Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 24, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 24, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. 🍃 we all know that Judge Kavanaugh has been set up because of the political issues, we all know that 🍃
    Democrats your the Rats behind all this. You are true 🐴jackasses

  2. Hey I have a good idea lets put a guy who's wrapped up in a bunch of controversy that will never be resolved into a life long position of the highest power? We already did it once and that turned out just GREAT .. Smfh

  3. Ford is a professor and research psychologist in Northern California at Palo Alto University and the Stanford University PsyD Consortium, a clinical psychology program where she teaches statistics, research methods and psychometrics. She has been widely published in her field and, according to a 2016 book she co-authored, her consultation area of expertise is the interaction between pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

  4. We should expect more and more women coming forward as their memories come back especially of incidents they’ve tried to forget… There’s going to be more on this Kavanaugh Guy and all the claims by the brave and courageous women that have found the strength to warn us of exactly what we are getting in a Justice Kavanaugh… The irony of Trump’s pick to have women coming forward with the all so familiar claims of assault and harassment at least…

  5. …the more I watch the news…the more I realize that NOBODY is qualified to run this country. Period!
    …all this video evidence.

  6. These accusers are so disgusting so late in their accusations worse are the women protesting believing them just because they are women I think they are all sexually frustrated and.this new accuser is so ugly she wishes some guy would flash her

  7. I'm so tired of these women coming forward 30 years later with their claims. It it traumatized you that much then why didn't you report it back in the day or years ago? Why all of a sudden when the guy is up for nomination to the SCOTUS is it an issue? Seriously? It didn't matter two years ago but it matters today? Give me a break ladies.

  8. I won't lie when I think about our Administration and our standing in the world I just want to throw up we have scraped through the barrel and down into the Bedrock as a nation

  9. I disagree. The Indiana bus driver who just got fired is a born and very effective driving instructor. Who are you to say a 10 year old can't learn To be Safe,proficient and alert driver. This is a case of age discrimination If I ever did see one.

  10. Clarence Thomas didn’t lie under oath during his federal judge confirmation hearings (that we know of). Kavanaugh did. That’s a felony. No matter the outcome of these future hearings, Kavanaugh should be impeached from the federal court seat and disbarred, and is thereby not qualified to be nominated to SCOTUS. If we have any current Democrats with a backbone and a single ounce of integrity, that is what they should be focused on! That is also the story that the news should be focused on.

  11. Anyone with a shred of sense can see what’s happening here, the Democrats are desperate and will do anything to stop this confirmation. Cavanaugh was a virgin all throughout high school college and beyond. This is a disgusting smear campaign.

  12. I really like lester holt as a news anchor and host but i wish they would stop applying so much heavy makeup and foundation to his skin, it looks waxy and paint-like and doesnt match his skin tone..

  13. If Cavanagh gets in his decisions on the court will be based on VENGEANCE on the left not the law. Ths GOP white nationalists will rejoice. The Trump voters have shown the world how stupid the FORMER United States is.

  14. Sen. Ted Cruz ousted from DC restaurant by protesters, demanding his stance on Kavanaugh support!

  15. September 24, 2018. Also, the UK is deeply concerned by reports that the Houthi authorities in Sana’a, Yemen, have held a mass trial of members of Yemen’s Baha’i community. 24 people including eight women and a child are facing charges that could result in death sentences. Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion and Belief, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, said "The persecution of members of the Baha’i community in areas of Yemen under Houthi control due to their religious beliefs is a serious violation of international human rights law. New cases of arbitrary detention and continuing reports of the abuse of detainees by the Houthis are deeply concerning, and we wholly condemn this mistreatment."

  16. Did you know that after the supposed incident that he grades fell, she started to go see a therapist, she moved moved 3k away and she changed her focus to research trauma and it's effects on people?

  17. That, the fact that she isn't just some random stripper from Nebraska, she went to school and was close to these people. And the fact that his best buddy Judge wrote a book saying that Brett was the captain of the drinking team (to finish x amount of kegs in one year)

  18. Political show boating. Even if Kavanaugh did sexually assault women, does anyone actually think it would ruin his chance? Anita Hill didn't keep Thomas off the bench. And Cosby gets less than 3 years. WTF?

  19. This device to help disable people walk again is great news but what is not being said is the miraculous improvements that can be obtained by stem cell transplants. To receive this treatment, one has to travel to more advanced countries like Norway since government restrictions have been placed on the research in USA.

  20. Your daughter is a liar! She sexed him. He paid her. Now take her lying manly looking self home and hide her, so she will not accuse other men, which she looks like herself or is it "himself?,"

  21. The left has gotten to the point that they will do anything for power. This should be the most alarming things around thier tactics.

  22. ANY ONE CAN BE KILLED BY POLICE AT ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON. THEY ARE A DANGER TO OUR COMMUNITIES.Good thing they fired that cop. She might want to move to the other side of the country. I don't see her living in peace after what she did. We need to abolish the police. Keep the Sheriff's for the important stuff but get rid of all the police departments across the country. They serve an evil purpose. They are killing innocent citizens everyday. Their have no business roaming the streets killing people. Your could be next, your 16 year old child learning how to drive, your pregnant wife, your husband and provider, your father or mother, your grandmother or father, your grand child, your best friend. ANY ONE CAN BE KILLED BY POLICE AT ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON. THEY ARE A DANGER TO OUR COMMUNITIES.

  23. So…this woman attended the same "drunken dormroom party" as Kavanaugh. She was "drunk to the point of being foggy and slurring her words." That says as much about her as it does about Kavanaugh. What does ANYONE think goes on at drunken dormroom parties, that everyone gets hammered and starts a prayer chain? I think we have a case of 'dumb and dumber' here. Of course, one of the two is looking at a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court, so maybe the standard does need to be a bit higher.

  24. Regarding the airline seats – THIS is why regulation comes into being. It comes to the point where there must be some sort of government action to require an industry to provide the absolute minimum in standards. Like safe and comfortable leg room. Like health and safety requirements on the job. Like, oh, I don't know, a minimum wage, or a banking system that doesn't collapse the world economy. Because if the government doesn't regulate it, you can bet private industry is not going to spend money on it or sacrifice even the tiniest bit of profit to insure it. So when the Republican 'captains of industry' start bleating to you about how government oversight and regulation is bad, remember who you're choosing to trust to see to your well-being.

  25. had to watch this on Tuesday. Did I just here Trump this may the single most unfair thing to happen to a nominee?  What was the treatment of Merritt Garland.   Just remember O fearless leader, your party started this with the treatment of Merritt Garland.

  26. they have the yearbook and what he wrote on it will make you think twice bout him getting the appointment it was on a talk show/type is appoling and talks volumes

  27. As with most privileged children, I think they mingled. I think 7 families are in competition with the rest of the USA. Psychological manipulation will always be out there. Whether he exposed or assaulted, this is the type of thing these people do to others.

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