Nunes: It’s clear that Mueller didn’t write the report

Nunes: It’s clear that Mueller didn’t write the report

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  1. Nunes is a Superstar. I began supporting him shortly after his trip to the WH to tell POTUS what was going on. He is from a neighboring state but it is so important to support people like him that ARE speaking TRUTH and I continue supporting him financially whenever I am able. His family has been through a great deal as well.

    1 name Fox perhaps you should dig deeper on is Ezra Cohen Watnick, also a Patriot like Nunes….bahahaha. Get with the program…we are so beyond this point in our research…you are lagging.

  2. Sorry Devin, your dots don't connect. And Devin has absolutely no interest in stopping the current attacks on our electoral system.

  3. Read the report why don't you? trump is a morally bankrupt president a criminal, a puppet.
    The presidency is the new orange.

  4. Where & What's the supposed Evidence of Russian Election Meddling? Cuz All I've heard about is some Facebook Posts & a Judge wanting to hold Mueller & his Lawyers in contempt in case against Russians for NOT Providing any Evidence, What's the Proof?

  5. Keep in mind- Fox News is registered with FCC as 'entertainment news' nothing you hear here is news it's just to entertain you

  6. Obviously the FBI opened the investigation into the Trump campaign in very early July 2016, possibly the day after exonerating HRC.

  7. NUNES WAS THE STAR OF THE MUELLER TESTIMONY AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED! he spelled it out to Mueller you attentively listened, and to the unknowing American people. Thank you Mr.Nunes !

  8. Mr. Nunez is right on point. He knows whats coming. Keep your ears tuned to Nunez, because i can't TAKE my eyes off him.

  9. Corruption at the core. These people need to suffer the cost for what they have done to the country. Some of these deep state goons have committed treason. I pray these people are held accountable. This is not America. Thanks Obama for dividing the country and corrupting the FBI & DOJ. This all makes me sick. Trump is the catalyst that exposed these criminals. Trump wins in 2020 BIGTIME!

  10. Will someone please kindly tell this anchor that there is a letter "t" in the middle of the word "Britain"? When she uses the Cockney-type pronunciation, she seems to be not-quite-ready for grown up news. In the long run, she will thank you for it.

  11. right wings fanatics hidding under christianity like réps and honesty ever went together when we know Trump and his worshipper's tried to stop Muller so many times i guess the religious beast is the évangélicals

  12. Cesar Lagares, in response to your comment, you are right. Put all the republicans in jail, since from the first minute of this illegitimate presidency all of them started with the lies; especially Nunez.
    Didn't you see and hear when his recording as to why they had to continue with their shenanigans was exposed?
    You should listen to it! I recommend it!
    Perhaps this will help dissipate your brainwashing and will try to save your country from all those traitors.
    Even McConnell in conjunction with Trump, as you read this, invited and are helping the Russians to meddle with the 2020 election.
    If you do not consider this act as a treason, then, I guess you are lost.

  13. @ Mr. Mueller like a C.E.O. had others write or complete the reports. not doing a face to face investigation,etc. No convictions of any indicted Russians, from Russia, no cross examinations of the claims of obstructions of justice matters. His lawyer staff or team did only selective investigations, no investigation of the false warrant, who signed the warrants or the judges authorized the warants to spy, and so on. It was just a cover up, and for the democrat congress members to start impeachment procedure.

  14. Although I support President Trump 100%, talk is cheap. Let's start getting these corrupt politicians intro court! Hold MSM accountable for colluding with the democrats against our country! If you're against a President who is working hard for our country then you're guilty of treason. I realize that's harsh but if you're wrongfully trying to remove him from office by creating lies and fake one sided investigations what would you call it?

  15. Muller and all the Corruption team should but in jail, for Obstruction the justice and Abusing the president and the Republican Party

  16. Elw! Sir Mullers excuse for filings his Team with Democrat donor Mr, President Donald Trump. Hating persecutors was they come from Government position, I had No CHOICE,… WE LOVE MY PRESENT TRUMP,…
    GOD BLESSED YOU ALWAYS YOUR FAMILY,…👊👊👊👊👊❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏👏👏

  17. Or it just could be that Mueller just doesn't remember. It's a text heavy — 448 pages — report; maybe he's just old and forgetful. One COULD conclude that he didn't write it, but there are other possibilities. It makes sense he didn't write most of it but just went over the content and signed off on it. He had a team assembled. To think that he wrote the report himself is ridiculous. That not how it works when you have a group working on a project. The leader of the team is responsible for the content, but probably does little of the actual legwork involved in assembling it. That's what the team is there for.

