NYT Details Epstein’s Deep Ties To Wall Street | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

NYT Details Epstein’s Deep Ties To Wall Street | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Making all this noise now when it was an open secret for many years. There is currently a prominent Hollywood director who is rumoured to be involved in paedophilia and young boys that story is being covered up.

  2. Notice how Ruhle asks a question and the respondent almost always breaks off onto a back story connected to the question? It's like there's so many layers and interconnected threads to every facet of this creep's life and interactions with people in power.


  4. Epstein was murdered or pushed toward suicide because the powers that be could not let his case go through disclosure in trial. With court trial, comes a risk of disclosing his involvement of a giant human trafficking organization ring run by the richest and most powerful people in the world, known as the cabal. He was just a smaller rich fish but big enough to get a lot of very important people in trouble. And with the Patriot Act, it buys them time to deal with the situation and eliminate the problem.

  5. They were running boys as well. Even in the Regan era. Goggle male prostitute and Regan white house. George senior was bi and he was involved in simula activity. People wake up Satan is alive and well. These agencies knew this and some of them were participating in such activities. I hope Trump bust them all including the Clinton's.

  6. I believe Epstein did hideous crap, but I don't think not having a bachelor's degree is irrelevant to having acumen in business and taxation. There are many smart people out there in the world that function without a piece of paper for a credential.

  7. I hope they call all the names, when u r rich and famous things tend to disappear or the reporter stop reporting or it’s hush up. What money does I think there is a lot of big names and I hope the Givernment doesn’t cover these names because of DOJ policies

  8. It's pretty obvious — Epstein was providing these people with young women, when, wherever and as many times as they wanted. They then "paid" him — in some cases, extremely large sums. (There's also possibility once they'd taken the bait, Epstein had the goods on them, and was pretty much free to ask of them whatever he wanted to get from them.)

  9. how that underaged girl want to massage … or follow the stranger… i think the low moral belong to underaged girl….. people like epstein is everywhere.. in asian alot underaaged prostitute..

  10. Let's ignore the Clinton pay-to-play uranium and drug-running by this pilot and trainer of other pilots. Let's ignore the Barr-Epstein connection and the failure of W Barr to recuse himself. Let's ignore the fact that (12 page Doug Band memo) it all came out because Hillary wanted to out Bill's guys in the Clinton Fndn. Let's ignore the truth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilKgNQQC2go&t=65s

  11. Epstein the ghost –
    No videos of this guy ever talking at parties, or functions or giving finance speeches or even a media interview.

  12. The show Happy on Netflix sounds like they knew the life of Epstein and decided to make a character our of him in the show. Jeffrey Epstein is Sonny Shine!

  13. Epstein was into Dom/Sub relationships with these young girls. He called them slaves. These people love to show off their work… 🙁

  14. Where Epstein's dead body? No body, this is fake. Can easily use another inmate body. Don't be surprise this nut-job surface again in another part of the country……..ALIVE.

  15. Society is making slots out of young girls, they become sexually active at a young age, money & drugs blinds them, this is what the sexual revolution has done, it is coming out in social media and internet, young girls don't have a problem sexting nude photos of themselves, money, nice cars, expensive clothing, jewelry & the party life. they are the victims of this sick society, money buys people's souls young and old.
    and now we're surprised? look at all the junk movies, netflix , hulu and others streaming mind warping rubish.

  16. please they didn't pay him millions for financial advice they paid him millions for 14 year old girls and his ability to acuire them.

  17. Look, this is what I think. He got a little pushy with someone, they got threatening. He pushed, someone else called his bluff. By the time he got to jail, big wig friends say," so, we can get you out of here, but you're going to have to take a hit, on this one. We can't make you look Spotless Clean in This though." So, they make it look like suicide, fake his death, and pluck 'em from the jail system, and he gets asylum in another country. The media is left scratching their heads,& he's free. His name and his rep just takes a hit. These are some of the biggest money in the world in his pocket. This girl scandal, is probably nothing compared to what he's actually capable of putting on all these rich people. So I can tell you right now, they either really did have him killed, or he's got asylum in another country right now, because this is bigger than big money, they control the media the Press, the internet, and pretty much the government. They are letting the media know exactly what they want the media to know, and nothing more. I can bet you anything, that this rabbit hole goes far deeper than anyone could imagine, and yet, you will never know about it. there's just too much big money involved in this one.

