100 Replies to “Pelosi: Trump had a meltdown over my questions on Syria


  2. Pelosi is Dorothy, trump is the guy with..no brains, no heart, no balls…"We're off to see the Wizard
    The wonderful Wizard of Oz, maybe he can impeach this stupid character…

  3. Nancy is so hipocrit, talking about humanitarian aid in Syria but she said that was a manufactured humanitarian crises at the boarder made by the President? And she is proud of pencil neck Schiff, of course she is they come from the same bad tree that produce rotten fruit.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot, Trump is Putin's puppet. Wait a minute, that was the russian collusion into the election. No, Mueller cleared that one. So how did he become a puppet again? Man these Dems are confusing.
    Trump 2020

  5. Nancy Pelosi is an old windbag demonrat. When she speaks what I hear sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher๐Ÿ˜ณ "wah wah wah wah wah"๐Ÿคฃ ๐Ÿคฃ

  6. You should have been handcuffed and dragged out of there by your hair for pointing to a bullet on your bracelet

  7. Am I missing something here? All the people who opposed Bush sending troops to the middle east are now saying they want them there? To bad Nancy. You are NOT the commander in chief as much as you wish you had total control you dont. So sick of this woman. Maybe youd of been better off bargaining with the president and letting both sides make gains than you are with your current motto of do nothing but resist anything Trump tries to do. Getting out of the middle east mess is what's best for this country. And it's about time a president put our country first.

  8. Nancy is a total idiot! It's time to vote her out, she can't speak complete sentences. I am voting out all the Democrats period! I can't stand any of them, because of how they have treated President Trump. Trump 2020!

  9. Pelosi should know that action speaks louder than words …. who pays attention to her dribble anyways

  10. Trump pulled 26 soldiers out ofharms way who could well be dead today had he not made the decision. Line up 26 from congress and shoot them and see how quickly the mothers change their mind about Americans being in harms way. Well done Trump the man in the white house wkth big balls not like the previous administration with two sets of balls and did SFA. Just proves one set of big balls will triump over two sets of small balls every time.

  11. This lady is weak…. She isn't leader material and she is scared to hell of the process and also Trump and his followers…. This is the reason I'm against females leaders that are extremely fearful of everything…. They come with their own mental baggage and this affects their work and in this case it also affects every human being, animal or even microbe in this big country…. Because of her lack of conviction to take action against Trump she's let him roam free governing America using the tools made to take action only in moments of crisis and she and all legislative and senatorial powers have given him "cart blanch" to rule like a king and not a democratically appointed person…. He's trampled democratic procedures and he's spit on the faces of the people….

  12. Poor incompetent,, Pelosi low IQ political games playing is pathetic .. Full of imaginary lies that she push on American .. Trump go keep draining the swamp of these traitors

  13. โ€œWe have to pass this 0bamacare bill so that we can all find out what is in it….โ€

    Enough said – Why was she not expelled from congress years ago?

  14. Obama and Bush held the Allies together. What is Trump's problem? Obviously he can't handle the job. Our military brass are all embarrassed and ashamed for turning our back on the Kurds.

  15. What is more dangerous than what you Pelosi is doing to America. Don't put fear in Americans to fear Isis. They were helped on by your own gangs.

  16. It seems that Trump is and want to be a Dictator and Trump supporters is okay with him being the Dictator even when MAJORITY of Republicans in Congress opposed the President actions and now its not just Democrats but now its the MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS who OPPOSED THIS PRESIDENT ACTIONS. Just waiting for Republicans to come on board to IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT. LETS GO!!!!

  17. The rest of the world cant believe this Muppet show. It's like watching toddlers who want their toy back, the toy in this case being the entire country.

  18. Maybe if she didnt choke on her words as she tried to say them people would understand her better as the liar she is

  19. Nancy Pelosi is delusional to think that she can negotiate with someone who her and her constituents are trying to impeach for no reason whatsoever.

  20. Her voice is horse times 10! Jesus Christ, lady……..next time get a good gulp of water and shove it down that pie hole of yours and be ready to answer questions!!

  21. President Trump has a plan he always dose. Just hold on tight Nancy you'll find out. When he's good and ready to let you know. Democrats have been talking impeachment since he got in office on day one.

  22. What did you expect from a moron whom has no idea what he is doing !!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ

  23. Who is going to take the leader of the Koup Kltuz Klan seriously ? She looks like a rubber chicken and old enough to have lived thru the era when the Dems supported slavery ?

