Nunes blasts Dems’ ‘strange cult’ in fiery opening statement

Nunes blasts Dems’ ‘strange cult’ in fiery opening statement

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  1. Roger Stone convicted, soon Ttump will be impeached for intimidating witnesses could not be more stupid and incompetent…The the GOP will be impeached in the next election…all because you backed a misogynist, bone spur, moron president. What a bunch of "rupublicans" you add a new definition to RHINOS!

  2. BREAKING NEWS !! President Trump called President Zelensky of Ukraine.. Ukrainian Collusion!!! Form a Special Counsel! These people are sick, these people are stupid, and We The People are SICK OF THEM!

  3. ‪Democrats be smoking crack for over 3 years with this farce. Nunes blasts Dems’ ‘strange cult’ Third World coup d’etat overthrow of our duly elected American president in fiery opening statement

  4. Dear Lord, cause this nation to fall on their knees in repentance and ask for mercy, to return to our God and restore our country. Amen!

  5. E r i c C i a r a m e l l a, is a Democrat hack , he worked for Biden and was involved in the crimes of the Ukraine. He is a deep state actor who doesn't care who we elected. Democrats are traitors. George Soros owns them.

  6. Bloomberg is said to have spent $100 million to increase the internet footprint of his troll farms.
    I suggest that you do not engage with trolls that are only interested in ad hominem attacks rather than debate facts and evidence.

  7. How hilarious that Devin Nunes describes the Democrats as a "cult". Those you bow down to Donald J. (Douchebag) Trump have already sipped the Kool-Aid, even while his closest cocksuckers are now in prison, or are soon to be headed there. As a Democrat, yes, Hunter Biden is slimy; but how many of you Republicans could come out and admit that your president and his lackeys are just as slimy? This is America, not some Banana Republic.

  8. I used to vote Democrat, until that strange child had become a delusional sociopathic maniac.
    He is right the Democratic or Socialist party, I should say has become a cult.

  9. Dictator Dork and his crooks love witness tampering. Since that's illegal, courts should send them to jail quickly so no one else will think they can get away with it. Dork and Pence are not indispensable, because other people can do their jobs and more honestly.

  10. Very disappointed in the Democratic party it's being run by dispecable people . No honor, no integrity, no care for right and wrong. Virtue signalling phoneys thank you bill and Hilary.🖕

  11. Are people finally going to wake up to what is going on in this country? There are unelected forces that want nothing but to rewrite our constitution, take the power from the people, and seize our treasures. These are the shadow groups that own and run the democrats, the media, big tech, and the universities. President Trump is getting in their way by keeping his promises and shining light on these dark creatures so they will do and say anything to take him down. It is up to us to vote their puppets out of office for good so we can control the destiny of our country, not Soros, Clinton and China. God bless and protect our champion and duly elected President Trump and safeguard America from these deep state criminals. God bless America!

  12. When this is all done will anyone go to jail for wasting the tax payer money. These traitors deserve a traitors fate and the American people deserve justice for the theft of the taxes we are forced to pay.

  13. Yeah they should definitely impeach him on that first phone call too. I don't know what for but I'm sure an expert like Mr. Schiff can figure something out.

  14. Why aren’t the republicans going after the democrats for these obvious illegal activities? Why aren’t they acting to remove those responsible from office?

  15. I'm beginning to believe that there is no whistleblower. All this is a diversion for the American people away from the corruption occuring in our government.

  16. Hahahahaha he read the 1st phone call to try to trick gullible people of the public that that is the conversation under scrutiny when the conversation that Trump bribed Ukraine was in the second phone call they had! If I was a republican I would be offended that they are so openly trying to misinform the public.

  17. How on earth can you have an impeachment with no whistle blower in person or in name, that no one knows, based on he said that he said that he said. Is this a for real? How can this be allowed? Absolutely nuts. Unbelievable.

  18. Devin Nunes is saying the truth, they need to work in some more important things, but these demoncraps prefer to sink themselves, more in impeachment thirsty for power, which they never are going to get back, why? Because first, they hate Our country, they hate US citizens, they don't care about Our country, they want to turn Our country in a new Venezuela. Shame on people voting for Demoncraps.

  19. The people of this country voted in these demorats. And continue to vote for them. Conclusion,. Lies, abortion, high taxes,open borders, anti god ,anti 2nd amendment , anti traditional family. I believe we very well might get what we deserve.

  20. What the heck was wrong with that call?!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG!! I tell you what, we're doomed in Australia and Europe if the US looses Trump.

  21. Soviet-style trials will become more frequent if voters give more power to democrats in the next election: they despise democracy, they deny fundamental precepts such as “innocent until proven guilty” or the constitutional right to confront a witness against you.

  22. A new disparaging remark, refer to someone as a ( Democrat ) or if it's personal ( you Schiff ). Now where I come from, them there's fighting word's !!!.

  23. All this crap the democrats are doing is so stupid…waste us Americans time and money..the democrats need to do their job…

  24. A former Democratic here, I will never support the dems again, I am so ashamed of what my old party has become, I was taught the dems was for the common people, but that isn't what they are now, in my book they don't Cate about anything but power, and money in their pockets, I hope they lose so big in 2020 till they shriek.

  25. The American people should demand reparation for all the American taxpayer money wasted on all these phony investigations and scams

  26. It's disgusting what Schifty Schift and his Luciferian cronies are doing. However, they've already lost. This is just for public awakening for those who are still not quite awake.

  27. Democrat supporters are idiots. These devils don’t care about anything except keeping their heads in the public trough.
    What a waste of time and money.

  28. Meanwhile…..we continue to be invaded by citizens of other countries from the north, south, east, and west. Wake up! This is a diversion to take attention away from everything else that is instigated by the power brokers to take our country down.

  29. Go Nunez! Great move. Now can we get the other calls read I hope? The ones I've read are nothing. There's nothing to convict.

  30. I think the Democrats are smarter than they look, i mean they staged this huge Circus, directing attention to them. We have been warned that the Democrats are going to stage an event that will clog the news cycle, this is one such event! – don't fall into the trap patriots!

  31. democrats are DONE DONE DONE. their reputation is dissolved their tipped their intention to the G R E A T American public. Due to their actions against our president and the lack of respect they lost a lot of democrat voters. those voters diverted now into hardcore republicans. they are ashamed to say ** I ma a democrat ** further more those who are picking bones with the president of the country, must be prosecuted and jailed for a long long time. we also need to adopt an Iranian law for once at least and that is the beheading of those democrats and their games of sham.

  32. How can republicans look at themselves in the mirror? Such blatant corruption, conspiracy and coverup. Republicans are destroying our country and constitution. Evil evil evil from everywhere the republicans are

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