Nissan GT-R NISMO breaks lap time record on Tsukuba Circuit

Nissan GT-R NISMO breaks lap time record on Tsukuba Circuit

It’s taken a long time to
prepare for this time attack even though it lasts only a brief moment This excitement is what
drives us to make cars It’s really amazing. I’m thrilled I was visualizing how
I’d drive the final lap where I can’t make any mistakes The lap time was 59.3 seconds I was really happy

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  1. Im a fan of nisssan but they should really refresh the models and create more sporty models and with sporty i dont mean tuning up a pulsar or juke or sentra and call it a nismo, i mean you should create a sportscar that is good and has a good engine and its fun to drive. If i would refresh a car i would definitely choose the GTR and The Z

  2. 13 years in production and STILL setting records. Cant wait for the R36. What do you think that will do? Let that sink in. SLOWLY.

  3. We have the same design, every model year is factory beefed up with more power , we need a proper R36 it's time for a new design, what happened to innovation?

  4. I can't believe the Nismo GTR is almost a 200k when it's not worth it.. No wonder Nissan is going bankrupt. Hello?! Wake up Nissan C8 Corvette is starting at 60k and it has 500hp. I wanted a GTR but it's way overpriced for what it is. The GTR is past due for a new model not a revision like that ugly gtr50 and cost a million.

  5. I just remembered something. The R33 Vspec was the first production car to do a sub 8 minute lap at the Nurburgring now this GTR Nismo is the first production car to lap Tsukuba in less than 60 seconds. Way to go GTR. #JAPANESEMUSCLE

  6. GT-R is one of my favourite car.
    I hope Nissan will create a better car not boring design car.
    Nissan hope to create a better car and expensive.

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