89 Replies to “Paratroopers Static Line Jump From C-17

  1. During real operation and confrontation, how many of these gallant and brave soldiers will perish?? They all deserve our respect, admiration and most of all our prayers that they come home alive to their love ones and families! God bless our soldiers! Would it be better if PEACE PREVAIL ALL OVER THE WORLD?!! No more wars pleas! God bless us all!

  2. ooh God one day this army come to help Uganda because the President of Uganda iz problem please came and help my country

  3. Ангилисчага тушунмасамам итти боларини таниман бебаракалар

  4. I was a c-130 gunship enlist pilot commander when I was 17 as electrician on f16s trump this is how we get rocky from new York back. and kill humans of terrorist Sweden from space, air, in their dreams and steal their banks gold for me and ill kill its head primeminster and ill run their mountain as an American warlorde with my f-35 commanders American pilot, bomber, sniper, my EOD SPECIALIST AND GHOST RECON GUERILLA TRIANED HALO COMBATANTS FROM HURLBURT field inmy invisible nighthawk.. maere lie out. Ivanka is a trance of a lady.

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  6. I would love to be the enemy ground troop with my Rambo-style machine gun in the forest waiting for these slow-moving targets.

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