  18. The democrats need to bring John Dean in to prove that Mueller was given a forced lebotomey by Trump. MAGA!!!

  19. Nunes the guy trump called to the wh to give him evidence that Obama spied on trump illlegally.. he ran to the WH picked up the intel from the wh and then said he gave it to the WH.. and all it was, wsa a transcript of a foriegn official talking about trump.

    how can someone who tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the entire country, have a lick of credibility.

    the guy outright lied to everyones faces and the right dont care.
    He claimed to have found evidence he didnt find.
    he got it from the wh itself, as he pretended to give it to the WH.
    they sat on it for 2 weeks before release because they knew it didnt say what they said it said.
    and of course it didnt.

    and right wingers are all "lets see what he says next, hes so wise, and besides liberal tears!!!"

  20. All Mueller's did was collect a check, a very expensive check! To the democrats ,they don't care how much taxpayer money it takes to get themselves elected! The party of use and abuse! They have certainly have done that to the black population!!!

  21. What type of parents abandon their children. Good parents do not abandon their own children. This is a win win!

  22. Do you morons actually think that one man wrote a 400+ page report and that no one else had anything to do with it. Dumber than I thought.

  23. Ffs I knew about Mifsud before Papodopolus. Mifsud is a “Personal” friend of Bill Clinton. He has been for years and also is on the list for donators in the Clinton Foundation. There used to be a pic of Mifsud & Bubba in a pool on Epstein island before Google/YouTube scrubbed it.

  24. “No serious person out there would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections.” -Obama…before Trump won
    "Putin's undoing elections, you think that would have happened on my watch, on Barrack's watch? It wouldn't have and it didn't!" -Biden….during his watch

  25. The same Devin Nunes that did a skulking midnight run to the WH and then HUMILIATED HIMSELF IN LIES, trying to cover that move? The same Devin "Mad Cow" Nunes who accepted Top Secret info and tried to say he "found it"? THAT LYING SOB??? Oh please Fox News stop scraping the idiot barrel for guests!

  26. After Mr. Skripal had compiled the dossier by Mr. Steele request, Mr. Skripal informed Moscow on the dossier and was assassinated by MI6. But MI6 kept going in its attempt to compromise Mr. Trump.

  27. Funny how the DNC rigged the primary for Hillary against Bernie. No investigation. DNC gave Hillary debate questions. No investigation. Hillary and all of her aides lied to the FBI. No investigation. I could go on and on. The dems obviously play dirty and have tons of support in their dirty tactics AND THEY STILL LOOSE!!!! Haha what a bunch of incompetent losers. Trump says crazy off the wall things and the media goes nuts calling him a liar. And then low and behold his statements are all proven true. And all the dems can say is he’s racist. LIBERALS ARE LOSERS!!

  28. SO, it wasn't just the Clinton's and the Russians messing with our elections, it was the British also! Who'd a thunk!

  29. Mueller not only didn’t write he also didn’t read and study it before the democrats dragged his butt in front of the house kicking and screaming…bad for them and good for the American people….

  30. It is great to be alive with this great President, and the military operation to take down the deep state!……our God is an awesome God!…and, sometimes you gotta laugh…haah……… Jijadi Omar, Occasional Cortex, Ratshita, and a most racist black woman, of the Jijad Squad, join the cast of Shumosi, Pocahontas, Bilary, The Penguin, Schifty Adam Schitt, and the other Communistic characters seeking the downfall of our constitutional republic, based upon the word of God. Of course, they are atheists, which is a faith, because it seeks to explain where everything came from, without even a shred of evidence. And, some of them worship Moloch, so , when they speak of god loving abortion, trans-genderism, open borders, etc., they are talking of this strange god, not the biblical God, who they hate…………All soros trolls tell you to take your meds….they are all sooo original, arent they…that is because communistocrats have no sence of humor, and little creativity!

  31. What an opening by David Nunes… oh, man…so sad. Bunch of time wasted. Mueller: you wasted the president's time, spent millions, and to the cost of a finale to say you didn't write the report?! No wonder your responses were "Not in my purview."

  32. Mueller said , last week , in Congress ( where almost everyone that has been there for a while was lieying: Comey , Zuckerberg,Jack Dorsey ,Sundar Pichai etc…..) Mueller said : " I will stand by the report ." To me , it means a lot . He didn't say : " I will stand by MY report." See the difference ?

    This is his way of saying he didn't write it !

  33. It's become increasingly obvious that Mueller cannot speak; at least, not in a Congressional hearing.. And then, the case can be made that he cannot write, either. Robert Mueller did NOT write the report.

  34. CIA DirectorJohn Brenan and FBI Director James Comey conspired to spy on a Presedential campaign.They sent a joint Russian/CIA/FBI spy, Joseph Mifsud, to make contact with a low level campaign aide in order to open up a counter-intelligence operation. Who told Brennan and Comey to do this? Check their e-mails to and from each other and….The White House for the answer! Strozk and Page are co-operating with invedstigators.

