Peloton Actress Reacts To Viral Infamy: ‘I Think It Was Just My Face’ | TODAY

Peloton Actress Reacts To Viral Infamy: ‘I Think It Was Just My Face’ | TODAY

100 Replies to “Peloton Actress Reacts To Viral Infamy: ‘I Think It Was Just My Face’ | TODAY

  1. People have been conditioned to be oversensitive to anything these days. Good luck with years of therapy and psychotropic medications.

  2. I don't see anything wrong with this. What Ad, Tv show, movie, that isn't over the top? I understand why people are complaining , buuut it's a commercial. They just want people to be healthy and challenge their bodies for $1000 or whatever lol

  3. I would love for my husband to buy me exercise equipment. But then again I love to exercise. What’s the big deal again?

  4. My dad and older brothers bought my mom a microwave for Christmas one year. She picked it up threw it at my dad. Be careful what you give your woman as a present. You may think it's great…

  5. "His already thin wife"… Thinness doesn't mean fitness! And the goal of working out isn't always to lose weight or become thin.

  6. This is when social media can be such a negative!!! The people who complained probably have low self esteem anyways. The bike is for fitness in addition to losing wait, building endurance, etc. Can you imagine the outrage had it been a fat chick getting a Peloton???

  7. I dont believe the commercial was sexists, I just think it was a bit dumb because the husband gives here skinny wife more exercises ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  8. People need to stop. Crazy vegans to Beining healthy. Sexist really. What if it was the other away around fir the man. Only cause O want you to be healthy dear shame talk cause she cares.

  9. Her eyes, man. I could see her having a career in television or movies just from how expressive she is with her eyes.

  10. 1. Peloton didn’t deserve all that backlash
    2. It’s almost 2020 & ppl still think “skinny” ppl don’t need to get fit if they want

  11. First of all she is ADORABLE! Such a sweet personality, so down to earth…love her! Second, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the peloton commercial. It was obviously meant and scripted as a gift to a woman who is passionate and excited about getting in shape and has been wanting a peloton! You can be thin and out of shape! Come on people! Everyone is so freaking FRAGILE!!! I bought a peloton because of this commercial!!!!!

  12. This overblown, ridiculous, hyper-feminist outrage is why network TV is dying. The small fraction of angry voices should have been told to "stop it" and "grow up". But the networks love to fan the flame of controversy, even when they have to create a false narrative to make it happen.

  13. Just because you are thin, doesn't mean you don't have maintain your phyisque. That's how diet companies get you to screw up your metabolism. You lose he weight and gain it all because you have no routine or disclipne. The disconnect with the commercial was some of the people watching it, who believe thin people don't need a bike or to exercise.

  14. I really find this hilarious because I normally ask for something like this for Christmas ??? fitness and health is important… They should have filmed the ad starting with a letter to Santa asking for fitness equipment

  15. Obviously the scenario in commercial has the husband getting it for her because it was what she wanted…any man with half a brain knows not to spend that much money on a gift trying to hint about his wife's weight.

  16. So thin women can’t sell exercise machines, pretty women can’t sell makeup, clean people can’t sell soap etc. makes sense ??

  17. It’s very hypocritical of me even making this comment but I just can’t get over how an advert could effect someone enough to make them write a tweet complaining about it. I mean come on. Maybe they’re just bored. Hope I’m not the only one with this kind of thinking.

  18. New add from Peloton wife leaves husband for buying her a peloton, she leaves bike he uses bike is now in even better shape has new crossfit girlfriend riding peloton together.

  19. To all those who wanna get more offended: Check this out:

  20. She is way less fat than her husband told her she was. I guess that bike really will take the chunky and make them beautiful.

  21. Wow, she has been active since 2009, at least, and only got bit parts and roles like "Hot Woman" and "Latina Girl". I hope this controversy gives her better opportunities, at least, if nothing else.

  22. People need to get a life and stop being offended by everything,it’s friggin commercial,find something else meaningful people.

  23. I thought the commercial looks like a normal gym equipment commercial to me; I feel kind of bad that the actress had to somewhat blamed herself about it. I don't know, but I feel like people just find way to make things blow up out of proportion.

  24. I mean, her character's reaction to the reveal of the bike says, "I've been dropping hints all year that I wanted one." People are so eager to be offended, they can't even pay attention to what's offending them.

  25. If you love working out and especially enjoy spin classes, getting a Peloton for Christmas would be a great gift! What is the problem?

  26. I’m a woman…I’m not sure what’s wrong with you people… I would love to get this gift! It’s about health, people! I bought it for myself after the commercial! Go peloton!

  27. I don't know…I just can't see anything wrong with the Ad that wud prompt people to be so judgemental and nasty.

  28. Everyone has missed the boat on why the Peloton ad was being ripped…the bike costs $2,200! Plus monthly subscription. And the best part is "Peloton Nation" rides in their solarium rooms in their million dollar homes! It's not realistic for people. But I love her spirit and good nature!

  29. But she was already thin! HAHA who hurt those women that they interpreted it that way. Or maybe they just never workout and can’t relate? Those peloton bikes cost thousands of dollars , who wouldn’t be excited to get one of those

  30. I can't figure out why the ad would get anybody upset. Modern culture is becoming more and more alien to those of us (the majority) who don't wake up looking for something to rage at. I hope Monica Ruiz has a wonderful career ahead of her.

  31. Only fat, lazy, and sensitive people would get offended by this. I would be thrilled if my hubby bought me one of these. As a real feminist, I find nothing offensive about the ad

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