Palestinians will never accept a Jewish State, PM Netanyahu – TV7 Israel News 11.06.18

Palestinians will never accept a Jewish State, PM Netanyahu  – TV7 Israel News 11.06.18

Shalom and good evening. This is tv7. Israel news. We’re casting to you from Jerusalem and in today’s top stories Israel’s security cabinet discusses ways to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip while Palestinian protesters under the directives of the Islamist Hamas organization Continued to fly incendiary kites and balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israel Prime Minister BB Nathanial underscores Israel’s efforts since its inception to reach a peace agreement with its neighbors yet Stresses that the Palestinians continue to reject those efforts because they would never accept a Jewish state The Palestinian representative to the United Nations calls on the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution seeking investigations into events in Gaza and recommendations to ensure the protection of Palestinian civilians Violent protests were recorded over the weekend along the Gaza strips border with Israel with more than 12,000 demonstrators reportedly rioting at 5 separate locations along the in claves bore defense Palestinian organizers linked the protests to the annual Jerusalem day events that are marked by the Islamic Republic of Iran Which has voiced its support for the Islamist Hamas? Organization that rules to Gaza Strip by declaring it support in efforts to bring about Israel’s annihilation Important today is that on the Iranian goods day the day that the Iranian? fundamentalist regime has decided to commemorate Jerusalem for their purposes Hamas chose this day to do yet another attack or staged another riot against Israel during the course of the riots for Palestinians were reportedly killed by IDF gunfire in addition Palestinian officials said that more than 600 people were wounded 120 of whom were treated for bullet wounds Meanwhile, the Palestinian protesters under the directives of the Islamist Hamas continue to fly incendiary kites and balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israel more than a dozen fires broke out over the weekend with firefighting teams challenged by dry weather conditions Managing to gain control all the fires after battling the flames for several hours among other areas disraeli community of kalmyk atif Which is located in the la Hache Regional Council was forced to evacuate because of the fire on Saturday for the first time since the use of incendiary kites and balloons began the IDF targeted explosive balloons launchers as warning to the Islamist organizations in Gaza The move comes after Public Security Minister Gil Adel done from Israel’s ruling Likud Party Called last week to carry out targeted killings of people who flew incendiary kites asserting that Palestinians using incendiary kites and balloons are flying bombs in every sense and must be dealt with the same way as those who are firing missiles and rockets towards Israel’s communities nevertheless as of yet Israel’s government has not formulated a plan for coping with incendiary kites that have burned more than 2,500 acres meanwhile of the United Nations headquarters in New York the Palestinian representative to the world body called on the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution seeking investigations into the events in Gaza and recommendations to ensure the protection of Palestinian civilians My message to the Palestinian people I said that of what happened today on the ground of killing more Palestinian civilians injuring more of them is a testimony to the urgency of Needing the protection to be provided and I said we will not relent in our quest To try to find ways to provide protection for the civilian population Because it is our duty it is the right thing to do and it is the thing that the Palestinian people including those in the Gaza Strip and in occupied East Jerusalem They need and we are determined to do everything that we can in order to provide them or to contribute to providing them with international protection The Palestinian call comes after the United States veto the Kuwait sponsored resolution earlier this month Seeking to condemn Israel for its defensive measures while demanding to implement an international protection mechanism that will in effect Grant Palestinian demonstrators de legitimacy to right along the Gaza border with Israel now to Jerusalem where Israel security cabinet concluded a meeting last night which discussed a humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip the Meeting deliberated on ways to alleviate the humanitarian pressure on the Palestinian enclaved that after Israeli security Officials have repeatedly warned that the Gaza Strip faces total economic collapse Emphasizing that the prevention of a humanitarian catastrophe was unquestionably in Israel’s interest among the main supporters of granting humanitarian relief to the hamas iran palestinian in clave is RDF chief of staff lieutenant general Gaddy Eisen cook who presented the Israeli security cabinet with several solutions for urgent humanitarian Needs that said Eisen quote stress deter were no grounds for taking medium to long term steps until the Islamist organizations in Gaza would return the bodies of Israeli soldiers that were killed during the 2014 Gaza war as well as the immediate release of two Israeli civilians that are being held captive in the Palestinian in clave Meanwhile Prime Minister beaming it’s an yellowing and address to the global forum of the American Jewish Committee AJC Underscored Israel’s efforts since its inception to reach a peace agreement with its neighbors The Israeli leader stressed at well, Israel has offered its hand in. Peace The Palestinians continued to reject those offers because they would never accept a Jewish state Israel has offered its peace. It’s handed. Peace With all our neighbors 70 years ago in our birth and since then many many times but I think that the problem we face is this The reason we don’t have peace is not because of the absence of a Palestinian state it’s been offered many many times and It’s been rejected many many times because it always had a condition No Jewish state That’s why a hundred years ago the rejectionist elements in Palestinian society rejected the Balfour Declaration They rejected the peel Commission in the 1930s They rejected the Partition resolution which called for a Jewish state and an Arab state in 1947 and they rejected it ever since Prime Minister Netanyahu also took the opportunity to refer to the upcoming meeting of US President Donald Trump with North Korea’s leader Kim jong-un Drawing a parallel to an Apsara deal for Pyongyang’s nuclear program to that of the Islamic Republic of Iran Nathanial strands did preventing autocratic regimes with ideological Radical Islam as their fundamental Creed from getting nuclear weapons is imperative preventing Autocratic regimes with ideological radical Islam as their Fundamental creed preventing them from getting nuclear weapons is very important. Dangerous regimes should be nuclear eyes We know that in two days President Trump will meet kim jungeun. I think the entire world as we do prays for the success of this effort now imagine imagine imagine That president Trump would come back with some deal and Britain France and Germany would applaud it and South Korea and Japan would say that it in dangers their existence You’d think you’d listen to this, right? So the same thing happened with Iran deal This deal was applauded by many internet international community or not in the missile range of Iran But Israel and Saudi Arabia and others said this deal will ultimately give Iran a nuclear arsenal and they will use it first against us and then with the long-range missiles that they’re building and That the deal doesn’t prevent them from building against everyone else Antonio’s comments on the need to thwart Iran’s aspirations for nuclear weapons comes amid continued efforts by the Islamic Republic to garner international support to preserve the 2015 nuclear agreement which provided to Han with much-needed Sanctions relief in exchange for limiting its nuclear program after President Trump decided to withdraw from the agreement however The ability to preserve the deal is more than questionable with global corporations already pulling out from business dealings with Iran for fear of American sanctions Thank you for watching us praying for the Peace of Israel on the Peace of Jerusalem Jonathan has sent even if DaVinci evocative and we will see you again tomorrow at the same time You

