PAYDAY – The Game Soundtrack – 01. Breaking News

This is seven news network and we bring
you breaking news of a bank robbery downtown, where the First World Bank has
just been struck by what is believed to be the greatest heist in recent years.
Only hours ago, just before the lunch hour rush,
four men entered the bank building through the main doors,
posing as bank customers. The accomplices who have yet to be identified
by the police were heavily armed, and managed to remain
undetected by bank security. Having located the bank manager they forced
him to relinquish a server room skeleton key.
Security forces are unwilling to comment at this point,
but inside sources indicate that the manager may have sustained fatal injuries during the
robbery. In this server room inside what appears to
be a hollow photocopier, an unknown accomplice
had hidden drilling equipment as well as several canisters
of what sources describe as thermite, a chemical compound commonly used by elite
military units to break through hardened metal surfaces.
The drilling equipment was then used to force the locks of the gate,
blocking the way to the underground high-security vault area.
Having gained access to the vault area, the four accomplices proceeded to ignite the
thermite, in a space directly above the storage vault.
While the robbers emptied the vault to an unknown amount of cash,
security forces arrived, surrounding the building and cutting off all
exits and escape routes. At this point, it was believed that the bank
robbers, who held hostage several bank customers and
officials, would try to initiate negotiations with the
authorities. Instead, they executed what appears to be
a carefully designed escape plan. Using plastic explosives, the robbers blew
a hole in an interior wall, creating a concealed escape
route via an adjacent office building into an unmonitored
stairwell. Police and forensics are still examining data,
but can see that there are currently no leads on the escaped assailants.

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