  18. Epstein was a BS artist and a hob-knob of a number big money guys. What's to figure out?
    If actually investigated, there's going to be a connection between Epstein, these guys, and teenage girls. You can bet that there are many of the "Rich and Shameless" who are hoping since Epstein's death, that the whole thing will dry up and blow away.
    And if anyone really believes that Epstein killed himself, have I got land to sell you, only a few miles from Miami Beach, on the east side of the beach… LOL!

  19. All of the conservatives in govt and media need to realize that for 40 years at least ; The so called Democrats have "been in truth". socialists/communists hiding their true agenda. They do not believe what they articulate. Instead they are "Purposely " "actively" -currently and have. been for as long as I have been alive attempting to "OVERTHROW" and defeat our country and Desptroy America and our freedoms while the Republican (Rinos) have sat on their hands and let them do anything they wanted (Except pointing out the true agenda of these murderous people. Basically by not calling them out and through "Compromise"). If you agree to compromise and one side wins every "IMPORTANT" compromise you have surrendered and you lose. This is the Republican Party. They have approved of every compromise for my 70 years on earth. They are a BIG part of the perversion of and destruction of our family units and form of self govt. Wake top hannity/Rush and you RINOS (Republican [and conservative- not]In Name Only.) The Communists have been protected and helped to hide by the Cia/FBI for years. They were formed originally to protect us from the enemies we defeated in WWI /II/ Viet Nam/ Korea and they and the media are ushering in a defeat that could not be done in by commiess and socialists. Kruchgev said on national TV in 1950's They would infiltrate and walk into destroy America. This lady is one of only a few in our country that will call it as it is!. PUBLIC UNIONIZED EDUCATION "IS" TO BLAME FOR MOST OUR PROBLEMS. grade school teachers were beginning to be brainwashed in the 60's under democratic gov't forced firing and replacement in college of true teachers by radical communists/socalists/Islamic Mu,sli, m Teachers.

  20. Epstein got a job at Dalton's school, (For which he had NO qualifications ) and was recruited BY WILLIAM BARR's FATHER.

  21. I love how red is painting a picture of Epstein as a one of lunatic. Capable of preposterous behaviour foreign to her. Tip of the iceberg shade covering lady.

  22. Sitting on a throne? This guy was a minor king in the Illuminati.He had a temple in his island.The truth will never be known.

  23. There are a few rumors as to why tRump's wing man, Epstein, was kicked out of Mar-a Lago. 
    I really think he got thrown out of Mar-a-Lago because he hit on Fat Donny's girl friend…Ivanka.

  24. The dude starts to speak of the “possible” lol dark truth of what’s been going on for years that the super rich would go to him for obvious reasons imo he got rich in the hush money industry but as evidenced that can be a slippery slope when dealing secret society kinda people and their wealth…..most awesome scenario possible is that if somehow someway the tapes that they more than likely would’ve found in his safes would somehow be leaked then we’d know that Bill Clinton and pals would prance around in blue dresses heck j Edgar Hoover got away with it

  25. Didn't J. Epstein actually make his money pimping for the rich and powerful, but covered his true business by pretending to be a great investor and hobnobbing with top Wall St. executives? Didn't he need a place to invest the riches he was amassing by pimping for the rich and powerful.

  26. Because Wall Street has no morals or ethics! They only care about money and connections! Many are very disturbed and creepy mean people as you hear here! Do not be surprised if people like Mnuchin are not also involved with him!