  35. It was always obvious Mueller didn't write the report. He was manager of a 'team.' Why Nunes is criticizing that is beyond me because I doubt he's even read the report – he is infamous for not reading any of the reports that he initially demands must be made public. Why not – he says he has a 'team' that does that for him. Pot – meet kettle!

  36. I said two years ago that it was a privately ran intellegence agency that initially started the spying on trump . This could be the means to an end..

  37. How do you do it, Mr. Meuller? How do you manage to slip by all the foibles that beset you?
    I think you are a natural. And as for the "truth", you know your limitations and know how to dodge the pointed questions concerning the truth that the American people paid you to find.
    I'll bet you don't even know WHY Hillary LOST the 2016 election.
    But my last question is, why hasn't Hillary been locked up …yet? Oh well, I guess everyone deserves a "Mulligan" once in a while.

  38. Why is the presenter not picking up on Devin Nunes? He said: "It's clear that Mueller didn't write the report." Oh, really? How do you know? Where's your proof, Mr. Nunes? "There were no Russians." Really? Who were the fourteen Russians that were accused? This is complete conjecture, and this clown was Trump's FIRST CHOICE for intel chief! Only the Best People.

  39. Why do the Demonrats find it so hard to believe Hillary could have LOST the election because of what she did. (Ahhh…Private server! Etc…)

  40. this is amazing,keep investigating you socialist democrate traders we need to know the rest of your underhanded bs you have pulled on the American public,

  41. It's clear Robert Mueller was also playing dumb……He never heard of Fusion GPS????? Yeah right!

  42. Would have been nice if anyone asked Mueller directly – "Did you write this report? The whole report?" He was under oath and his answer would have been very interesting.

  43. We are on a Need To Know Basis Fox. Mueller didnt write the Report.  Weismann and his 13 Democrats of the “Star Chamber” Wrote the Report.
    I suggest you bring  Sidney Powell onto Fox News, to explain every Detail of how the DOJ, FBI, CIA have a Licence to Lie??? What Trump needs to Do to clean the Deep State up from Corrucption. For 21/2 years we have heard How, Now give us the Solution. Sidney Powell.

  44. Another spin master dolt. Mueller said, loud and clear, in writing, in the press conference and in testimony, that but for the president being protected from an indictment, he would be indicted. But forget about collusion, or conspiracy or obstruction. If the crime that he can't be indicted for is the crime that gave him that unique (only one in the US) protection, what do we do then? If he broke Federal Election laws, should they just be ignored? His lawyer is in prison right now for this crime, ya know.

  45. Of course he didn't . I can't believe no one can figure this all out . He has to cover his butt or these people behind this (Democrats ) and others would point the finger at him .. The more he kept away from this the better off he was , this all would've came down on him . Plus this man had to act like a total idiot during his questioning . Is this all over every ones head of what's going on ???

  46. Very interesting. We have ties to Romney, McCain and the Bushes in the Genisis of this hoax… so this why we’ll never really get to the bottom of this: there are powerful republicans that will need to be protected. It would be better to throw a few scapegoats to the wolves, and cover this up.

  47. Foreign Interference in Our Election is an attack on Our Democracy. Isn't that an act of war?
    Trump was a fraud feaser before he ran for office. Look at all the law suits.
    Blame it on the investigators that Trump is crooked? Come on!!!

  48. He didn't write it. Hell, he didn't even read it.
    Even when the batshit crazy Democrat/Socialists, required him before Congress for 6 six before he went, he could have read it, but yet he still didn't. Corruption at the dumbest levels. It would be hysterical if it weren't our own government and the waste of 35 plus million tax payers dollars.

  49. and muelly speaks…..turns out he's just an old bumbling fool….he didn't even know what was in the report because he didn't even write it!!!! LMAO!!!!

  50. There was three parts to the Mueller report, Russian colluion, obstruction of justice, but once Mueller discovered the missing mattress tags from bedrooms in the Whitehouse was removed by an angry Democrat, he dropped it from the final report. The Democrat also poured bleach on the matresses and destroyed the boxsprings with hammers.

  51. Mueller was used as “front guy” to show the public that a legitimate investigation was to take place but in the shadows the puppet masters team of hand selected investigators tried to facilitate a coup against the American people to re-seize power. Take a step back and realize these treacherous and treasonous acts and speak out- DEMAND JUSTICE !

  52. Everyone has her E mails
    That's because she is an arrogant stupid fool
    I would also bet NSA has them also.
    Using non secure server for her business.

  53. I love your work! Thank you for all you do. This is not a comment on the above you tube, I am asking all excellent investigators I listen to for help. It is time for ALL EYES TO GO ONTO NADLER!!! He is despicable His attempts to go after Cavenaugh are another kick in America's eye. He must have evil in his closet and it is time that all eyes are one it-And Him. Can you pass this on?

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