35 Replies to “‘Peloton Wife’ Turns To Ryan Reynolds’ Gin In New Ad | TODAY

  1. That ad was sickening they should have had a 250lb. woman eating a doughnut and a T-shirt that said "climate emergency" on it…lol.

  2. People are so stupid and don't even realise that maybe she asked for the bike?
    That's the whole point. Sensitive people need to get a life.

  3. Logical, binge drinking is through the roof especially for women and especially for older women. trump’s the antichrist and America is enthralled in pagan, satanic Xmas celebrations! Come 70th week, come!

  4. This is why the public is sheite. Praise a woman drinking. Criticize her for exercising. Make sure you follow public opinion for success. right.

  5. Considering that my dear brother died of alcoholism… I would rather that people encouraged healthy living ..
    Be well everyone and remember ….One is too many and a thousand is never enough!!
    God bless you all

  6. I like that Reynolds is to a point making fun of all the ultra-sensitive people out there and willing to take advantage of their ignorance.

  7. Yeah now That's a better image… Divorced woman in a bar drinking with friends. Who's watching her little girl while she bar hops? Why isn't THAT offensive?

  8. In the end, the hypersensitives lost and Peloton won. All the free advertising caused by a low budget commercial. Maybe Peloton was behind the sensitive movement? Genius either way.

  9. if thats where it leads..stop hiring women..our masculinity aint going anywhere..you feelsmales are a joke..you cry over everything..just make a baby only sons and make my a roastbeef sandwich.

  10. AGREE AGREE AGREE … People are so sensitive. Get a life. Come on folks! It's a $2245 coat rack that depreciates like a rock. She's now represented as a lush. After 1 year of 5 AM wake up workouts … She's a typical young woman. Impressed by gifts, and loves to drink. No reason to get your feathers ruffled.

  11. She didn't take the context right. It was not criticized for buying a bike but that she was already fit and used the bike for a whole year so dedicatedly as if she needed it.

  12. I have a dream that one day looking at some weed at work and saying "That looks so good right now!" is going to be just as acceptable as looking at a Martini at work and saying "That looks so good right now!".

  13. Did her husband cheat on her? She seems depressed and to new beginnings? I guess that bike wasn’t enough to get her in the shape that he wanted.

  14. It makes my head hurt to witness the idiocy people exhibited regarding this COMMERCIAL with two ACTORS. WTH is wrong with people?

  15. Sensitive snowflakes should either go get a life or go get some psychological help for all the self loathing because their toxicity is quite irritating!

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