  27. Y’all all know what’s really going on so stop alluding to it just say it oh you can’t because the very people that own this news station are down with it too so you can’t say they are all pedophiles who sacrifice babies and animals worship who knows what and practice only God knows what they are sick and have been doing it since England and for hundreds of years. No one buys anyone a home that expensive who is that wealthy unless it’s a bribe or hush money 💰 it goes up the chain all the way to Washington both trump and Clinton who are actually good friends are on that chain to. Most people know it who know upscale NY and how Wall Street operations go after the bell. I don’t expect other Americans to believe it they are only privy to what they see on TV and are to good to fathom the evil of those elite people’s back door antics. I hope it does come out and I bet he was murdered and anyone else who comes close to spilling the beans will come up dead to because the truth would rock this country worse than any nuclear bomb could. I feel awful for those young girls who where lured into this because they thought maybe they would get money or recognition only to be abused and used they where not kidnapped they where manipulated their parents should also be held to a level of accountability how don’t you know where your 14 year old child is or is there a rabbit hole there to???

  28. I know there is a lot more surrounding the life and death of this man. Epstein was involved with many high profile, rich people that had a lot to lose. I’m sure that Epstein knew all of their secrets and where all bodies were buried. This made Epstein a threat to these rich people. Epstein May have even threatened to spill the beans if these people didn’t help him out of the mess he was in. It looks like they DID help the first time he went to jail. However, this time around his case may have been way too high profile, with so many other people are being implicated in it that Epstein WOULD end up spending time in a REAL prison with REAL inmates that DON’T like child molesters.
    This is why I tend to believe that this man was murdered and it was made to look like a suicide. I’m sure the videos of his cell at the time of his death will either end up being erased, altered, or all together lost. When you have that many RICH IDIOTS involved in a scandal one or more of them is likely to pay to get rid of the Epstein threat

  29. Something "deeper and darker" for sure. Wexner was named in an organized crime investigation back in "85, in Ohio. The link is organized crime and intelligence and Wall Street and Government (at the highest levels). All 4-intersect at 3-Kapalan St., Jerusalem (prime minister's residence). Follow the money.

  30. No way would jail officials put Nicholas Tartaglione a 51 year old hulking, muscular mass murderer and drug dealer (a death row candidate) in the same cell as Epstein. IMPOSSIBLE. Seems obvious someone that dangerous, that big and that desperate was put in there to strangle Epstein as nothing else makes sense. Logically, as a rule in every detention centre and as decorum non violent prisoners like mousy thieving bookkeepers should have been his cellmate.

  31. Red chair facing fire place,
    Raspy voice "whissskey"
    Epstien: pours a glass
    And hands it to the now seated Satan..
    "Yes my Lord and Master?"
    "…wanna be my Vesssal?"
    Fast Forward to today

  32. Pure GOSSIP people. Let Epstein rest in PEACE,he is DEAD. Make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with his history…PURE GOSSIP. Have a PRODUCTIVE ,CONSTRUCTIVE AGENDA …,FAKE people most probable DEMS.

  33. Mainstream media is covering this exactly as expected. Love to headline APPARENT SUICIDE. Who is it "apparent" to ? The bot commenters ? You might want to pull your head out of the sand. Oh, sorry I forgot, you report what you're told to report.

  34. Why so many pedos in this world? Hard to believe, they were lured to this and photographed and then blackmailed, this is how people get killed

  35. How come we aren’t hearing anything about Jeffry Epstein’s funeral ? Let’s us all wonder what really happened to him

  36. Obviously Epstein did not have sufficient clients to make a billion dollars. So why aren't the speakers discussing the explanation of Trump's former Labor Secretary?

  37. At 5:20, we see Wexner. Look at his wrist. Look at the red string. This tells you what unites them. New age spirituality. Marianne Williamson is a new age guru. Paramahansa Yogananda was one of the new age spiritualist gurus who trained and mentored the elite. This is why none of the elite claim that they are atheists.

  38. In the Jewish culture, through out history, they all watch out for and help each other to be successful. Look at the financial and entertainment industry. I'm not hating, just stating.

  39. all of these head scratching questions about how Epstein made his apparent money (that these cover up jurnos can't answer) can be found for those that are curious by searching work of Whitney Webb. With her historical research it becomes clear what is going on here.

  40. If you're a billionaire, good chance you're a pedophile. It's human nature to be morally corrupted by such extreme money and power. It can happen to anybody I guess. Read a history book or some basic moral philosophy.. This is why we NEED money out of politics now!

  41. Where is your footage of Prince Andrew in his property actually filimed opening the front door to let a female out???

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