osu! Alert ft BeasttrollMC | Mathi to Overtake Cookiezi? Website & Lazer News! 1st Higan Torrent FC!

osu! Alert ft BeasttrollMC | Mathi to Overtake Cookiezi? Website & Lazer News! 1st Higan Torrent FC!

How is it going my dudes, it’s Beasttroll You know the dude who does the livestreams and the videos and the stuff on the internet Pretty cool, am i right? So Poised invited me to host this week’s osu!Alert to help spread the goodness that goes on in the community So thank you Poised for letting me talk to all these wonderful Beautiful people you know I rarely ever get featured on this channel at all, but that’s okay, alright, that’s okay Let’s get in it [Intro] So Poised ran a poll on last week’s o!Alert asking for people’s thoughts on the new website redesign and around 70% of people voted in favor of it. I’m sure Peppy and his team are going to be happy to have the majority Unfortunately for the 30% of people who think the website sucks They’re just gonna have to deal with it cuz the redesign has now been pushed to the default URL. That’s this one But don’t you worry because if you still on the bandwagon saying that the new site sucks There’s still hope according to a preview shared from Peppy himself There’s still a long way for the website to go before it’s fully fleshed out with its glory now Now on osu!Lazer news, we got quite the mouthful of stuff to cover Which is mainly sourced from Peppy’s blog post.
If you want to know the full details You should probably go read it Users now have the ability to skin the gameplay cursor Which has been highly requested in the skinning community for a while now. The editor has seen some work and includes Beat snap divisor, whatever that means…, Also you can preview adjustable background Polys before playing a map which is kind of cool And there’s an absolute mountain of other stuff that would take years to cover in a single video Just go up and read it yourself.
Up next we have pishifat releasing a new video called ‘osu! mapping: first ranked map’ which Surprisingly talks about the process of him getting his first ranked map However this created a domino effect with some other well-known mappers such as Monstrata Kibbleru and Mismagius for them to talk about their first experiences in mapping as well.
If you’re interested in the mapping community, It would be highly recommended for you to read these stories as they’re all very interesting. In Tournament news, We have Azer and This1neguy organising a new tournament with the name osu! world tour. In this tourney, each active geographical region will be competing against eachother to see who makes it on top.
The matches will start May 19 so be on the lookout for more information on that. As for breaking news We have Why is this in the script? Cookiezi changing his profile picture…
Poised what the FU…. Up next we have Mathi Who has gone absolutely ham recently as he only needs 17 more PP to overtake Cookiezi and take the global number 2 spot as of right now That would only require one 660 pp score We’ll talk more about his scores in the score section of the video Moving on we have a brand new map called osu!rewind Uncompressed Fury of a Raging 2017 by dude named Fridolin Surprising to all it was taken by a video from 3mplify I’m so sorry Which is titled literally the exact same.
The map is insanely hard being over eight stars and being over 17 minutes long But the feedback on the video has been quite positive so far Fridolin hopes to get it loved in the future And I will definitely be looking out for that. Then we have the biggest osu! collab ever done in osu!history with over 800 people participating and becoming pokemons I will say though. It’s really fun seeing the community get together for stuff like this Next we have a datasheet created by NoonByNight that showcases a graph where he maps out high PP plays and compares Them to the date that the map was ranked.
Oh my god, That’s a mouthful It’s a real eye-opener seeing how quickly scores were being set after Best Friends was ranked and it’s not so easy to understand but Reddit users Xinoh(?) made an interactive graph that makes things easier to look up that was all the news for this week Let’s move on over to the scores The first score of this episode will be Mathi’s FC on Genryuu Kaiko This is the second ever FC on the map and the first time it’s been FC’d on Bancho. The first FC was by Cookiezi. But this was before he was even unbanned. Mathi managed to get 99.82% accuracy, getting himself 481 PP and rank one on the map. The next score is also from Mathi! This time, It’s on the newly ranked airman map by Sotarks with hidden and hardrock He got himself 99.67% accuracy with a whopping 680 PP as well as number one on the map Over here, we have two scores from Rafis. The first being a hidden double-time FC on LeaF – MEPHISTO where he managed to get better accuracy than Gayzmcgee’s Two-year-old score getting 99.78% on the 255 BPM stream map and taking the number one spot The other score is on a pretty old map called Demetori ~ Emotional Skyscraper with Hidden DT He got 97.55% accuracy earning himself the very underrated 508 PP Up next is Vaxei getting 99.34% accuracy on Chase Me with hidden hardrock.
This score earning him 625 PP and the number one spot on the map Another score from mathi he managed to take the number one spot on Sidetracked Day with hard rock With 99.78% accuracy he earned himself a stunning 782 PP Next we have Wombraider who recently changed his name to Freddie Benson Getting him the highest hardrock hidden double-time score on Anime Ban where he reached 388 combo before getting two misses, but still earning him 733 PP.
Unfortunately the play wasn’t high enough to get on the leaderboard so we can’t get the replay But you’ll just have to imagine it there’s also Firebat92 as he got a score with only one 100 on the loved map Genesis at Oasis giving him the number one spot Then we have ThePooN playing the consistency nightmare Because Maybe pt. 2 which if you didn’t know is a 22 minute long marathon map.
He managed to get 7426 combo out of the maximum 7,939 and then getting 5 misses this gave him the number 1 on the spot and 560 PP Up next we have a very impressive play by Mafham Owarase Night with easy and DT FC’ing the map in getting 99.08% accuracy Now we have a second score by Vaxei where he played the loved map Walk this Way! with Hidden and FC’ing If it was ranked he would have gotten 701pp, but he’ll have to do with just the number 1 on the map Next we have idke getting the number-one spot on the newly ranked map My Sweet Maiden.
This giving him 607pp And lastly another two scores by Mathi.
The first one being a hidden DT FC on ZAQ’s – Seven Doors where he got 96.15% accuracy and 603 PP And The last score for this episode will be Mathi play on Now Loading with HD DT. Where he got a one miss earning him 526 PP, but if he hadn’t missed it would have been 802 and Mathi would have overtaken Cookiezi.
Well. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see that All right, so that’s all the scores for the episode. Let’s move on to some high quality memes. Alright that’s about it for this episode boys. I hope you guys had a fantastic time. If Poised is nice enough He might actually link my stuff in the description, so please check it out I’d greatly appreciate it! If you want to check out any more information on the news or the scores that I mentioned in this video Those will also be in the description as well.
Thank you guys so much for watching everyone.
I hope you guys have a fantastic day. Buh bye

