Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

67 Replies to “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Let,s see the Ruskin Pickle Sucker and Kavanaugh dragged away in chains. What a laughing stock! Putin cannot stop laughing in the Kremlin. America the laughing stock!😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Saudi Arabia is the number 1 problem with Terrorisim. Saudi and Wahabbi not Shia and Iran! Orange Baboon.

  2. White people clapping and celebrating Cosby arrest while cheering Trump, Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh on and refusing to condemn them

  3. He will keep denying it why would he tell the truth? He always followed the rules right. Look at how they laughed at Trump saying he is the most prosperous president. We are being lead by untruths.

  4. He don't get it everything isn't about money we give and it makes us morally rich. Look at the flooding God is not pleased with our behavior.

  5. Look at the smile on the interviews face when questioning Cosby accuser. White people are soo law in order when the person is black. But Brett Kavanaugh gets the benefit of the doubt, every news station isn't so quick to judge and jury the white guy.

  6. Wow the president is decorating a victim about how much she was drinking he can't even remember where this party was because he was so drunk Shame Shame Trump sticking up for your own kind grab them by the you know what the good old boys club

  7. Welcome to communist China America! The demoncrats are working at destroying our country and our constitution. Question everything. We are heading down a rabbit hole and we will not be able to return. They are stealing our freedoms around every corner, invading our privacy, treating everyone like a criminal or terrorist. No matter what they do in the name of safety those who seek to cause harm will always find a way and in the mean time those tools are used to abuse power and deprive the rest of us of our rights. Destroying our trust in our institutions and destroying our constitution be treading a little bit here and a little bit there all in the name of security. A wise man once said, "the only thing to fear is fear itself." This man had great faith in humanity but he never imagined that one day the people of this country would have to fear the ones who propagate fear in order to enforce total control. Media and Propaganda were created for usher in control of the masses through programming. Those who can't see it are totally programmed and probably will never wake up. Destroying our political processes and violating peoples rights everyday. The abuses are so great we can't seem to stop them. Police policing themselves and murdering citizens in the streets. Injustice around every corner. Insurance companies calling the shots and enslaving the average american. The master plan will soon be revealed, but it will be too late to stop.

  8. It is really sad to be a victim of abuse in this country. Don't fear though, those who seek to harm others will answer for their actions. They will not make it to the positive side of the universe. Those who have been harmed will be loved and protected by the positive side of the universe, even if justice does not happen here and now. Justice will be served in the end.

  9. The history of our country? Really? Did Trump study US History? Repeal Obamacare and I will think you did something. Keep your promise Trump or you will lose the next election.

  10. Another white parent who became tired with being a parent. This young man's father will be held responsible for the boys disappearance. I do not believe a boy his size and with legs so short would be able to outrun an adult male with legs three times as long. Don't worry this body will be found soon.

  11. Lost at sea. How many of us will go to work tomorrow to make money to hand over to other people for the bare basics and still not have enough to afford everything we need and are told we have to have. Does anyone else daydream about escaping the Matrix?

  12. The Cosby spokesman playing the race card… of course. Funny how NBC is not playing it as well. Mentioning the fact that Cosby is black and most of his victims are white. Funny I don't hear Lester Holt running with that line. "Bill Cosby, who is black, sexually assaulted his victims, who were mostly white." C'mon Lester. Let's hear ya say it. The truth.

  13. Judge Kavanaugh also exposed himself to me. I remember it clearly. I want my hearing on Capitol Hill too. "Me too".

  14. Trump always humiliates himself by telling lies and making outlandish exaggerated claims. 1. This is the best economy in American history? We had our greatest and most explosive economy under the Clinton administration. 2. he's accomplished almost more than any other president in American history? Old Ab ended slavery, FDR ended the Great Depression,Truman crushed Japan and ended World War II, and Obama ended the Great Recession (which Trump had nothing to do with. America is still reaping the benefits of Obama's accomplishments and this fool is claiming credit.), and this delusional hypocrite believes he's in their league? Boy I can't wait till 2020 and we have our next Democrat for president. And we all know that the Republicans are going to lose the majority in both houses come the primaries.

  15. 49 days at sea adrift? 3rd time at age 18? WTF is wrong with this moron. Forget about reading the Bible. Read a book on how to properly moor your raft you nitwit. Really? 3rd time?

  16. P.S. "My administration" … not a specifically personal plug. The administration that is assisting the President may take their due credit.
    But the media (Andrea) has to say "boast".

  17. Wow really. His lawyer couldn't think of a real defense so he throws out racism and sexism when half the victims weren't white.

  18. Why not put the women (16) on a panel to have questions like did trump grope you and see the hands raised. I'd place a bet on 16

  19. How did they prove he sexually assaulted them? It's innocent until proven guilty. Some women do this just to make money. I'm not saying this is one of those though.

  20. This news about Bill Cosby is really weird, most of these women are so freaking ugly. This makes me wonder if he would actually do something like that. Some of those women are so disgusting it's hard even look at them. They're probably just trying to make money like a lot of other women praying after wealthy men. Some women get sexually assaulted and some just try to make money, so it makes it harder for those who actually were assaulted to to be taken seriously.

  21. I'm warning you all, women are using this weapon of evil to get what they want. There are a few who have been abused yet women, and their willingness to do evil, are going to make it hard for people to take them seriously. If women want money, if they want attention, if they want power in a Democratic party, if they just want to get back at someone, all they have to do is claim that someone sexually molested them. This is evil. Until proven guilty they are innocent. If someone is proven guilty torture the f*** out of them, whether it's the abusers or the women making false allegations about good men.

  22. These girls are such losers and liars. Because of women like this people can't take sexual assault claim serious anymore.

  23. The real despicable people are the Democrats. They yell and spit on people, lie and deceive, do bad things behind our backs to get power and money, etc. Just look at the proof, secret surveillance videos on YouTube about the Deep State. All they want is power and money.

  24. I just figured out what is wrong with these videos. It is the fake News, NBC Nightly News. Why don't you go to Fox News to learn the truth. You won't just see people's mistakes, you see the reasons behind the actions and the actual good. It's a whole new would of truth instead of these deceitful Democratic backed fake news outlets.

  25. It's crazy how many lies I heard in this news. Go to Fox News and you will see what I mean. All of this talking is so twisted and convoluted from reality.

  26. As if Kavanaugh is the ONLY judge that could be recommended for the supreme court. Why couldn't the president just replace his nomination? Criticize ANY wrongdoing on the part of a judge. Aren't good and qualified judges a dime a dozen? Or isn't there at least one or two more? Isn't the one who nominates these judges the supreme being? Are we not supposed to believe so?

  27. Great news broadcast please keep it non bias on the President. My family has been watching NBC Nightly News for decades and I'm sure my kids and there kids will to.

  28. What a shame that he only gets 3 years in a easy prison were he will have life similar to a nursing home. Microwave, TV cable internet ,with dr and nurses visiting bill daily . This dont match the crimes.


  30. We are in the midst of an extremely dangerous time with the MeToo movement. Any woman can now accuse any man of any sexual act they want in order to bring any man down they want, for whatever reason they want, whether the accusations are true or not. Ladies, you are hurting yourself because men will not pursue you anymore. You will be alone, as an old lady with hundreds of cats living in your trailer. Dying alone. Ladies….. you are doing this to yourself. Women are truly stupid beyond belief

  31. NBC, I know you can find a better picture for the YouTube cover photo, it’s bad enough we have to hear about Trump on a daily basis

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