  24. Just so everyone can keep this straight, Trump had such a meltdown that only two out of over thirty people stormed out, neither of which were Trump.
    Can someone get Nancy her meds?

  25. They have to settle their own wars , we need to stay out of their disputes . Right now it is in our interest to protect Saudi Arabia because Iran is the greatest threat in that region . The democrats are just interfering with Trump's policies , and are determined to make sure that he fails at every turn , by sabotaging what ever he does . They have done this over , and over , and its not going to stop until the President order marshal law , and has the saboteurs arrested , for their treasonous acts . Enough is enough Pelosi must be impeached , along with Schumer , and schiff .

  26. Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the Dems are willing to use our troops to take care of the border between Turkey and Syria, but not support our border with Mexico.

  27. Did you see the picture of those men on the right of Tramp. They looked as if they were ashamed to be sitting next to a bozo .
    A Russian agent in fact.
    I know you think that the hurricane sharpie thing was true .
    Tramp said it was original forcast . Was it or was that a lie .
    You believe that he would show his taxes? . You still think that he isn't making money everytime he goes to his resort.
    How about the fact that Mike Pencel neck went to stay at his resort which was all the way on the other side of the country of IRELAND. .
    When doesn't he lie?.
    He said with that the transcript was a full transcript. That he did not offer the weapons as a bribe .
    I say part transcript because he calls it a full transcript but on the Documents them self they say it's not a full transcript.
    When will you start respecting yourself . Any person who is lied to on a daily basis by another person is not respected by that person and for him to allow him to lie to him shows that he does not respect or value his own worth . .

  28. Can you imagine….this is third in line to be the president ! That should scare ! you more than a serial killer in your home at 3:00am !

  29. go over there and fight Nancy… you're not worried about the safety of the US… you're on a power Trip to try and hijack the president seat… fortunately you will fail along with your demonrat minion's.

  30. There are still no votes for impeachment. There is still a one sided investigation for impeachment w/o votes. You pile of โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ your stink is so deep, that America is getting tired of your lies. The stench of your hit man, Adam Schiff, a lying extremely partisan political hit man, is going down with your entire party Nancy. YOU ARE TRYING TO UPSERT THE AMERICAN ELECTION. YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS, EVER. YOU ARE SERVANTS AND ARE SUPPOSE TO LEGISLATE. YOU DON'T MAKE UP STORY'S TO STEAL ELECTIONS AND STEAL AN ELECTION RESULTS FOR YOUR GREED AND LIES. YOU ARE FIRED! TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT AND YOU BEST GET USE TO IT LADY!

  31. you had the meltdown, you should change your medication, You and shitty shift need to be escorted out of the parliment

  32. the House of Representatives should not be dealing with international affairs…..they are responsible for domestic issues….so why is pelosi flying around the world on taxpayers money when she should be visiting her homeless tent city in her district and resolve it?

  33. When we badly want a thing, we go to hunting for good and righteous reasons for it; we give it that fine name to comfort our consciences, whereas we privately know we are only hunting for plausible ones.โ€• Mark Twain – No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger

  34. The Liberals in Massachusetts are real busy banning helium balloons here. The Democrats need to get their priorities in order.

  35. Trump is the perfect party sock puppet, zip lock baggies confuse him, and his supporters are still trying to figure out what there for. Perfect match.

  36. She melted down years ago. Unleash the whiskey buzz , lets proceed with waa,waa,waa and waa. Shes just a nonsensical run on sentence that loves to hear her own voice. These people are self serving and will do or say anything to stay in power. She has to have her own way,just like a three year old.

  37. Translation..i staged a meltdown and had the camera.waiting out aide for the same stunt i have done over and iver and iber.

  38. I am shocked and I guess its a sign that there is hope for tramp supporter. I did not get anybody responding with names. In fact, I received no response at all, which is good.
    I gave 3 examples of TRAMP lying and asked that a TRAMP supporters give me 3 examples of MRS.NANCY lying.
    I could honestly say i could point out at least 20 lies in a week that tramp will say. Did you hear the lie he said when he made the mistake that he would build a wall around Colorado. He said he was telling a joke. I have never heard him joke. That right there tells you how small of a lie, he will tell and it is meaningless, so imagine when he has bigger problems . No let me take that back we do not have to imagine we see him lying from UKRAIN to PENCE using his hotel.

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