Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

100 Replies to “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. There in no doubt we have become the most Dumbed down society in the history of the world!  For the media to think it cute having Dad tell his toddler daughter what you are hearing is fire works while they are really bombs made in the USA.

  2. We’re welcoming people into the Demacrat movement that we’ll defeat Donald Trump, So let’s tear down that wall and bring in some more illegals, By the way it’s President Donald Trump.

  3. This video from 3 years ago proves Trump didn't offer a pardon for a cover up NBC need to do their homework.

  4. Good God nothing good to report any more just people's personal tragedies and people's dirty laundry nothing good no more sad but true I wonder how many people have stopped drinking Coronas🤣🤣🤣🤣🥁✌ not even related to the subject but they'll quit🤣🤫

  5. Bloomberg's family has been running the country if not the world from behind the scenes for decades (probably longer) they see their tyranny is in danger so they send a figure head in to take the reins again. Biden and Sanders are racist socialist communists

  6. It's like I always knew growing up. You hear about these "Royals", why? The rich run things and they love stupid, unreal things like the blood line of a family, a family dynasty, tax breaks for the rich, anything that costs more than what the poor people buy. In fact, It is estimated that between 24,000 to 25,000 British soldiers died in the Revolutionary War. This number includes battlefield deaths, deaths from injuries and disease, men taken prisoner, and those who remained missing.Nov 27, 2017

  7. I pray God keep the little girl and her father safe hedge off protection around them and other in Syria 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  8. Trump let all these thieves out of jail so they can rob him next. What he still trying to do raise his numbers with the rich. What about the poor people who are locked up in jail because they really need medical help.

  9. Bloomberg is a lizard, just look at his face. Anyone else notice how the rich are running for office? Makes me think of hunger games.

  10. SuperPacs, Caucuses, Contributions!? Every candidate buys their way into the presidency.
    Someone should tell Germany they spelled Police wrong🤣🤣👍

  11. We sure don't need another Billionaire wanting to become President fr a Hobby because He's bored with His investments! Bernie Sanders is the only one that's made complete sense to be President since 2016.

  12. NBC —- please do not host another "debate". Learn what debate actually is. It's not up to questioners to contradict or bait the "debatees". FIASCO, NBC !

  13. "I'd like to see what will be said and what will be promised." And never forget – until they tell you how they're going to PAY FOR IT, it's nothing but hot air. Pin those suckers down, because if you don't, all you'll get are promises.

  14. Barr is not going to resign and he's not going to clean house .He's just deflecting so people can blame him and take the focus off of this illegitimate president.

  15. nobody wins in war, we all loose, because we loose children and parents, I hope that family live and get out what a horrible way to live, I can't imagine what that dad is going through.

  16. He is a convicted criminal ,Jury was ridged ?evidence was fixed ? Witnesses lying ?. WE DO NOT have our heads up our collective sphincter so far we can smell fresh air ..

  17. You know today I was really shocked one of my moms friends Christian lady big Christian lady respectful beautiful person decided to become a Republican and we live in Connecticut. You democrats are so disrespectful and disgusting you have cursed America!

  18. Remove and arrest all the devils minions start with Barr !arrest trump for his crazy mentality !what has the world come to ?read your bibles the times are near.

  19. Americans they going to vote for the joker again they like corrupted senators and the joker good luck it is the people choice …. the best corrupted public employees.

  20. Bloomburg was a former Republican just like Trump was a former Democrat. Nobody really wins here but go out and vote anyways. Nothing will change so screw it.

  21. Freaking News Fraud Opinion Advertising. 75% of small people do not believe comments and stories on Fox News and the rate is 99% do not believe MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, PBS and BBC much less the Washington Compost, Bluffing Compost and the New York Slime.

  22. The man's first name Bloom is quite the catch I don't know about the Berg it seems buggy bug get it give the man a chance Go Mike

  23. Bill, did you forget your lines again?
    No sir, just practicing…"I will resign if the president doesn't stop tweeting"…"I will resign if the president doesn't stop tweeting"…

  24. Democratic Politicians and others have promised great things and delivered nothing , President Trump is the only one in the last thirty years that has fulfilled what he said he would and much more. Mr. Trump has my vote for 2020, now we need Republican John Dennis to win California before it is to late…

  25. We all pray that there will be no bombing in Syria; but the technique that this father is using, for his little girl to "laugh hystetically when they hear the exploding Hate & War Sounds of Death & Destruction", is shockingly tragic!!! This could cause severe psychological damage to her, and affect her in a multitude of abnormal psychosocial function in her present life AND ESPECIALLY in her future. Every parent has the right to train their child as they deem proper, but when there are severe consequences from an emotional and psychological perspective, then, Others have a right to declare warnings & alternate suggestions. This man should be honest with this child, and speak to her in a tender and non-threatening manner, such as in the character of a "Chidren's True Storyteller", to let her know that this is a sad situation, and Daddy and God will protect her etc etc… a HEALTHY MindSet, and behavioral pattern, that will bring her closer to GOD and more secure with herself and her father and the world around her…. instead of PROGRAMMING her New Brain in this "Psychopathic Reactive Behavior", which clearly alters her normal thought patterns that are proper and acceptable in any Society. I think it is tragic and shocking that he has posted this vid for the world to see. And even more tragic, is his "exposition" of his innocent child, being portrayed and exploited as a trained Lunatic. Foolish Fathers create Dangerous Children. I only hope he will find an honest, intelligent, & HARMLESS approach to helping his child through this life-changing Trauma. And the largest prayer is that there will be No Other IGNORANT Parents who follow his dangerous stupidity.

