doing the work that they were sent there to do

  6. To Peter Navarro and all the Stock Analysis Fox News presents. Varney?? I have just shopped at Boscov's, a major Department store in my area, and everything I brought home, Socks, Hats and Gloves , Ladies tops, a Lamp etc were all made in China. So who is winning the trade war?

  7. Pelosi and the Dems are ol' school , doing what they have always done. Trump is forward looking and winning. They are what they are folks, nothing getting done for U.S. just them !

  8. lies fake lies , 400 bill s passed by house sitting on the floor in the senate….you are lying and this is going to blow up in your face

  9. So let me geth this so all trump supporters are for puttin.beeing frome europe i sure i never meet you. You guys are a insult to all the fallen soldiers at the normandy graveyards

  10. Democrats are power hungry neglecting the needs of the people , spending American tax dollars as if it were their private bank account . , , President Trump interfered with their norm of doing nothing , this isn’t hate , Democrats fear our government may once again regain a balance in power, no more ,leaning toward a few in control of all governing

  11. Republicans should agree to impeach immediately so the country can start doing real work for the American people. Every day the republicans invent some lame excuse for the crininal it just keeps dragging the reputation of the party further down the barrel

  12. I need Lou to call me 2818432882. The U.N. Run by Obama is planning to overthrow government. There 1.6 million Chinese troops in USA now

  13. HISTORIES MOST ICONIC DUO IDIOTS NADLER AND SCHIFF> Beavis and Butt-head > Dumb and Dumber>Tom and Jerry > Wanyne and Garth>Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble>Michael Scott & Dwight Shrute> Abbott and Costello>

  14. Kudos to him, he’s rt on what Dems aren’t doing, since their heads All up in the clouds, they Don’t relieve They’re this helping President Trump for 2020…Yahooooo He’s the Best President in my time. ??

  15. Navarro is the source of the greatest corporate welfare scheme in the history of America. Tariffs on foreign steel.
    Back story: Out of desperation after the end of the WWII, the German steel industry invented a method of making better steel faster and cheaper. This method was adopted by steel makers all over the world during the 50's and 60's. However, American steel makers, United States Steel and Bethlehem refused to adapt to this new method. After thousands of layoffs, and the almost complete loss of the world-wide steel making market, US steel makers finally started incorporating the German method in the 90's. The steel making market was not "stolen" by unfair foreign competition, it was given up.
    Then comes Trump and Navarro. As part of "making America great again", they introduced steel tariffs to allow American steel makers to survive. As you can see, this amounts to government sponsored "welfare" to an American industry that through it's own stupidity lost a place in the world-wide steel making industry.
    This has happened time and time again as American manufacturers produce inferior goods to those manufactured overseas. Superior automobiles, home appliances, hand tools and small-engine products are all made overseas now because American products are inferior.
    I say that if American manufacturers can't compete with quality, they deserve to lose markets and shut down. The rust belt is filled with American companies who failed.
    Make America Great Again? In many ways America doesn't deserve the greatness we once had.

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