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  1. When will the world wake up and see the chaos in Gaza? It is so frustrating that ''clever'' and ''educated '' people van be so naive to the truth…..that Hamas and the PA are the cause of the problem! And who is planing to help? Their ''so called', enemy. Israel values life that's why they care !

  2. You don't cross the border whenever and wherever you want, period! Especially you cannot allow to cross a border to someone who publically declares the desire to kill you! What else is here to discuss?

    Protection? Get rid off hamas – that is your protection! Jerusalem is Jewish.

  3. A big business for Israel, send millions Israel flag $100. 00 each to palestinia to burn , big money, easy money hshsha

  4. The testimony is unbelievable if the Palestinians stay away from the border they won’t get shot simple you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out stay away from Israel border and you won’t get shot if you do get shot as far as I’m concerned you deserved it.

  5. kite and fire vs rockets ?! I dont think God thinks this to be defensive… reach you enemy with love via diplomacy

  6. Then whipe them out.
    No children will live in peace with Islam roaming around the corner.

    Regards from Sweden.

  7. Well now, if they hate the Jews so bad, why don't they appeal to Antarctica.or the Artic. Those are barren lands with plenty of room for a Palestinian Homeland. That way they can exist without ever worrying about the Jews. After all it was their so called Arab neighbors who promised them land if they failed to drive the Jews out of the land God gave them.
    In fact it was Jews who allowed the illegal PALESTINIANS Arabs to stay in Israel, While their supposed Arabs delivers left them out to die!
    The Palestinians had better count their blessings that the Jews gave them, despite their atrocious treatment of the Jewish people.

  8. How sad.. Israel is looking for ways to help the Palestinians, and the Palestinians are looking for more ways to kill them. Palestinians may as well accept Jerusalem belongs to Israel, because that will NEVER change. How can these "leaders" stand in front of a camera and talk about protecting Palestinians!!!??? Who exactly is it that is doing all of the rioting, sending fire kites, planting explosives at the border gates, throwing rocks and bolders, burning tires… last time I checked, it is ISRAEL that should be protected and vindicated. This has to be the biggest msm joke ever concocted. Let the Palestinians get what they deserve!!!!! I wonder what would happen if it was israelis who did these things to the so called Palestinians? Oh yeah, they would be known as child murderers and the like. I can't WAIT for real judgement day to come when all these liars are held accountable for their slanderous words and murderous actions. It won't be happy I can promise those
    "Palestinians😝" that!!!


  10. This is worse than North Korea. At least N. Korea values its self-preservation and lacks an ancient hostility to its enemies.