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  27. Part I: I'm looking for money, to start a legal Federal Government Independent Army, three Federal Government Independent Army banks, and one Federal Government Independent Army Mint, and to legally seize the U.S. Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Mint in New York City, and to seize all of the money that's in those buildings, and to print more than $900 Centillion U.S. dollars, and to haul all of that money to the Federal Government Independent Army Bank in Indiana, I need about $50 Billion to get it started, I'm looking for investors or a gift to get it started.
    To advertise on my website for a single white American woman 18-24 years old, that has never been married, with no children, heterosexual, virgin, a woman that doesn't dye her hair, with no makeup, and that has kind of longer hair or longer hair, and that's not a criminal or part of any criminal gangs, and that's not a devilworshipper, if she's got any religion, it's got to be Christianity, to be my wife and to have children with me, and to have about four boys and four girls with me, and to pay her $2 Billion per year, $5,479,453.00 per day. To give her part of her pay bonus of $100+100 Quintillion Zeros after I get part of my pay bonus of $100 Centillion^10,000 Centillion^10,000 Centillion^1,000,000^100,000,000,000 Centillion^100,000,000,000,000 Centillion^10,000 Centillion^10,000 Centillion^100,000 Centillion^1,000,000 Centillion^100,000 Centillion^100,000,000,000,000 Centillion^10,000 Centillion, from the Federal Government Independent Army, after New York City. To get part of my pay bonus from the U.S. Treasury Department, to get about $50 Sextillion U.S., and to get the rest of my pay bonus from the Federal Government Independent Army Bank in Indiana, when the printing press gets going there, and the Federal Government Independent Army Bank starts printing bills, to start getting the rest of my pay bonus there. And give my wife part of her pay bonus after New York City, to give her $20 Sextillion, and to start giving her the rest of her pay when I start getting mine from the Federal Government Independent Army Bank in Indiana. And to give about 21,000 Federal Government Independent Army workers a $1 Quintillion pay bonus after New York City, to print about $22 Quintillion U.S., at the U.S. Treasury Department in New York City to pay about 22,000 Federal Government Independent Army workers. And to print $400 Trillion, to give about 400 million U.S. citizens that are part of this country, that need some money, to give them $1 Million for each person in this country. To print about $500 Sextillion, to buy some gold bullion to make some gold coins at the Federal Government Independent Army Mint, to put into money supply in this country, by the Federal Independent Army Bank. To Mint Independent Country, Federal Independent Army Mint gold coins, and to print Independent Country, Federal Independent Army Bank bills at one of the Federal Government Independent Army Banks in Indiana, and to mint the gold coins at the Federal Government Independent Army Mint in Indiana.

  28. People love to linger with responsibilities . We have been told for years, We need a special ID to validate Who We Are. what part of it is confusing? make the appointment bring all your paperwork and get it done.

  29. all of these f'ing arrogant trump criminals. an exile-how dare you talk like that you nasty little puke. yeah, everybody is lying but you & your pos thugs huh trump? you are slimy garbage & i can't wait to see them drag you out of the wh hogtied. i would pay to see that.

  30. I wish to have a little from this monwy to fix my home ans pay the electricity am behind .or help my brilliant young son who is very smart in college oustanding student want to be a lawyer and fbi one day .but me i strongly with lack of extra money .but he came a represented democrats for President i will work volunteer for him and vote ..they need a millionaire against Trump .and have mote probabilities to win 2020 election. If Sander he will lose against Trump .USA in not rwady for Sander poliza nooooo we don't like a socialist view candidate

  31. So funny how the idiots of America don’t realize why the judge allowed the juror to stay on the Harvey case. So dumb.

  32. Bernie has led an exemplary life for 75 years….he has walked the walk. Please America lets go back to making America great instead of Russia

  33. HOBART, Ind. (The Times) — Police say a northwestern Indiana couple allegedly drove two teenage boys off a roadway they were riding along with flags supporting President Donald Trump attached to their bicycles.
    Hobart police say Snapchat videos helped officers secure charges against 23-year-old Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones and 18-year-old Cailyn Marie Smith in connection with a July 22 incident.
    Police say the Hobart couple are accused of driving in their car, running the boys off of the road, and making threats toward the teens, who are twins.
    The (Northwest Indiana) Times reports that both defendants are charged with felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness.

  34. So far, Barr has allowed all the coup plotters (Strzok, Page, Ohr, Comey, McCabe, those who used a fake dossier to lie to the FISA court and wiretap the Trump campaign) to skate free. So NBC "News" should be happy with him.

  35. NBC cant call then a news network. All of this is what they want you to hear. Dems will never win with these bunch of idiots!

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