Oscars Breaking News and Me Me Monday!

Oscars Breaking News and Me Me Monday!

Well, it’s almost time to
talk about the Oscars, right after I show you some memes for
our segment, Me Me Monday. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Here’s the first one, an accurate representation of when
you go from childhood to adulthood. [LAUGH]
>>Here’s the next one. When your parents try Skype for
the first time.>>[LAUGH]
>>Here’s another one. The young pope.>>[LAUGH]
>>Here’s the next one. When you finish a series on Netflix.>>[LAUGH]
>>So true. Here’s one more. When you see a pair of shoes that
you love but you can’t afford them. [LAUGH]
>>And finally. Twominutes for ruffing. [LAUGH]
>>If you see a meme you think I should see, please send it to me. Now, let’s tak about the Oscars. Of course, the biggest award of
the night was for best picture and the winner was, really? I’m being told we have some breaking news. [MUSIC]>>This just in, when we order
a bottle of wine in a restaurant, we know absolutely nothing about
the wine our waiter is making us taste. We’re just swirling it around in our mouth
hoping that nobody realizes our usual wine comes from a box and
we drink it in a red plastic cup. Once again we have no idea what
we’re doing with this tiny sip wine, because we don’t care if
it has hints of oak or blackberry, we just want
it to get us drunk. We now return you to
your regular programming.>>All right I’m sorry that,
I guess that was important>>[APPLAUSE]. All right that won’t happen again. Like I was saying this year the Oscar for
best picture went to a film that. [MUSIC]>>This just in we have had about
enough of your noise birds. If you’re gonna wake us up
at 5am,at least be original because you’re not even trying. Just making the same annoying
sound over and over and over. So once again, birds,
how would you like it if someone went [SOUND] while
you’re trying to sleep? We now return you to
your regular programming. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE] This is not right. I apologize. I’m trying to do a program. This is not breaking news. Call somebody, Andy. Anyway, the Oscar to best picture went to
a film that might have been a surprise but also you might have expected
it because the winner was-. [SOUND]
>>This just in, Ellen is stalling She obviously does
not know who won best picture and she’s using me as
an excuse to not tell you. So once again, Ellen does not know who
won the Oscar for Best Picture, but I do. So congratulations to Moonlight.>>We now return you to
your regular programming.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s what I was gonna say.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We’ll be right back.

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  2. ellen I love you I watch you on my phone I don't have your channel . I live with my Nanny so I just wanted to tell you so . I love you

  3. fifth harmony me i love her so much
    she inspired me to go to college and start over my life again and now i am the officer of architechts

  4. Wow i seriouslly luv ellen…!!! Even on my crapiest days i just see her and automatically a smile comes through. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Breaking news…… Breaking news……..Trump is soooo offened by jimmy kimmel he took is secret magical voodoo and cursed oscars thats why oscars ended with blender.Now trump is so happy he is celebrating OSCAR BLENDER AFTER PARTY in is secret magical castle….CAUTION FOR THE PARTY ISSSSSS OUTSIDERS NOT ALLOWED….

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