  11. What is special about Palestinians that southern Cameroonians and Biafrans are not important to the world?
    Why no one in United nations looking at this?

    Why is everyone in the united nations always interested in Palestinians and invest all their resources in Palestinians course.

  12. Oh no! They burnt an Israeli flag! We will never defeat them now because of their strong ability to think up new ideas!

  13. So let me get this straight. These people have been rioting for about 2 months now, burned tires constantly causing environmental damage due to toxic smoke, send endless kites with molotov cocktails in the air to burn farmland and houses, probably killed wildlife, beat and burned a donckey covered in an Israeli flag alive, causing extreme financial damage for innocent, hardworking farmers, have been throwing rocks/used katapults to shoot at soldiers on stop as well as molotov coctails, leaders have been intciting the crowd to brake tothe border and kidnap jewish solders and to bring them back to hamas, one of a group that broke through the border showed a large machete and literally said he was going to kill jews, BUT now they claim and want the world to believe that the Palestinians Need Protection bc israel defends themselves? You can't make this up.

  14. Hamas was the last to accepted Israel in November 2011 – if they ackknowledge it as a Jewish state what will become of 1.7 muslims in Israel & over 2.7 million under Israeli occupation? Why do we have to acknowledge the most populous religion in Israel ?

  15. راحت فلسطين ظحيية الا دين الإسلام المتفوق الذي يعكس شريعة ألسنة التي نزلت عند محمد بن علي بن عبد الخطاب مع سموم الشيوعية ويبقى موقنا حتى كل صباح وهذا هو السبب المكتوب في أرقام علم الاجتماع السياسي والحسابات التاريخية

  16. Palestine  is not a real place that's a fact…. no entry in  Jerusalem …. they can worship there false gods in HELL the . Philistine where all killed long ago  you stupid fucks your going down…… lose a leg or lose your life …… Israel will smoke you ass  USA/Israel 4 ever

  17. Saya dari indonesia rakyat indonesia rela mati demi menyelamatkan masjid al-aqsa & menyelamatkan yarussalem dan palestina Allahuakbar!


  19. The Un should set up a court of independent individuals virtual judgment. A soilder break a standard is held as a Palestinian commiting violence would be held.
    I got a feeling the Un will arrest 85% of Palestinians under a court system holding accountability

  20. The homosexual capital of the world, Tel Aviv,, to think the Most High YaHUaH will protect Israel, is like asking Him to protect Sodom and Gomorrah. These are the ones who Master YaHUsHa rebuked calling the blind guides, a brood of vipers & hypocrites, the ones of the synagogue of Satan. The ones who say they are Jews but are NOT. In Acts 7:43 , they killed Stephen for rebuking them for taking up the tabernacle of Molech (the owl) & of the "star" of ramphan, the same star you see on their flag. The star of ramphan is in every nation on the face of the earth. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  21. Toda Raba Yisrael for aiding those who.hate you.. You choose life over death. We,are not fooled by the ''so called'' PA wanting peace. …they are no concerned about the population in Gaza, hence the dire situation that Yisrael is wanting to help with .

  22. That is the whole " palestinian" Big Lie ;
    They never want any bogus " palestine", their only intentions are to destroy Israel & murder all Jews.
    The hatemongering Fakestinians don't hate Jews because of Israel , they hate Israel because of Jews.
    Racist , antisemitic islam0Nazis is what they are & they only want to return to what they had when Jordan occupied Samaria, Judea. & Jerusalem – No Jews !
    Unlike Jordan which expelled All Jews , Israel allowed All Arabs , including the Fake " palestinians" to remain the case of the Fakestinians that was a mistake …

  23. So ur Bible say "Your must Kill muslim "??? Your say this is peacefull. Ur say this is freedom ?? Ur say war 2 is end . why u make ww3 . this is history of suffering . Dont be puppet of israel .If ur need a peace , pls let free palestine and end this war . If ur want know about all relligion , watch dr zakir naik .

  24. No investigate to this, it’s clear that these Palestinians didn’t accept what’s already
    Life in Israel.

  25. Palestinians Will never Give up. we will not give up. Around the world Palestinians have more and More Support growing up very fast. Israel cannot make Fake News Any More. The people are very Angry and upset

  26. LIARS..Israel is occupying Palestinian land…genocide. IDF murdering innocent people. You lie and Netanyahu is pure evil, a demon worshiping Satan.