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  1. Does Cookie even care about his rank anymore lmaoooo i havent seen him do many PP plays anymore LOL or even see video highlights of his plays

  2. hahah the section on the pokemon, you guys have no idea how hamfisted that project was. The creator was lazy and had unrealistic expectations of doing it all, used lies and excuses such as "my monitor is broken" in order to convince people to join the graphics team and make the avatars for him. While I agree it was cool to be a part of something like that, the owner has now made a tournament for the discord and is trying desperatly to keep it alive and cling onto his one piece of fame despite the project now being over and many people being annoyed and pissed at how shittily the owner behaved.

  3. Does cookiezi hate sidetracked day? I’d expect at least one video of him playing the new hottest stream map

  4. as someone who's into editing i want to take a second to say that new intro looks just as juicy as a 727 on my youtube front page

  5. To BeasttrolMC wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. I see all these scores and my competitive drive compels me to play more. But I know I won't get there for quite some time. I'm only #289350 as of today. I am starting to do 5* maps, and I somehow single tapped Highscore 6* today with a B rank. I do not even know how I did it to be honest.

  7. Holy shit I never thought about thinking beasttrollmc being host like I think it’s a good idea honest

  8. You could have gotten the anime ban replay by changing scores to mods selected and choosing the mods
    Just a thought

  9. So im confused about how the cumulative PP works, is there a reason that Mathi needs a 660pp score to get 17pp?

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