  27. The sequence of prophetic events or eschatology puts us at 6 years into the "Latter Days" meaning that we are living in the last years of the "Dispensation of Grace", which will be followed by the Great Tribulation, in other words all that are praying for peace are praying in vain and are considered "False Prophet" by the Author of our Faith, if you were "Born Again", you would know better, so be born again, 'cause this test won't come again and you will lose out on eternity. By the time the Messiah returns after Israel cries for 4 days, at the end of the G.T. his horse will be drenched in blood of the enemies of Israel, up to its bridle and the streets of Jerusalem will be flowing with blood. The status Quo is the Anti-Christ(666) is already on the scene and will sign a 7 year (FALSE) peace agreement that starts the G.T. with the traitor(SCOFFER) of Israel. The Anti-Christ is the leader of the LGBT Com. worldwide and together with its financial wing have been taking over the world with heroin and cocaine which they have secretly legalized on the Dutch island of Aruba in 1984-85, with the over 20 Trillion in 33 years they changed laws worldwide in their favor(same sex marriages) and have put most of the nations of the U.N. in debt with them, and have them vote against Israel in the U.N. and this really shows your lack of knowing your own God, by lavishing the LGBT Com. while we that live in the real world get bashed by these mother fuckers every day of the week and we faithfully defend Israel with the truth. The whole world and specially the 15-20 warriors of the Word that daily write their comments defending Israel are disgusted by what we saw this week-end in Israel.

  28. One question, why did the "Palestinians" only wake up in 67 to get their state? They never thought of making a holy war against Jordan who "occupied" the west bank until 67? Palestinian people never existed and never will exist! Israel take back the west bank, Israel take back Gaza!

  29. Half a million Syrians are dead and millions displaced in a Syrian civil war and the United nations had done nothing to protect the citizens. Now UN single out Israel for killing over 100 Palestinians. Hamas aims 1 million martyrs so why UN should bother?

  30. DEATH for Palestinians! TRAITOR MUSLIM OBAMA supported IRAN to DESTROY America! THANK GOD FOR TRUMP and PENCE! MAGA!

  31. When the world suffering from carbon emission tax, these scumbags set fire on tires, the liberals should protest against these scumbags for the animals which lost their home and food

  32. There will never be peace in the Middle East until the return of Jesus Christ. Isreal would be foolish to capitulate land for peace. God bless Mr Netanyahu and the armed forces of Isreal. Pray that Isreal isn't coerced into a peace accord.

  33. 6 million Jews are surrounded by an enemy which has 7.3 million babies a month, win a 1000 wars and they survive but lose one war and you know what happens.
    Everyone will lose a war.
    You are wasting your time in Middle East because as long as God’s good sun shines on a Jew in Middle East you will never know peace.

  34. Israel news thinks that Armenia is part of turkey – the map behind the news reader shows Armenia being part of turkey – so not only does Israel not recognize the Armenian genocide its tv news shows Armenia as part of turkey ?????

  35. If Egypt is not able to control these Palestinians in Gaza Strip, they should relinquish control to the UN.. Anyway, Egypt has done nothing to improve Palestinian lives in this area. The Arab world do not care about Palestinian lives. They think Palestinians are worthless, as dead stones incapable of educated and civilized behavior proven by the decade of failed negotiations. The Arab world like the in situ situations in Gaza because they are using the Palestinians as pawns to forward their hidden agenda, the destruction of Israel. One detail they forgot, God is on Israel's side, who can be against Him, against them? Israel will stand forever until Jesus comes back.

  36. why would Palestinian never learn their lessons… even in the Bible you always loose in a battle yet you guys never learn I wish that God will not do the same thing as he did in Egypt.

  37. Shalom Israel. May God's strength and wisdom be upon you. The poor naïve Palestinian people are used as a decoy by surrounding Arab states to trap Israel. They don't want peace because it will mean existence of Israel. So it is either Palestinian Arab will appear in the world map or Israel. Solution? Fulfilment of God's promise to Isaac or elimination of land grabbing bastard son Ishmael.

  38. הם נולדו !!!!לאלימות ,להרוס,להרוג,הם כלי של הסטן אבל עם ישראל עם הנבחר יהיה לעולם ועד אלוהים יברך וישמור עת עם ישראל. 🇮🇱🇮🇱♥️♥️🇮🇱🇮🇱😍😍🇮🇱🇮🇱🤩🤩🇮🇱🇮🇱🌷🌷🇮🇱🇮🇱🙏🙏🇮🇱🇮🇱👏👏

  39. Wow, isn't it great that now, after all these years, the so-called "Palestinian" "Authority" (I know! 2 jokes in 1!!) is finally going to use all their power and use every resource to protect their people? All that martyr-paying and rocket-building and tunnel-digging money is going to go to the actual people in the streets. Oh, wait. He just said "to secure international protection" for them, which means they're going to keep pocketing all the money and demanding more from the rest of world. That doesn't change anything!

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